Water Safety for your Child

Some of the best family memories involve time
near the water. In water, we can be everything from a neighborhood
cannonball champion to an Olympic medalist .
But water can be dangerous, especially for small children. The good news is that there
are things you can do to keep your family safe.
Let’s start with where most kids get their first experience with water. Inside your home.
Babies can be fussy and cranky sometimes. But when you put them in a warm bath, the
world becomes beautiful. There’s a little more to it though than just
turning on the water and plunking your little one in which is always a no-no, by the way.
First, get everything you need near the tub before you run water or bring your baby anywhere
near the tub. Once your baby is settled in her bath, never
leave her, not even for a second. And when bath time is over
Wait! Before you take your baby from the bath, drain
the water. It’s safer, and babies like to watch the water go down the drain around and
around and around. You can even sing songs to your baby at the same time.
Older children are more mobile so bath time can become even more fun for both of you.
For instance, take some measuring cups from the kitchen. Let your baby practice pouring,
splashing, and being creative with the water. Here’s something else that’s important. When
your kid’s at this age, it’s a good idea to keep the bathroom doors closed and put locks
on toilet lids. Even mop buckets can be dangerous.
Make sure babysitters, caregivers, and older siblings are also aware of water dangers in
your home. So how do you keep children safe outside your
home? Children are naturally attracted to water.
Something as innocent as a child’s blow-up swimming pool can be dangerous without supervision.
Drowning is silent and can happen instantly. So never take your eyes off your child, and
always be within arm’s reach. If you have water toys, put them away before
you leave so they don’t attract a kid’s attention. Toys are like magnets and toys near a pool
aren’t safe for kids. If you have a pet, be sure children can’t
slip out a pet door and get to pools, hot tubs, or any other water hazard nearby. Kids
love to follow their pets around. All pools must be fenced to keep kids out.
And make sure gates are securely latched or even better, locked.
Kids can also be at risk near other bodies of water too. When you’re near a lake, pond,
or any body of water, stay close and pay close attention.
Things like swimming lessons and learning CPR all go a long way towards keeping your
kids safe but never let kids swim alone or play around any body of water without close
supervision. No matter where you are water can be fun if
you pay attention and be safe. Always watch kids around water and make memories that last
forever. To find more tips like these, go to HelpAndHope.org.

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