White man asks black woman if daughter bathed before getting in pool – 247 news

A white man accosted a black family at a high end California hotel on Monday and questioned whether they bathed when they tried to get in the pool  A video posted on Wednesday by Carle Wheeler shows the woman, her mother and daughter in pure disbelief at the audacity of the man while at the Westin Hotel in Pasadena, California  .  ‘Minutes later he approached us again on the opposite end of the pool under the pretense that he worked for the health department ‘ The clip picks up after Wheeler first calls out the man and her mother and other family members have come to remove her five-year-old daughter ‘You had no right to do what you did,’ the Texas resident’s mother told the hotel staff in the video that has just under 1 5million views. The man retorted: ‘I simply asked them if they showered and I am sorry ‘ Staff manager Ofelia Dolliver informs the group that the general manager is on his way to access the situation  ‘Because that’s part of the rules and I don’t know about you guys but I am tired of people peeing in pools and people consider baths,’ the man asserted  He can be seen in a black and white striped polo with black jogging pants adorned with a yellow trim  Wheeler responded: ‘But you didn’t ask anyone else, you didn’t ask anyone else. You only asked if we showered ‘  ‘You were the only one in the pool,’ he claimed but the family points out that there were more people in the car   He added: ‘Then so what, relax.’ Dolliver appears to be on the side of the family, calling the remarks ‘inappropriate ‘The man claims to have had apologized but when Wheeler’s mom tries to explain that it wasn’t his business, he stated that ‘it is everybody’s business ‘  Share this article Share As the two continue arguing about how Wheeler and her family travel all the time, the man shouts that they should all Google about diseases  Wheeler and her mom instruct their family to take the small girl back upstairs but the man takes it upon himself to taunt the child before she leaves the area    ‘Because it’s only a shower young lady, don’t worry,’ he said. But when Wheeler and her mom tell the manager to call police, he appears to back off the assertion and lets the man walk away from the scene    ‘You don’t know who he is and you are letting him leave? What he did?’ said Wheeler’s mom  The manager responded: ‘Please let me talk to you over here, because I don’t want to call the police And if I do, it is going to be a big headache for everybody.’The group continue in a back and forth as Sprayberry deems that the man is ‘a guest in the hotel’ before Wheeler’s mom checks him and informs him that they too are guest at the hotel  The scene fades out as Sprayberry tells the family that since the man has left the pool, they should be able to enjoy the pool    Wheeler details that only after some of the white guest, who had been in the Jacuzzi, called the front desk did Sprayberry believe what had occurred He  then informed the family that he would be looking at security footage to determine who the man was and remove him from the hotel The family left the hotel early on Monday, with Wheeler claiming that Dolliver apologized for the situation and admited that Sprayberry didn’t handle the situation appropriately  .  She added: ‘It’s sad that I had to explain to my beautiful little five year old brown skinned girl why in 2018 a white man would think it’s OK to ask a little girl and her mom if we showered our presumably dirty black skin before entering a swimming pool ‘ The hotel released a statement, obtained by ABC 7, that said: ‘In light of these events that happened, we feel it is important to share that we do not condone comments or behavior directed to our pool guests The safety and security of our guests is our top priority. We strive to maintain an environment where our guests feel welcome and are treated with equal respect and attention from our team ‘ Since the police were not called to the scene, there wasn’t a police report filed            

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31 thoughts on “White man asks black woman if daughter bathed before getting in pool – 247 news

  1. The girl is 5 years old. This grown man is way out of line. The mother was completely right to stand up and defend her family.

  2. All righty, suppose that lil girl had just taken a big dump and not wiped….you wanna be swimmin in there with that? You ever seen the sign that they have at every p[public pool "please shower before entering pool?" No wonder I always only date whyte women!!
    Leroy out!!

  3. Its a rule that you shower before you get in a public pool. They told me when I was little and I have been reminded as a adult. Jeezus, its not a race thing.

  4. All public pools have a sign posted with rules. Number 1/ is showering is required before entering pool,
    2/ no running, etc.
    It's not about race, it's about hygiene. Let's keep it real and don't in courage racism.

  5. She made a massive song and dance of it. To say he accosted them is blatant sensationalism. He asked them if they had showered so what. He was polite and courteous. They hadn’t showered because you can see them going to shower after he asks them. He was well within his rights to ask. Yet another case of a minority playing the race card inappropriately. People are sick of this. White people encounter racism all over the world every day and just shrug it off. People in the west are getting bored of these constant overreactions. Yawn.

  6. No, I do not believe this is racially motivated however I do believe in MANNERS. This man is rude and has no manners. He also is impersonating a staff member (a health inspector, he lied to intimidate people in the pool). I, like many, know that one MUST shower prior to entering a pool, hence many public pools have a shower area outdoors…BUT this is a HOTEL, not HIS HOME, it is NOT his place to say that to anyone, hotels rooms, toilets, pools are used my millions of travelers annually, if he is worried about diseases, then do not stay at HOTELS (period).  My husband will not allow our toddler get in a public pool, this is our CHOICE.  NO ONE (YET)  knows the ENTIRE story, and we do not know if he also approched other people (no matter if it is alleged that he did not).  IF ANYTHING, it may be a case of stereotyping rather than racism. This is a RUDE individual, Hotel should have removed him for impersonating to be a health inspector, that in itself is a huge red flag and a matter of security. This is another "race bating" news that is meant to divide and conquer us. We as a people (the human race) need to unite.

  7. Can you imagine what HE would have said if the woman had asked him if he had taken a shower, so yeah it WAS fucking racist so get fucking real and see it for what it was. Down right disgusting racism. What a liitle pissant cree, man I would have liked to have been there.

  8. All righty then this is for all you haters out there! The infamous "hershey in the pool" And don't say it can't happen here! Leroy out!

  9. Too all the haters out there,the infamous "hershey in the pool" Chew on that! Leroy out!

  10. You gon learn to stop spending yo money at these white business…IJS they dont want yo black ass there…and why is it so sad to explain to your daufhter facts of life racist do exist.

  11. So if this is the new norm in America why dont dark skinned ppl stop doing stuff for a month and have them suffer financially and see what happen , this is really sad ppl fucking sad

  12. Call the police! I work at the Marriott Renaissance in the Warehouse district in New Orleans and if that bloke really worked for the hotel, he’d be let go aka fired. If he were a guest (as I suspect that this WS was), not only would the manager question him and sternly tell him that racist behaviour would not be tolerated etc., he’d definitely comp the women’s family something like free drinks, free lunch…. depends. The manager was complicit (dying to use Ivana’s favourite go-to word.

  13. If Trump wasn't president, this doesn't happen. The guy would think it but now he has permission to be racist

  14. As for the mother and daughter. Remember not all other folks are good at heart so please dont judge all other people other then black the Same….

  15. Funny if there was a black man present and that was his family he would have knocked them mother fucking his damn face

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