Viking Oceans: Viking Sun Float Out

(piano music) – [Narrator] In the
legendary seafaring port of Ancona, Italy, construction continues on our award winning ships. But on December 15th 2016, work stopped. The float out of Viking Sun
was at hand and the brisk December day was no
match for the enthusiasm of Godmother Yi Lou?. The float-out marks a significant
construction milestone and honors an age-old
tradition of the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. Symbolic coins are welded
below the ship’s mast. One for Chairman Hagen’s
Mother and the other three for the family of Ms Lou. For centuries, godmothers
worldwide have faithfully followed this practice to
help ensure good fortune and safe passage at sea. – It’s another proud moment for Viking. This will be the fourth
vessel, we all have very big reason to be proud. I’d like to thank very much
the shipyard and of course, above all, the staff. (applause) Who has worked hard and I
must say very, very well. Congratulations on the job. Extremely well done. (applause) – [Narrator] Just past noon, with an enthusiastic
blessing of crowd and ship, final speeches set the
stage and it was time to put the manufacturing prowess
of Fincantieri to the test. (applause) (speaking foreign language) (axe bangs on podium) (glass smashes)
(crowd applauds and shouts) (ship horn sounds) – [Narrator] With one historic chop the waters of the Adriatic were released and
quickly began to surround the nearly 48,000 gross
tons of Viking Sun. (ship horn sounds) And in what seemed like mere moments, the 132,000 meters of steel
began to defy gravity. With this successful
float-out, the page turns to new chapters. The sea trials, an interior
outfitting to finish Viking Sun. The fourth remarkable ocean
ship for Viking Cruises. (seagulls squawking)

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