UWE Bristol students set-off on Atlantic rowing challenge

My name’s Hannah Lawton. In December this
year I’m taking part in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge and rowing across the Atlantic
from La Gomera to Antigua. We set off on December the 2nd from La Gomera
and we have been preparing now for eighteen months which has included various different
things of getting sponsors on board, organising all of the kit we have to take with us, and
obviously mental preparation and physical preparation.
The University gave us £50,000 to start with at the beginning of our campaign and we decided
that with that we would purchase the boat. So we’ve now got a £50,000 boat, sitting
behind me, which we will be using to go across the Atlantic with. But they’ve given us a
lot more support with all of our physical training our mental preparation, as well as
some of our medical supplies as well. We lost a friend to cervical cancer in May
last year, and she was only 23. We rowed with her at university and she was just a massive
inspiration, the way that she dealt with her illness was truly inspiring. We went round
to see her and she was just so blunt and funny about things, you just couldn’t fault her
in the way she dealt with things, especially knowing that someday she is going to pass
away. It was a massive inspiration to us to bite the bullet and do it in her memory and
raise money for the charities as well that, obviously, support people and families with
cervical cancer.

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