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After nearly four decades and now in its seventh
generation of the VW Golf GTI can the German maker get the ingredients right to make this
a classic hot hatch? In a word Yes!
You can keep your other hot hatches, this is the real deal, this my friends is the seventh
generation Golf GTI and hot hatches don’t get much better than this. This is a little
corker. This is a Golf but with a twist.
Just in case you forgot what model you bought from the dealers, well there’s a few reminders
The GTI decals on the steering wheel, on the headrest and on the doorsill while there’s
badging on the front and rear. Don’t forget the gearstick, possibly one
of the coolest features on the car, it’s actually a golf ball sitting on the stick,
every time you change gear you can feel the dimples in the ‘golf ball’, a cool little
feature especially like me if you are a golfer- and enjoy your driving.
Standard kit includes airbags, adaptive cruise control including front assist, radar sensor
controlled distance monitoring system, city emergency system and cruise control.
There’s also 18-inch alloys, 2Zone aircon, puddle lights, front and rear sports seats,
stop/start function, automatic cornering light, bi-xenon headlights with LED daytime running
lights, Media system with 5.8-inch colour touchscreen, DAB radio, MP3 compatibility,
satnav, parking sensors front and rear and a sports suspension lowered by approximately
15mm are some of the highlights. This is where the Golf GTI comes to life.
Drive normally and this could be any car, its comfortable, refined and fairly economic.
Motorway driving is a cinch, keep it in the ‘normal’ default setting and you have
more than enough oomph when overtaking slower traffic.
Under the bonnet, the GTI is powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder 16-valve turbocharged
petrol engine. It eats up the benchmark sprint in 6.5 seconds and has a top speed of 152mph.
And that sprint really does feel quick. The GTI is rapid.
Take it in to the country and well, this is where the fun begins. Flick the switch, select
Sports on the touchscreen, feather the throttle, and listen to the turbo kick in – burble,
burble burble second, third, fourth, the GTI is now singing, the smile on my face that’s
not acting this car is class yes the Megane RS is better set-up for a track but the GTI
well what can you say I love the looks, there is a understated coolness
about the GTI this car makes good drivers great drivers the Megane RS is a ‘balls
out’ car at all times, the GTI can be, but only when you want it to be. This is what
makes the GTI a smart car it lets you decide how you want to drive it, whereas the Megane
RS teases you at all times to kick-on. Normally you purchase a hot hatch as an emotional
response the Golf GTI well you can actually make a financial case for the car yep listen
up emissions are 139g/km of CO2 which is not too shabby while VW claims the average economy
is 47.1mpg that should see you return around 40mpg in real world driving. The case is certainly
standing up while our version of the GTI starts at £26,250.
For me, this is the best hot hatch on the market, it has a superb turn of pace which
makes you grin from ear to ear, the interior is first class from the tartan seats to the
golf ball gearstick. It makes financial sense, and it comes with
oodles of driving pleasure. So what about this Golf GTI then?
Well VW has shown, you can have your cake and eat it…

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28 thoughts on “Volkswagen Polo GTI 2015 review – Car Keys

  1. Great real world review. Glad you pointed out that the suspension setup is perfect for normal roads. I tested an ST Fiesta which was great fun but couldn't live with the over firm ride every day. Got a Polo GTi on order(a very long wait) sp cant wait to see for myself

  2. Great unbiased review…great to hear someone state why this car is better than the ST…i.e. its easier to live with day to day. I collect mine Saturday after an 11 week wait (was quoted 12 weeks). Exactly like this but 5dr + sunroof. I wasn't able to test drive the new Polo GTi before ordering so it will all be new!!!

  3. My only complaint with this car is that it looks like something my mum would drive… couldnt they do something to the design…look soooo boring…

  4. Good review. I drive a 13 plate Polo GTi with the 1.4 Twin-charger engine and I am very pleased with this car. I am looking forward to test driving the new 1.8 litre turbo version in the next few weeks.

    I must say that I am a convert to the DSG gearbox. I do not plan to drive a manual car again.

  5. Actually I would love to have this car.. very mature, sexy, non-vulgar, inteligent and practical and enjoyable.. Just had a test drive today.. Love it! This is the car for me.. Being a middle aged man, perhaps even more than Fiesta ST.

  6. From all I've seen the 208 is undesirable, the St is a better drive, and the polo is the classiest and comfortable

  7. I'm from Australia and we don't get the adaptive suspension, only the standard sport suspension- which I believe is geared more to the performance side of things. Have you driven a model without the adaptive option and so able to comment or distinguish between the 2 suspension setups for everyday driving ? P.s. writing to you as our reviewers in Oz aren't so good!

  8. VW started with the Gti. I enjoyed a drive in the ST but don't forget, many wont be aware of the Sporting heritage of the Vauxhall VX badge and if anything, Vauxhall gave us the the VX range long before many were born. Vauxhall Firenza 8.5 sec 1973. Vauxhall Chevette HS/HSR 8.5 sec. The VX definition goes back to when VW's had a maximum speed of 70mph! VW may offer you some things, but heritage is not one of those things. I loved my 5 days with a VXR.

  9. Well balanced review. I've had one for 7 weeks now and its just a pleasure to drive every time. Many comparisons of these hot hatches focus purely on the track based driving experience, but the truth is these cars are meant to be an everyday car with added performance. When you sit inside a polo it feels well above its class. Theres no way I would swap my GTI for a car that feels slightly better on a track but is more uncomfortable and has a bland interior. I've test driven the Clio RS, and I've sat in the ST and to me there's simply no comparison, the Polo GTI feels like a 45K car, the focus and RS felt very cheap and unrefined – to me anyway.

  10. I live in Australia & have had mine for just 6wks. I opted for the 7 speed DSG auto & love it. Gear changes are super quick and the exhaust makes the 'blarp' sound as it mives into the next cog. Odd though that mine did not come with the red brake calipers!? Had to spray them red myself… No big drama.
    All around fun to drive & fuel economy is fantastic (I use 98octane)

  11. Nice video. Although saying to check the regular Polo video for details on boot space etc might not be the best move. The boot space in the GTI is a lot less because they had to put the battery in the boot under the spare wheel. So the boot floor can't be lowered like it can in the regular Polo.

  12. Firstly great job with the review 🙂 Really nicely put together!

    Have been reading some of the comments as well. Some good, some not so useful!

    My previous car was a 2007 (57) TT with 2.0 Litre Turbo. I ordered a Polo GTI as it's replacement. I didn't need the size of a Golf and preferred to have a nicely spec'd Polo GTI to a basic Golf GTI.

    I was really impressed with this car during the test drive. The drive is excellent. Plenty of power and torque combined with a really impressive interior. The quality really is that good. The ride is comfortable. Switching on Sport mode makes it very bumpy on regular roads but then that's not really what where its for.

    The ride is generally really comfortable and the car feels as quick as the TT (in terms of 0-60). Why did I get this and not another TT? Simple, I'll have rear seats and a decent boot! The looks aren't for everyone obviously. For me it was this or the Fiesta ST Mountune. In the end there wasn't really much competition. Personally I like the slightly understated looks. I don't want to look like a boy racer in my mid 30's. This is a car I can own and run for several years. The car will retain it's value far better. The ST interior simply isn't as nice and realistically I think the golf will be easier to live with. If I was going to be doing lots of track days things would be different as the Fiesta is a mightily fun little car.

    They're both great cars but this was the one for me. At least until Audi pull their finger out and release the TT Sportback…

  13. I have tested both the Fiesta ST and Polo GTI. I found the Fiesta to have far to firm suspension, hard clutch and over all to sporty for me. The Polo how ever felt a lot more like a daily driver that can easily over take if it wishes. I will probably by a Polo GTI.

  14. why does no one mention that when you open the rear windows it sounds like you are being attacked by an apache helicopter. And the rear windows don't fully wind down which is plain stupid

  15. Just bought one love it but mpg is shocking when booting it about, i find the steering scary never know if you will make it around a bend not much feed back through the steering wheel , is it just me or anyone else agree ?

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