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One of the delightful heritages of Barbados,
is the horse racing, equestrian events and polo, and you may often see the owners, grooms
and the people who care for the horses walking them don in the early morning for a swim in
the sea. Its and exercise, a treat and occasionally a therapy for a horse who is recovering from
an illness… It’s a ritual for owners, trainers, grooms
and horses… He was sick all night. He’s now recovering,
he is a big horse. If you see his bone structure, right, you see he is a big horse. …. He had his testacies cut out. Had one, one
down and one up, in the belly. Had to get an operation. How long will that it him to recover from
that. Aaah,, another 2, 3 months or so,
that, that he is doing already… Well he is making an effort. Yeeea, if he tek swim on mornings You think another couple of weeks and he will
be swimming. Yea, yea it will be so. He ain’t strong enough yet man! No, No he’s
not strong enough yet to swim You bring them
down here to bath. Yes after racing. So you going to tale him for a swim now?. No no he
race yesterday.. So how did he do.. He won. He Won!, Oh he is a prize then. Whats his
name? Grenadilla, that’s like the Grenadines..
Well that’s just a name. Who owns him. Me. He looks very tame — very placid. Yes he
is a very quiet horse. What’s this fellow name — he is a bit
more frisky. Tas. Tas Cut it out.. Put the link chain pon him, under his lip. Cut it out… cut it out.. Once he got the lip chainy he walk good you

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