What If You Could Swim in Titan’s Lakes?

Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is unique. It has its own atmosphere. Not only that, it’s the only planet or moon other than Earth to have
bodies of liquid on its surface. Titan is the second largest
moon in our entire Solar System. It’s bigger than our Moon
and even bigger than the planet Mercury. Despite being so large,
Titan has a weak gravitational pull. Let’s say you weigh 70 kg
(154 pounds) here on Earth; on Titan you would weigh just 10 kg (22 pounds). Unfortunately, this means you won’t be doing
any epic cannonballs into Titan’s lakes. If you could find a cliff to jump off, it would take you quite a while
to float down to the surface of the liquid But when you finally reached the lake, you’d plummet to the bottom extremely fast. The reason you’d have such a hard
time keeping your head above the surface is due to the liquid methane
and ethane found in Titan’s lakes. The density of liquid methane is
much, much lower than water so you wouldn’t be as buoyant. Swimming on Earth is easy because
humans aren’t as dense as water. When we’re in a swimming pool, we weigh
less than the amount of water that we displace, and the force of the water pushing
back on us, helps to keep us afloat. In Titan’s lakes, your body
would be much more dense than the liquid methane you’d be attempting to swim in. It would feel as if you were made of stone. On the surface of the lake, the
liquid methane would appear completely clear, but you still wouldn’t be able to see too deep due to the dark rock and
thick atmosphere on the moon In fact, Titan receives only 1%
of the sunlight that we receive on Earth. I should remind you, that you wouldn’t even get
this far without wearing a special space suit. It would have to be strong enough to withstand
the temperature of Titan’s surface, a frosty -178° Celsius (-289° Fahrenheit). You’d also need it to protect you
from the lack of oxygen on the moon, the deadly levels of nitrogen gas,
and the gasoline-like rains. Okay, back to you being underwater
or, under liquid methane. From the bottom of the lake, to get back
up to the surface you’d need to swim up 200 meters. Once you reached the surface, you’d quickly realize just
how big the lake you’re in is. This is Kraken Mare, which is 400,000 km². For reference, that’s bigger than
the Caspian Sea, the largest lake on Earth. And bigger than the entire country of Japan. If you don’t like this lake, you
have over 50 other lakes to choose from, depending on what kind of view you’re interested in. Unfortunately, there’s no surfing on these lakes. You won’t find any waves on Titan, as it’s low gravity
makes it resistant to creating them. So, all in all, not a great day at the beach. Swimming in these lakes would
be pretty tricky, and not a lot of fun. On top of that, it’s not likely you’ll
be able to relax on the shore, or suntan. Maybe it isn’t the best vacation spot. But, you certainly can’t deny that beautiful view. Now, what would happen if you were a space tourist
and could travel anywhere you wanted? Well, that sounds like a
question for another, WHAT IF.

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100 thoughts on “What If You Could Swim in Titan’s Lakes?

  1. I knew and my friends already make fun of me for this …
    I just weigh 32kg being a teenager ,,so at that titan I would be in negative ….🤔😒😒😢😂😂😂
    So ,, what if I being that slim go there ? Will I get lost like a thread or what 😨🤐😬😬

  2. What if, There's aliens watching how they cannot live in the planet called "earth" because it contains allot oxygen which is very toxic towards them

  3. Your videos are really awesome….please please please add english subtitles….it will be much more easier to understand the language for many people and it would really help a lot once again please

  4. It would be cool if your species were called Titans.And (because of the low gravity) you probably would be like thanos maybe even bigger than him.Humans after adapting to live on titan would really look damn dangerous.

  5. I thought you were talking about titan thanos’s planet

    Also why in the comments every time ppl talk about thanks? ;-;

  6. Even if you could survive the freezing temperatures of swimming in the lakes you would have to tolerate how the whole planet smells like a gigantic fart. Methane and hydrogen. That's what comes out of your backside after you've eaten beans. Oh, the probe that landed there let us know that Titan is very sticky. A freezing cold sticky fart. Welcome to Titan doofus.

  7. You forget that the fact that methane is a flammable gas. You're basically swimming in a petroleum chamber. If you have an oxygen tank while diving, prepare to get scorched and burned to death.

  8. Hey wut if guy….put a bag over ur head an tie it around ur neck tightly and tell us if ur still breathing fresh air

  9. How does this channel get all information? Is it facts or based on theory? If it is a facts where do you get this information?

  10. "What if" j'espère que tu comprennes le français parce que tes vidéos sont super intéressantes. "E' sont s'a coche mon homme! "

  11. If titans lakes and oceans are flammable what if you lit them on fire would make all the lakes and oceans fiery hellscapes or would it all be put out by the cold weather sounds like a interesting what if

  12. what if the borg sliced a sample of the earth to the core like they did the enterprise d? and the sample was proportional in size to the earth as the sample of the enterprise d was?

  13. if your mass 70 kg in Earth, in Titan it'll be same…..because your mass doesn't change……if anything change it'll be your weight…..example in Earth your weight 686 N, it'll 98 N in Titan……

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