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*WAPOOSH* Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name is jacksepticeye and welcome to the IT: FLOAT VR experience. I saw that there was a, a 360 video version of like an IT thing that you could do, but I thought you needed like a phone to do it. I thought you needed like the Samsung gear VR or some sort of like… Google cardboard VR headset to actually be able to watch this I didn’t know, But there’s an app on Steam called Jaunt that has a bunch of videos in it you can see a whole list of them all here But the one I’m interested in is this one. The IT one. I want I wanna. I wanna do this one. I don’t think it’s terribly long. I don’t think it’s gonna be like 20 minutes or anything like that. It’s not actually a game You just kind of stand there and experience stuff, but I loved the movie IT. I saw it the day it came out here in England, and it was so good. I really really liked it It’s not nothing groundbreaking and nothing terribly new But it was just so well made and I’ve fucking – it didn’t scare me The movie itself wasn’t scary because I was too fascinated by the clown Everytime he showed up. I was just sitting there like woohoo! Yay! Scares! And everybody else is freaking out, and I was just sitting there bouncing up and down, so let’s get in and watch this thing, err Experience IT like you’ve never imagined before in IT: FLOAT- A Cinematic VR Experience. Meet Pennywise and enter the sewers of Derry and Meet Pennywise and enter the sewers of Derry and *Georgie impression* You’ll float too! You’ll float too! *Pennywise impression* We all float down here. Okay. Let’s do this. Oh god. That’s a lot of Warner Brothers logos Ooo, nice music! Whoa! Derry public works. Oh God. Oh God. *giggle* Oh, this is cool! *Pennywise impression* Hiya Georgie! Georgie: Nooooooo! Awwww… *Pennywise impression* What a nice boat. Huh…oh is that Richie’s picture? Aw this is cool! Ah no! Ewwa There he is! Pennywise: This your boat?
Jack: No. Pennywise: It’s a nice boat… Pennywise: I’m PENNYwise the DANCING clown! Jack: *giggles* Pennywise: Now we aren’t strangers are we? Pennywise: Aren’t you gonna come say hello?
Jack: Hi! Pennywise: *laughing* Oh, I love him he’s so fucking cool! *Pennywise laugh impression* I can’t do the laugh cause I’m looking all over the place ooh Okay, oh god, there’s no dodging it! Okay, bye, we’re in “T” This is a bad idea… *Mouse squeaking* Oaah… Ewhuh, gross! Pennywise: Hey! Oh hi! Pennywise: You want a balloon? Yeeees PLEASE! Can it say “I love Derry” on it? Ah it does! Hahaha! Oh god, no! Jesus fuckin Christ! Oh ho ho ho no… Geez he was right fucking there! I didn’t like that! *giggles* Georgie: I lost it Billy, I lost it…Don’t be mad. It just opened up… *Musicbox playing* Oh God… Okay God, I feel like I’m going cross-eyed. Georgie! Georgie: If you come with me, you’ll float too, you’ll float too (keeps repeating) I don’t want to float! Georgie (in an angry, deep voice): You’ll float too, you’ll float too… Oh, that’s creepy Come on Georgie.
Georgie: I wanna go home… Yeah, we can go home! (Georgie is mumbling something) Did you say “Ah, bitch”?! *giggles* Georgie: You can make it all better. Aw no oh no…
Georgie: Just take me home Georgie: I WANNA GO HOME! OKAY FUCKING CHRIST! Oh oh Hohoho! Come back, I want to be besties! Oh you and your fucking balloons. That’s a lot of balloons. Oh shit I’m floating. NO! Uh oh… Oh, I can’t look at him! Hi-hi-hi… Okay, that’s close enough. That’s close enough! Pennywise: We all float down here. Pennywise: You’ll float too…*laughs* Oh shit, oh shit! Oh shit! UAAAAH I don’t like it! Oh god, oh god. Pennywise: *laughing* Motherfucker! Pennywise: *screams*
Jack: FUCK! Pennywise: You’ll float down here. Jack: *giggles* Oh was that it? Oh that was awesome! Ohh, that was cool! The Black Mass experience. I don’t want that… You’re not Pennywise the dancing clown. Oh god, I love them! This – I’d love to play a character like that in a movie it must be so much fucking fun! *Pennywise impression* Is a hi there Georgie! What a nice boat, do you want it back? Ah, so fucking cool. Okay, well I’m gonna leave this video here I know that wasn’t terribly long, but that’s after making me like incredibly dizzy It’s weird cause normally VR experiences are kind of built around the headset but this was kind of a just a 360 video that was adapted to each headset and because Because you’re not in control of anything and you’re just kind of following along a path And everything kind of comes up in front of your face, but it’s not in an actual 3D space It’s kind of just levels that make it look like it’s 3D And it makes you go kind of cross-eyed looking at certain things and then the camera moves It makes you feel like you’re all dizzy, and you’re gonna fall over kind of stuff. We’re really cool. I would love to see Just more horror games in general in VR and not – not horror games that like Resort to all the cheap tactics that everything always does Just like a really good solid triple-A VR horror game would be really really nice It’s- It sucks cuz it still feels like people haven’t grafsd- grasped VR properly, and I really really want to do it It’s such a cool opportunity to go do unique stuff But I guess the player base isn’t there because these headsets are expensive and let’s face it not everyone can get them or afford them and not everyone’s actually gonna play them and I get that. It’s hard to make a big-budget game when you’re probably not gonna make your money back on the sales, but Man, it would it would just be cool to have a really good one or at least adapt an older one in to, well Maybe that what wouldn’t work, so well either. I just want more games and horror games I feel like are perfect for VR because you’re in that scenario, and you can’t escape it you’re like you’re there you- you can’t turn around and like do any way to get rid of the creatures to close your eyes you can take off the headset I guess, but then you’re gonna die like in horror games Normally, it’s- it’s a bit of a disconnect You know you’re in a game But when you have the headset on it’s a bit harder to differentiate what’s going on and stuff being right up in your face like Watching that Pennywise thing probably wouldn’t have been that scary on its own Probably wasn’t that scary to any of you watching at home, and as I said I wasn’t even scared of the movie But to see him make rush at you and be like right up like that is Fucking scary and to make him feel like a fully-formed being is just really weird really good as I said I really loved that movie I want to go watch it again for a second time But I have a lot going on and I don’t have time to go to the cinema again, but god I just love the acting in that movie. I love Bill Skarsgård even though everyone’s call him Bill Scarsguard But he’s a Swedish dude, and he’s really really good as Pennywise. I love it Give me give me lots of Anti vibes With some of the stuff going on. Hey, maybe we’ll use some of this for inspiration, who knows! But anyway Thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you liked it PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE LIKE A BOSS! And High fives all around. *wapoosh, wapoosh* Thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes in the next video! *outro music playing* *Pennywise impression* You’ll float too!

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100 thoughts on “YOU’LL FLOAT TOO | IT VR Experience (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

  1. Hello Georgi what a nice boat do you want it back
    Georgi:yes please
    Do you wanna 🎈 to
    Georgi:I'm not taking stuff to strangers
    Well I'm Pennywise the dancing clown
    Take it take it Georgi

  2. у самого голос не хуже получается, чем у Билла) мне понравилось)

  3. oh holy dad this video was the best in the world and so frantic hill scared all the time it just started to stand up and jack you could imitate pennywise

  4. Jacksepticeye Play A Game With Me And You Won't Float Ok

    Oh And If You Don't I Will Give You To Pennywise THE DANCING Clown

    And You'll Float With Georgie

  5. People in movie theater: aaaaaaah aaaaaaah aaaaaaah jack: hahahaha he's so cool me when he said that: I laughed so hard 😂😂😂

  6. Pennywise: take it
    Pennywise: trips and drops the paper boat
    Gorgie: grabs it thank you mr clown
    Pennywise: WELL FUCK


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