Triathlon Swim Training Freestyle vs Other Strokes and Drills

– Holy shirts and pants. (swoosh) (techno music) What type of bike do you use? (swoosh) – Alright, go! (swoosh) – Training tank moved
over to long course today. They do that for half the year. Master swimmers are going to be livid. They don’t like long course. I love long course. Oh, I forgot to say, morning trainiacs. Friday swim morning, so
that typically means– (man mumbles) Typically means a speed swim set, and there are no kids in
the pool this morning. Normally there’s a high performance called the Manta Swim Team. It’s like 14 to 18 years old. I short you not, they can dolphin kick faster than I can freestyle swim. I’m talking about the girls. Guys? (puffs) – Alright, go! (splashing) – The first one is all fine and dandy, but it’s gonna get nasty in a hurry. – Go! – That dandy of a workout
needs a bit of an explanation. Make sure you can hear me. Those were 50s on max, like
max effort, all you got, moves along in the middle of the pool, and then we would walk back down the pool for the entire rest period. That was after diving in. Then after that, if we hadn’t barfed yet, we did a 400 draft set where the person at the front of the lane goes as fast at they can go, and then everyone behind them
has to draft and wack toes, and then the person at
the front of the lane, I think I talked about it two weeks ago, the front of the lane
goes off to the side, and then you cycle through, and then the person at
the front of the lane hops on the back. It’s basically a 400 meter time trial after those 10 50s max. It might have been the hardest
swim I’ve done all year. I want to answer one
question that people have when I go putting myself up for it. (exciting music) Holy shirts and pants. Oh shirts and pants,
holy shirts and pants. That might’ve just been a 1,500 meter set, but I feel like shirt. I got some questions two days ago about whether or not
we do any other strokes other than freestyle. Our group tends not to do a lot, because we’ve put all of our
eggs in the triathlon basket, and that’s what we’re looking
for is freestyle fitness. So, all the workouts, all the
techniques, all the drills are based on freestyle. Also, pretty much everyone in the lane has got to the point that they’re kind of in
the front of the pack, like top five to 10% for
sure, if not in the lead. So we’ve all got decent body awareness. We’ve all got a decent stroke, and we’ve all got a fair
bit of comfort in the water. Would I recommend that to most people that all you do is freestyle? Actually not? When I first started
swimming more regularly, I joined a master swim
group right in this pool, and their workouts are really like maybe about 1/3 freestyle. The other 2/3 is either drill, kick, or one of the other strokes,
and the purpose of that is to develop body awareness in the water, so doing other strokes,
doing other drills, A, it gives you more body awareness, B, it makes you more
comfortable in the water, C, develops a better catch and you get a better feel for the water, D, your body ends up not
becoming over developed in any one area, like freestyle swimming is very front focused, is there an E? So like rule of thumb I would
say if you are doing a sprint in anything more than 14 or
15 minutes over 750 meters, you’d probably benefit
from a master swim group and learning the other strokes. In Olympics, that might
be somewhere around over 30, 32 minutes, in a half iron man 40, full
iron man over 75 minutes, somewhere around there. If you’re over those times,
that’s just my guess, you’d probably benefit from
a lot more body awareness and comfort in the water, and a master swim group that teaches you all the other strokes,
all the other drills, puts you in weird situations, and you’ve got a really
good group of friends to motivate each other. Highly, highly recommended. I loved my time in the master swim group. That’s it. I got no weight workout
today, I got no run, just commuting to and from work. You better believe just for fun I’m gonna tell everyone who
is willing to listen today how tough that workout was, #humblebrag. But first, hanging for
good shoulder health. (techno music) Now I’m off to work. Well that trainiacs… Oh my god, is that? This backpack is so heavy right now packing up things I need from the office, because I’m in New York all
next week for Social Media Week. Why don’t I take you downstairs and show you more trusty steed? While I do that, I’ll answer
a few questions for you that I get about commuting
through the winter. Number one, do I get cold? Yes. What does it look like? Number two, aren’t drivers crazy? It’s like Elevator Inception. Yes, that’s why I do probably
7 1/2 of my 8K commute on non major roads. Number three, what type
of tires do you use? Well, I will show you. These are Schwalbe 28 studded tires. I use these through the winter. As soon as ice comes out, they come out. Don’t you worry about
your bike getting stolen? Yes, it’s happened twice. That’s why I don’t buy an
expensive bike for commuting. What type of bike do you use? Well, let me give you a tour. That is the Retrospec Mantra SingleSpeed, number one, single speed. So the fewer gears that you’ve got, fewer things on the bike
that you’ve got, the better. It’s just easier to work
on, easier to take apart, easier to put back together. Number two, I want there
to be compatibility with all the road parts that I’ve got. So all the parts, everything here is the same sizing as road bikes, so I can swap out old
road bike parts on this. Number three, is it a Fixie? Could be if I really wanted to flip it over to a (mumbles) hub, but I’m not a hipster. Number four, I messed up. As you can see, this is rusting already. An aluminum frame bike is a lot
better for winter commuting, especially in Winnipeg, but aluminum frame single speeds are very hard to come by, so I got myself this bad ass steel frame, and I put FrameSaver all on the inside. Hopefully it doesn’t rust
too bad from the inside, and then I can just scrape
off that rust on the outside. Number five, get it
set up for safe riding, that means brakes in front and in back, get yourself a couple of fenders
in the front and the back so you don’t turn into a complete disaster when the roads get slick, and then throw on a safety light. Now there’s the bike. I’ll talk one day about how
I dress so that I survive. That’s it for now. Biking home. See you on the weekend, trainiacs.

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12 thoughts on “Triathlon Swim Training Freestyle vs Other Strokes and Drills

  1. I agree with you that practicing other strokes is beneficial. I mainly do freestyle but incorporate breast and some back. I need to join a master's group.

  2. Ok one question about technique. Why do professional triathletes use a different freestyle technique in the first 200m. It's like there recovery arm comes straight over the top or something. What's that form called? Cheers

  3. You videos often read my mind. I was just researching other strokes. I wish I had time for master's classes before my triathlon, but it's three weeks from today. Oh, shirt, indeed! I did take the adults learn-to-swim class last fall, though. (Seriously, what was I thinking signing up for a race in which I'm good at none of the activities it comprises?) 😉

  4. I swim 10hours a week for 1,5 years now and i really feel that practising other styles does help improving my freestyle in general because you ge to understand how the water works better

  5. I like to do about 1/3 of my warmup backstroke just to help loosen up the a few other sholder muscles. Love the vlog style vids much better than the old style. Do a vid on packing up your bike etc for the flight to Campechi. Im training for my first 70.3 in June and I have no idea what to eat during a race, how to pack the bike etc.

  6. Hey Tauren, I do sprint triathlons and my bike and run are far stronger than my swim. In a lap pool, I still average about 1:55 per 100m after a couple months of swimming on my own. Any tips for dropping this time?

  7. I ride a Carrera Zelos road bike to work and back. But I ride on the pedestrian path or off road trails over half of the time then maybe street roads the other half if there are no cars. I've seen too many people get messed up by cars or other cyclists riding on the roads.
    Biggest issue I have is the tires on my bike. They're very thin and have minimal grip in the wet whether, and if I hit loose gravel or a metal drain cover, I've come off it twice in 3 months.
    Ah well. My biggest problem is bike maintenance, because I plan on using the same bike for my first (sprint) Triathlon. And I'd be surprised if it even survives until then.

  8. I reckon if your swimming maybe only 3 times a week, and only 90m max, particularly if you work full time, you gotta do stacks of freestyle. Particularly for Half's and above. Once you take out warm up and cool down, it doesn't leave you with much freestyle specific training time! Nice vid.

  9. Love the swimming vlogs. Keep them up. Question: I remember once you spoke highly of Total Immersion Swimming Technique. Do you use some of that in your training and races?

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