Winterizing Pools with TFP

Winter is on it’s way and getting your pool
ready for the Winter season may seem like a horrible task. We are going to guide you through the process
and make it super simple. First we start out with some prep work. Check your winter pool cover for any possible
damages. Next, We like to wait until the water is below
60 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing this reduces the likelihood of algae
growth. You’re going to want to let your Ph levels
sit around 7.4 and 7.6 as well as to make sure that the Total alkalinity and Calcium
levels aren’t too out of line. Plaster pool owners need to make sure their
CSI is balanced according to colder water temperatures. This may mean increasing your pH before closing. Doing this makes everything generally easier
as it brings more balance. Two or three days before closing the pool,
bring the shock level up and hold it there overnight. Next, let the chlorine levels drop to half
normal levels. Now, the longer parts are over. From here on out this will only take about
day. Of course getting a person or two to help
you will make it move faster. Add the start up dose of PolyQuat 60. Be sure to follow the package directions. We give it about a half an hour to mix with
the pump running before we start to drain the pool. Clean up as many leaves and messes as possible. Don’t forget to store ladders, toys, or
patio furniture away for the winter too. Next, take out the pool cover and fill the
water bags to about half or two thirds of the way full. Drain the water down to the correct level
for your pool. The correct level will vary depending on your
type of cover and what you use to seal up the skimmer. Remove any items such as the skimmer basket
and eyeballs. Now blow out the lines. This is much easier with a shop vacuum, we
let it go until nothing is coming out of the return but a very fine mist. Remove drain plugs from the pump, filter,
and heater. Next, we like to add pool antifreeze or RV
antifreeze, not automotive antifreeze. One gallon per ten to fifteen feet of pipe. Finally, cover the pool as well as the pump,
put the water bags around the corners and edges of the pool cover. Remove and leaves that

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