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I’m Janneke van der Meulen I’m a professional athlete I first saw Wim on television I saw him talk about how he utilized nature to effortlessly
get himself back into peak condition And how he manages to help others bring out
the best in themselves with relative ease I thought this was fascinating; very interesting So I attended a few workshops and experienced what adding
surplus oxygen to the body does to you Some really cold races require that you lie
still in wind and rain for up to half an hour Before I had come across this method,
I would start some races with numb hands and feet And they wouldn’t get warm until halfway through the race Whereas now I can start
with warm hands and feet right off the bat This is a significant advantage I remember, after the very first session
I had to cry for a minute I was in my own little universe And then this dissipated and I became really happy
and really clear and refreshed This was a really unique experience which made me think
‘whoa, something profound has occurred’ On a good day I can do 20 push-ups,
without any stimulus Then when we had done those breathing exercises I could do 40 Being a professional athlete,
this immediately makes me go “whoa… …On a random Sunday afternoon I can double the amount of push-ups
by focussing on my breath” Obviously this gets me really excited It makes me think
“wow this is really something that can get me gains” You accumulate a lot of lactate By actively adding oxygen I’m just thoroughly preparing my body Because it now has a lot of oxygen And your muscles simply don’t acidify as quickly That’s almost the linchpin of professional sports If you can go 100 meters farther than your opponent before your muscles acidify,
that can determine the outcome of a race As a professional athlete you’re always looking
to be more efficient; to gain an edge I’ve been rowing for almost 9 years now so improving race times
is all about making tiny adjustments My mission is to get people to utilize nature to make
themselves stronger, healthier and more fit And this is definitely one of those things that brings you closer to nature,
and to what Wim calls your ‘inner fire’ Your body is laboring every day to make you
stronger, healthier, and more fit It’s always trying to help you recover and trying
to get you to start your day in optimal condition And if you facilitate this and start collaborating with it By occasionally up-regulating your breathing By occasionally seeking out the cold These become valuable additions

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