Top 10 Things to Know Coaching the Rowing Machine

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9 thoughts on “Top 10 Things to Know Coaching the Rowing Machine

  1. My Favorite: "good movement" Proper technique relates to injury prevention, better muscle development, and… IT JUST LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER. Coming from a swimming background, the same applies regarding the "art" of the sport: To me it was far more enjoyable to watch a beautiful, long textbook stroke (Alexander Popov), than to watch a choppy windmill (Janet Evans) even though they were both world record holders. Thanks for your videos: watching your rowing technique is fine art.

  2. Thanks for the great advice. Love the channel and the humorous delivery…. cracks me up. Tried the “push don’t pull” concept this morning, and would you believe it….. it worked😀. Cheers from Pete across the pond.

  3. I totally agree with good movement in rowing. I concentrate on the technique of rowing than speed. Being 69 years old, I want to avoid any future inquiries due to poor movement. I am not a coach, but these training teaching tips are great for me to learn as well.

  4. Hey Coach Farmer. I've owned the Model D for about 4 months now and have been enjoying my experience with it so far. But recently, I came across the RP3 indoor rower and have been reading up on it a little. From what I've read, it sounds like the RP3 forces the rower to use proper form better than the Concept 2 and is used by more professional and Olympic athletes because it mimics real-life rowing more closely. Just curious what your thoughts on it are and how it stacks up against the Concept 2. Appreciate any insight you can give. Cheers!

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