Women’s Rowing is the 2019 MAAC Champion!

The team performed very well today,
everyone’s extremely excited. It’s been a long time, each crew deserved to win as a
team. I can’t be more proud of them, they accomplish what we set out to do. The two
eights showed their speed and they had a dominating performance. The four has been
faced with challenges and they put together an excellent heat and they
followed up with a super competitive final. Jacksonville proved to be a very
worthy opponent once again but everyone did their job that they were supposed to
do and it was nice to see them be successful. So today we won the MAAC
Championship for the first time in seven years, it was a huge victory for us we’ve
been fighting the same team for the past five years since they entered the
conference and they’ve dominated since then and we’ve been working so hard over
my past four years here to get back in the running with them, every year just
getting a little bit faster so this victory for me and I know my fellow,
seniors was just like what we have been like working for, dreaming for, we’re
going on to NCAA’s in two weeks and this is just such an amazing group of girls
that I’m so excited to go with and I can’t wait!
Today we put together a really good piece, our four came in second place
today just behind Jacksonville by a few
seconds and then we had our 2V varsity eight go and we beat
Jacksonville’s 2V varsity eight by ten seconds. Our varsity eight came
across the line nine seconds ahead of Jacksonville. We have earned this and I
couldn’t be happier with the girls that it was with because we have heart and
that’s why we won.

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