What Is The Best Way To Draft Whilst Swimming?

– There’s a huge advantage to
drafting off another swimmer. But what is better,
drafting on their hips, or drafting on their feet? (electronic music) There are two trains of
thought with drafting, either drafting to make it easier or drafting to improve your swim time. If you just want to get around the swim and jump onto your bike feeling fresh then try drafting off a swimmer
of a similar pace to you. – However if you’re looking
to improve your time or beat your competition
then you should be looking to draught off someone
slightly quicker than you. You’ll still have to work hard, but they should be pulling you along at a slightly quicker pace. Essentially it’s free speed. You’re swimming faster
for the same effort. (electronic music) – Drafting on the hips is often
unavoidable in a mass start so it’s worth learning
how to do it properly. When done well you should feel like you’re surfing the wake of their hips. However, this can sometimes cause issues for the swimmer that you’re drafting. The occasional knock or tangle of the arms can be off putting, but most noticeably it’s
a drag that they’ll feel. It’s said that the drag
is caused by the drafter disturbing the water around the draftee, but we’re a little out of our league with the science on that one. – To get an effective draught on the hips you should position
yourself so that your head is inline with the other swimmer’s hips. You want to get yourself
as close as possible but avoid swimming over the top of them, otherwise you are just
gonna slow both of you down. Around a foot away should do it. If you find yourself drifting
off pace or off their hips, try and get yourself
straight onto their feet rather than letting them completely go. (electronic music) When you watch the ITU and pro races you often see a lead swimmer sat on the front setting the pace whilst the others follow on their feet. Whilst it’s not as easy
as drafting on the hips you can help the overall pace of the swim because it’s not slowing
the lead swimmer down. To draft on feet, you should be swimming as close
to their toes as possible. However, make sure you’re
not tapping their feet on every stroke, otherwise you may end up with
an enemy running into T1. (electronic music) You’ll find that it is a little bit easier to get drop drafting from here so you should keep
concentrating on their feet to make sure that they don’t drift away. If a gap does open up at all just accelerate for a few
strokes to get yourself back on, and trust me, it is
worth it in the long run. There you go. That’s a little insight into drafting, and the difference
between drafting on hips versus drafting on feet. Let us know how you get
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