Tom Daley: Diving for Britain – BBC One

I think I was nine when I drew this.
It’s me doing a handstand
in the Olympics in London 2012.
It’ll definitely be absolutely
out of this world if I could do it.
Tom Daley is waiting
for his dream to come true.
It’s July 2011, and with one year
to go to the London Olympics,
he’s doing the inaugural dive
into the aquatic pool.
Tom is one of the faces
of London 2012
and he has the hopes
of a nation on his shoulders.
But he’s lost his world title
to an apparently
invincible Chinese opponent.
CROWD: ..three, two, one!
Will he be able to fulfil his dream
and bring home the gold
after one of the most difficult
years of his young life?
Tom has always lived in Plymouth,
with his family.
Dad, Rob. Brothers Ben and William.
Oh, no! Mum!
No, don’t call mum.
Come on, jump on.
And his Mum, Debbie.
This is the person
that’s got a bad back.
Rob has always been
Tom’s biggest supporter.
He’s taken him
to all his training sessions
and waved the flag
at every competition.
Look, doesn’t that really annoy you?
The back of his neck.
Look at it all roll up.
That really annoys me.
What the hell are you doing?
How did he get up there?
Ladder. Obviously.
But as Tom heads
into his toughest year yet,
preparing for the London Olympics…
..Rob is facing
his own huge personal battle.
I started what
I thought was hallucinating.
I had a strange sensation
come over me,
like I was filling up
with hot water.
So I had an MRI scan
and a subsequent CAT scan
and he said to me,
“Oh, you’ve got a brain tumour.”
“Oh, have I?” And I’m thinking
to myself, well,
I wasn’t expecting that.
I said, “How big is it compared
to the size of a 2p piece?”
“Size of a fist,” he said.
And you think to yourself,
well, 2012 Olympics.
Am I going to be going to that?
Rob needs regular scans
to determine his treatment.
INTERCOM: Hello, can I help?
Robert Daly for an MRI scan, please.
Pull the door, take a seat in the
waiting room, please. Thank you.
In January 2011,
Rob receives terrible news.
A second tumour
has been detected in his brain.
I go in the room
where the scanner is
and they ask me what sort of music
I’d like to listen to
while I’m having the scan.
Beach Boys. He’d like Beach Boys,
wouldn’t he, Mum? Yeah.
TECHINCIAN: About five minutes.
I think about it on my own
and you think to yourself, well,
am I going to see grandchildren?
You know, they’re all things
I get all the time
because I’d be foolish
not to think that.
I’ve got to be real about it,
haven’t I?
How Tom’s dealing with it,
what Tom’s got to live with,
you know.
I spend a lot of time with him
on my own, but because
I’m always laughing
and joking with him,
he thinks I’m fine.
Three, two, one, go.
It’s actually got to
look like a tie, though, Rob.
That does look like a tie, Tom.
Stop it now.
‘I don’t want to talk
to Tom about it
‘because I find that I’m upsetting
myself just to sit there and…
‘..just see his face drop
and what not.’
It’s all twisted!
It’s still twisted.
Twisted around his neck.
It’s not done properly.
Rob is determined to be there
for Tom as much as he can
in the lead up to the Olympics.
As Tom’s next major competition
is in three weeks’ time
at the World Series in Sheffield,
he’s training
twice a day in Plymouth.
Two and a half hours
before and after school.
The Chinese divers
are probably doing, say,
two or three training sessions a day
and because they don’t go to school,
they don’t do anything other
than diving
so I’d say they’re probably
doing about seven hours a day.
And they’re probably
doing that six days a week,
so they’re doing A LOT of training.
In order to beat the Chinese,
Tom needs to learn a new dive.
The front four-and-a-half .
It’s the most difficult dive
in the world.
Fun time.
You’re looking at 1.8 seconds
for the whole dive.
The entry’s got to be very low down.
It’s not like the easier dives where
they’ve got a bit of float time.
You’ve got no float time
in this dive. It’s all about
getting out and getting in.
Front four-and-a-half is definitely
a love-hate dive.
One, two, three, go.
Get it wrong, it will drop a diver
to the bottom of the medal table.
Get it right,
and the diver is unbeatable.
It’s a real crucial dive.
It’s worth the risk and I know
I have to risk everything in 2012.
I’m really happy with that, Tom.
Along with training, Tom has major
sponsorship commitments,
and he’s been given a car
before he’s even learnt to drive.
What we’re doing today
is we’re handing over Tom Daley’s
first new Mini and he is part
of our London 2012 performance team
for BMW and for Mini,
and as part of that, he gets a car.
Did you have a car
like this when you were 17?
No, I had a banger that didn’t start
on the first day I got it.
It broke down on the first day.
Mind you, it did cost about
300 quid, so that’s probably why.
It’s actually wrapped up.
Oh, that’s funny.
Here we go.
That’s got red insides as well!
Oh… Right, here we go.
I tell you what I’ll do,
I’ll try and ring my mum.
That’s cool.
Ready? Listen. Listen.
Did you hear that? ‘Is that the
horn?’ Yeah. ‘I did, yeah.’
‘Very nice.’
Tom, in ten years time,
will have achieved as a diver.
I hope that means
he has an Olympic gold medal.
Tom and diving
is very important to Tom.
In terms of him as a brand
in the commercial side of things
and the media side of things,
I think he has a unique opportunity
and we have to create
a strategy around that.
He’s in a great position
commercially of what can happen
from here going forward
of Tom the brand,
Tom the breadwinner,
he can achieve a hell of a lot.
Roll camera, please.
One more, please.
With Tom being poster boy
for London 2012,
he’s attracting a number
of sponsorship deals and commercial
Becoming a brand adds
additional pressure to his school
and training commitments. can launch
into a free canoeing lesson.
First TV advert, so it’s…
I’m quite excited but quite nervous
at the same time to see
whether I can get all my lines in
at the right time, and stuff.
Take 30.
ALL: Get set, go free!
We’ve done 37 takes of the advert
now, but apparently that’s quite
good for a sequence shot.
Good job, everyone! Good job.
Do you have to be careful that
you don’t spoil him as a person?
The good news on
that side of things is…
his family environment is fantastic.
Rob and the ideals
he created are really strong.
That that doesn’t change, of course.
What happens next, who knows,
if you see what I mean,
but there is a strength in Tom.
Rob is having regular scans
to see how the chemotherapy
is affecting his tumours.
The results show
that they’re continuing to grow.
This is the, um, the scan.
So it just lights up.
Is that the tumour? Yep.
That’s the tumour.
Cancer’s a horrible thing for anyone.
Anyone that’s been through it
with a family member or themselves,
they’ll know what I mean,
but Dad’s had cancer
for five years now.
And he got over the first lot
and then he had another tumour.
Got over that one
and then got another tumour.
So he’s been unlucky three times
to get three different
types of cancer.
They don’t know whether it’s
spread from the same one or it’s
gone from different ones, but it’s…
Yeah… He’s definitely been unlucky.
He doesn’t deserve it at all.
It’s touch and go
if he can attend Tom’s next
major championship in Sheffield.
We’ve just got to keep our fingers
crossed, really,
because you never know what
can happen and you’ve just
got to hope for a miracle.
is the start of Tom’s campaign
to retain his individual
world title at ten metres.
He’s also showcasing the new dive,
the front four-and-a-half with his
synchro partner Pete Waterfield.
It’s the ten metres synchro today.
And then the individual tomorrow.
So he’s up with Pete Waterfield
off the back of their
bronze medal at the last one.
So, they’re hoping to get
on that rostrum again, if possible.
And of course, it’s the big
four-and-a-half somersault
which everyone’s doing
and Tom was very uncomfortable
with it and is now
much more comfortable with it.
He might actually
be enjoying it a little bit now.
The Daley family have driven up
from Plymouth to support Tom.
Until the last minute, they weren’t
sure if Rob would make it,
following another
round of chemotherapy.
It’s wonderful. It is. It must be.
Well, I’m just glad to be here,
He’s survived my driving!
Are we all right? Yeah.
Does it feel like the old days?
Er… Yeah.
In 2005, Tom became the youngest
diver in Britain to qualify
for the Commonwealth Games.
He was just 11 years old.
Rob had been by his side
for every training session.
So proud of you.
Well done, mate.
He supports me all the way and
if I didn’t have his support system,
I wouldn’t be here now cos…
I wouldn’t want to carry on
without his support.
How’s it been bringing Rob here?
How’s that been for you?
I didn’t think we’d get him here.
I really didn’t.
Two weeks ago, when he was
going through his chemo,
he was very, very drowsy.
He couldn’t eat his food
without dropping off to sleep.
The last three or four days,
he’s wide awake now.
Maybe that’s because the chemo’s
gone out of his system.
But he was dropping off
a little bit earlier on.
Great for him, though.
Yeah. Of course it is.
In fact, I keep saying,
“You’re here.
“I didn’t think you’d get here.”
But, you know, it’s not good, is it?
We won’t go there.
ANNOUNCER: Representing Great
Britain, we have Thomas Daley…
Representing China,
we have Cao Yuan and Zhang Yanquang.
I’d like to think they’ll come third
or fourth. That would be good.
They’ll definitely come… They’ll
definitely come fourth or above.
And not first?
No, they won’t beat the Chinese.
Cos all they eat is rice.
Diving is judged on five points –
starting position,
approach, take off,
flight and entry into the water.
The perfect entry
is virtually splash free.
ANNOUNCER: Representing China,
Cao Yuan and Zhang Yanquang.
9, 9.5…
What do you feel when you see
the Chinese divers up there?
Just breathtaking, really.
Do you know, I look to see
what they’re doing different
than our divers.
To me, it’s I’ve got a big stone
to throw in the water,
you’ve got a small one, who’s going
to make the last splash?
It seems an obvious thing,
doesn’t it? They are small people.
TOM: Anything can happen in diving.
You could get a good start but then
slip out, let go of one of your legs.
There’s so many things
that can go wrong.
Sometimes, you can tell
from the start whether it’s going
to be good or not.
A good dive, you hit the water
and you get sucked through it.
Tom and Pete Waterfield
need to pull off the front four
and a half to beat the Chinese.
ANNOUNCER: And, finally, representing
China, Cao Yuan and Zhang Yanquang.
8, 8, 8.5. Thank you, divers!
Tom and Pete clinch the gold medal
for the ten metre synchro
after the Chinese
perform badly in their final dive.
Quite a shock. I didn’t think
that would happen but…
I’m glad I’m here.
For him to have done that and beaten
the Chinese on his home ground,
fantastic. Unbelievable.
Never ever thought he would do that.
You won’t cry, though?
I don’t know…
He’s proud of you.
Course he can cry.
He’s a right softy, isn’t he? Yeah.
Ladies and gentlemen, please be
upstanding for the national anthem…
Standing up, yeah?
If I can bloody get out of here.
# Gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
# God save our Queen. #
Well, I’m hoping
he’s going to get into the final.
And who’s his main rival? Again,
it’s going to be the Chinese guys.
I know…
..a Chinese PT instructor
called Won Jim Shu.
The ten metre individual event
is the most prestigious
in the competition.
It attracts legions
of Tom’s most dedicated fans
from around the country.
What do you like about Tom?
We literally think
he’s so amazing and
what he does, especially
because he’s only
a year older than us.
I mean, look at us. We’re not
diving for England in the Olympics.
Hello, Mr Daley, or Rob.
I don’t know. Get well soon.
All of us who support Tom
support you as well.
Your happiness is amazing,
you’re constantly buzzing.
Best wishes and luck from Chloe.
I can see you’re going to be
a hit with all the girls now.
And their mums. Watch out, Debbie(!)
In the individual event,
Tom’s greatest rival
is the Chinese diver, Qui Bo.
Qui Bo is the favourite
for the gold.
Brilliant, that was.
He’s currently fourth now.
One dive to go.
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
he’s the world number one and he’s
the winner today, from China, Qui Bo.
Um, I think Tom’s come fourth
in this competition.
Tom has beaten by Qui Bo
and the Americans.
His one poor entry in the back
triple somersault cost him a medal.
Being such a big name,
Tom can’t go away and hide
after a disappointing performance.
His day isn’t over
when he leaves the pool.
He has 250,000 followers on Twitter
and they grab
every opportunity to meet him.
Listen, it’s one autograph
or photo per person, that’s it.
OK, do you want to move over a bit?
Right, autograph or photo?
Photo. OK, you’ll have
to do it from the front.
I’ll lean over.
He’s got half an hour
and then he’s got to go.
Tomorrow, I’m going
to be going to Mexico
for the next leg of the World Series,
so we do it all over again next week.
When are you home next?
I’m home next on May 10th,
and then I’ve got
a Spanish oral exam on the 12th,
so it’s completely chaotic.
Do you feel like he’s gone
into a different world now?
Not really,
because he still lives at home.
He ain’t started to drive yet,
so we haven’t lost him
completely yet.
But are you so glad that he could
see Tom win last night?
Cos that’s all you’d wish for,
isn’t it, that he could be there
to see that. Yeah, yeah…
You’ve done it now, haven’t you.
Are you planning to go on any trips
yourself to support Tom?
Not while Robert’s in this
condition. We won’t leave him, no.
Robert is our priority, not Tom.
Michaela, Mikhaila, what is it?
I got called home from Mexico
where I was in a training camp.
I had a phone call from my mum
and she just said,
“Tom, you’ll have to come home,
Dad’s quite ill.”
So, I didn’t really know
what to expect from that.
So we came home as quick as we could,
myself and Andy, my coach,
and he came in,
and we saw him there, just…
laying there, asleep. When he
wakes up, his eyes kind of roll.
When he speaks, he’s slurred.
Nothing, kind of,
you couldn’t get anything out of him
and it was…it was terrifying me
cos I could just remember
seeing him and thinking all this time
that my dad’s been there, he’s been
away at every competition with me.
He goes away everywhere and then
to think that of the possibility
that I wouldn’t have a dad,
and I wouldn’t be able to have
someone that would go away with me,
someone that would go to
all the different competitions,
be there to watch me at training,
and I can remember thinking, “What
if he doesn’t get to see me in 2012?”
And I’m thinking that’s all
he talks about, he talks about,
“Have we got our tickets yet?
Do we know if we’ve got our tickets?”
And you just think…
everything that we’ve done,
we’ve done it together,
and to think that he might not be
in 2012 to see it, it’s hard.
Did my maths exam today.
Yeah, it was better
than the one in January.
How do you know?
It just felt better anyway.
When will you find out?
In the summer, I get my results.
Mm. Mm.
‘I try and sit with him
as much as I can.
‘It’s important to try
and spend time with him’
because it’s the time where he feels
the most lonely, he feels the most…
where he can’t do anything,
and I think it’s really
important that we spend
as much time as possible
just even if I’m there holding
his hand or something like that,
we just need to be with him.
Do you feel dazed
and shocked still and tired,
or have you not felt any of that?
I don’t really know how I feel.
I kind of… It’s weird. I’m…
I don’t feel tired, or sometimes
I do, just like any other day,
but I don’t feel like…
I don’t know how I should feel.
Loads of people…some people
sit in the corner and are crying.
I’m kind of feeling bad
for carrying on, but I think
that’s what Dad would have wanted.
Dad would have wanted me
to carry on as normal
and even when he was downstairs
for that whole month in bed,
he was always talking about…he
always said to me,
“Why aren’t you at training?”
We had some lovely
cards from people.
We had messages from people
like Seb Coe.
His thoughts are with us
and that he that he was sorry
to hear about the loss.
We’ve had cards from people
we didn’t know,
people who have just followed
Tom in his career.
Have you read every one? Yeah.
The amount of people that turned up
to the funeral as well.
Attendance cards. They said each one
holds about… 100? 100.
So, nearly 400 people came? Yeah.
So, there’s loads of people there.
The one good thing about it was that
Dad managed to actually write out
William’s birthday card because he
died three days before his birthday.
When he first…when
he got quite poorly,
when I could see that he wasn’t
going to be able to do things
for much longer, I did get him
to write their cards out.
He put a little comment
in each of them, didn’t he? Mm.
All my brothers’ birthdays
are in…in May.
It’s 12th, 21st and 30th,
and mine’s in the middle.
And Dad managed to write out
Ben’s birthday card.
It says, “Thanks for all your help,
Ben. Love, Dad.”
And this one was my one, where
it said, “Good luck at driving.”
Kiss, kiss, and then he’s put
“Dad.” Then you’ve got William’s,
whose is the last birthday,
well, he didn’t quite make it until
William’s birthday,
but he’s put “Willsey”.
He put like a long exclamated…
That’s his nickname for him.
Willsey, yep.
Don’t know, keep it all together?
Yeah, put it all together.
Should be there.
When people come up to you
in the streets and they’re like,
they say, “Oh, hi, Tom.
“I’m really sorry about your dad,”
I don’t mind it and I don’t mind…
But then it just puts an awkward
spin on the situation.
I’m like, “Yeah, thank you.”
But what do you say?
Do you say thank you?
Do you say it’s OK? I don’t know
how to reply to it.
And I’m like, “Yeah, yeah. It’s OK.”
Like, but then you don’t want
to say it’s OK because
it’s not necessarily OK.
You just don’t know what to say.
And I don’t like it if my friends
or family, if they don’t want,
they kind of sometimes avoid talking
about certain things
or they avoid saying certain things
because they think they might
upset me, but I don’t want people
to be awkward like that
because I would speak openly about
my dad all day, kind of thing,
and I wouldn’t get upset
because I know that
whenever anyone thinks about
Rob Daley, they would just smile.
one thing that’s horrible was
when it was my birthday,
and it was my first driving lesson.
Then Dad got really upset and angry
that he couldn’t come out
and watch me do my first
driving lesson. That was hard.
Left a bit more. Whoa…
It’s fine, I couldn’t get over more
otherwise I’d have hit that car.
Ah no, I’m going to be doing clutch
control up here, if there’s traffic.
Clutch control, yeah.
Check me out.
We always tend to have arguments
about indication at roundabouts.
Go, it’s give way to the right,
you knob!
I’m really close to my mum.
I was close to her before,
but I guess, when something like this
happens, it makes you even closer.
We’re doing more things together
that we wouldn’t normally do.
She’s driving with me, where normally
it would be Dad doing that stuff.
She’s been so good with everything.
The calendar for international
competitions for Tom is unrelenting.
He only missed one training session
after his dad died.
Where’s he going on Friday?
To Shanghai, and off we go
with the World Championships.
What do you want out of that?
A steady performance.
We’ve been working on this new list,
I’m hoping we can go to the World
Championships, do a confident list.
He’ll come away from that
ready to begin the build-up
in to next year, which is 2012.
It’s come round pretty quick.
Did Tom appear, in any way,
did his performance change
after Rob died?
Not really, no. Obviously,
it’s changed our training process.
We haven’t done
exactly what I would have done,
had there been no problem
within the family scenario.
But because that’s changed,
it means we haven’t what I’d call
a perfect build-up into this event.
His dad would have been mortified
if he’d felt that
everybody had stopped
because of the situation he was in.
So, he came back,
and we’ve supported that,
as has the rest of diving.
So, I’m really pleased with that.
As always, Tom has compartmentalised
his diving side from school life.
School is really busy as well.
He’s doing A-levels early.
He’s trying to get that all finished
by January.
So where to now?
Now, we are going to school.
Just got changed as quick as I could.
Shoved everything in my bag, got
all the bags I could possibly carry.
Got my diving stuff in here,
my diving bag, my school bag,
got everything in it.
Hectic day, Tuesdays, but, yeah.
Now I’m going in for a Spanish lesson
to start my second year of A-levels.
Straight back from school,
Tom is packing for Shanghai.
And then shut the lid.
Debbie, what’s it like, packing
with Tom to go away for a month?
Um… He’s quite erratic,
because he’ll go from one thing
to the next
without finishing the original thing
he’s getting ready for.
It’s hard to keep him focused.
So… Surprisingly!
So, you’ve just got say, “Tom,
we’re doing your training kit first,
“doing your downtime clothes after.”
Is that everything in there?
I don’t believe it.
School books. Oh.
When do you do your homework?
All the time! Whenever I can, really.
It’s, like, full-on, non-stop.
It’s literally just…
Pages and pages.
Pages and pages.
Are you defending your title?
Yeah, this is my defending title.
To be honest,
I think it’s about going out there,
trying to do my individual dives
as well as possible.
But always the competitive
spirit comes in,
and I’ll end up wanting to do more.
But, yeah, we’ll see what happens.
Tom is practising last-minute
for his driving test,
but it’s qualification for the
Olympics that’s preoccupying him.
A top eight finish in China will
secure him a place at London 2012.
Qiu Bo is doing the front
four-and-a-half really well.
He’s doing ridiculously hard dives
at the moment
and he’s doing them
very consistently too.
That’s the main thing, to try to put
pressure on the Chinese people.
They don’t really like pressure,
so if you put the pressure on them,
that’s when, hopefully,
they might buckle a little bit,
when you have to try
and take advantage of them.
The most difficult thing about
the front four-and-a-half is the fact
there’s so much dive
that you have to fit in.
You have to run down the board,
you have to jump up steep,
you have squeeze into your tuck
really tight,
you have to do
all the spins and rotations.
The G-force is constantly trying
to pull you out of your shapes.
It all comes down to doing it once.
That’s the thing that scares me,
the fact I can train for
however many hours you want.
But it’s only one of each dive
that counts.
Tom’s greatest challenge
in Shanghai,
is beating his arch rival Qiu Bo.
At 18 Qiu Bo is only
a few months older than Tom.
He’s already scored
a record-breaking number of
perfect-ten scores,
and is reputed to be
the most dangerous contender
for Tom’s world title.
The mop volume you do on your dives,
the better they are.
When you’ve done a new dive,
and you’ve only done them, say,
100 times,
they’re not going to be as good
as someone like Qiu Bo
who’s done them, say, 1,000 times,
as he’s been doing them for
four years.
The Chinese have assembled
the most formidable team ever.
Over 100 divers have been put
through Chinese sports camps.
He seems to be, at the moment,
coping very well.
Obviously, deep down,
he must be feeling it,
losing your father,
anybody who loses a father,
it’s a difficult thing, especially
at a young age like he is.
I think he will miss Rob
in the crowd.
Oh, that’s good.
Not his best.
I can’t see him, unfortunately,
medalling this time.
But you never know.
Ooh, a bit of splash.
Oh, bit of splash.
Two months after his father died,
Tom loses his World Championship
title to Qiu Bo.
Tom came fifth overall
in the individual ten metre.
But his position in the top eight
qualifies him for
the London Olympics.
REPORTER: What did you
learn from the Chinese,
as they certainly responded
at home in Shanghai?
Yeah, the Chinese have been good,
diving fantastically here.
They’ve won every event.
The Chinese divers
won all ten gold medals.
Qiu Bo registered 25 perfect tens,
scoring a world record of
609 points.
Yeah, he’s had a horrible year,
a horrible few weeks,
for him to come out
and still perform is…
I mean, I lost a parent,
and I couldn’t do it
after only a few weeks,
to come back and carry on as normal,
no way.
So yeah, he has done really well.
Proud to be British,
aren’t we, today? Yeah.
Amongst all the millions of Chinese.
Here we go. Ni hao, everyone.
The next day, Tom’s commitments
to the media and his fans continue.
He has over 850,000 fans
on Chinese Twitter.
His agent, Jamie,
believes exposure in China
is more significant for Tom
than in Europe.
Why is it, in photos, Chinese people
always go… Yes, for victory.
Oh, victory, oh!
China is going to be
a very important market for Tom
over the next decade.
Why? Because diving,
its home is in China.
As we saw yesterday at the Worlds,
they won all the gold medals.
This is where, as a sport, it has
the biggest impact on the planet.
It’s very important
that we do the right media
and commercial work here,
to help him over the next decade.
Hi to all the QQ web users.
OK, so who do you think is the most
beautiful Chinese female athlete?
Er… Guo Jingjing.
Guo Jingjing. But too old for me!
Lots of media call you
the next David Beckham in the UK,
or maybe the Harry Potter
from the platform.
I think, within China,
it is a really unique opportunity.
The timing of Tom,
his age, and China and sport,
is truly unique.
A very excited group of fans have
won a competition just to meet Tom.
Ni hao. Hello, Tom. Hello.
Did you watch yesterday?
Yeah. You did pretty cool.
Yeah? Thank you.
You’re great. Yes. OK.
I expect more than that.
Hopefully, next year.
You can do better in London.
Yeah, I hope so.
They’re new dives.
Cheers. Good.
Look here.
There you go. OK.
Bye! Thank you.
Zai jian.
Bye-bye. Zai jian. Bye.
Bless them!
I love Tom.
Support him.
Support him forever, forever.
I will go to London.
Despite losing
his World Championship title,
the commercial possibilities
for Tom are endless.
Madame Tussauds
have commissioned a waxwork
for an exhibition on Olympians,
and a biography is being published
to mark Tom’s 18th birthday.
We thought as well
it would be interesting to try
a different colour scheme.
I like the fact it is quite
a close-up shot on the front
so you can actually see who it is.
And then, on the back, at least,
there’s one people would normally
associate me with, ie, no clothes!
There’s going to be a lot of noise
around Tom Daley.
That’s natural, because,
there are so many dimensions, if you
like, to Tom on an interest level.
He is the pin-up for the teenage
girls, there’s no question of that.
Mums and dads have respect him
for what he’s achieved,
because he’s an A* student.
He’s got pretty much A*
in everything he’s done.
He is the best he can be,
he’s a great role model.
Grandparents love him.
It’s one of those, he’s cross-
generation, from that point of view.
But there are mutterings
in the press
that maybe Tom is doing
too much media work
and it’s affecting his diving.
Even the head of British diving,
the Russian coach Alexei Evangulov,
has publicly voiced his concerns.
I respect Alexei, he’s one of the
best diving coaches in the world.
He’s got outstanding experience.
In his perfect world,
Tom Daley would not be doing
media or commercial work,
he would be – forgive me, Alexei,
for saying this –
but in probably
northern China or northern Russia,
just diving 24/7.
And that’s fine to say that,
but there is a difference.
That isn’t who Tom Daley is.
It’s early September,
and Tom’s going back to school
to start the final year
of his A-levels.
Trousers. There we go, right.
I’ll hang this up over here so that
it’s all ready in the morning.
This is my dad area.
That’s some of my dad’s ashes
are in there. Really? Yeah.
Just a little heart.
When I first got given it,
I was bit like…
..oh, my God, like,
it’s really weird.
It’s weird to think that your dad’s
in there, kind of thing.
But it’s always good to have,
he’s always there, then, isn’t he?
Right, I think I’m ready for school,
by the looks of it.
Are you excited about going
back to school? Yeah. I guess so.
I’m kind of looking forward
to going back to school.
There’s so many things going on.
Loads of competitions
we’ve got to go to.
We’ve got a three-week training camp
at the end of the year in Australia.
Then we’ve got the National
Championships in January.
Then three weeks at the World Cup.
Then we’ve got four weeks
of all the World Series.
Then we’ve got lots of training camps
in between that.
Two weeks in Plymouth
for a training camp.
Then the European Championships
in May.
Then we’ve got
the National Championships.
Then we’ve got
a two-week training camp.
Warm weather training camp.
Then home for two weeks,
and then a two-week pre-Olympic camp.
And then we’re into the Olympics.
So, it’s a long year.
Tom and Pete Waterfield hope
to represent Great Britain
in the ten metre synchro
in the London Olympics.
With Pete based in Southampton,
and Tom in Plymouth,
they’ve had few opportunities
to train together.
Go for that entry.
Legs up, and through.
Really happy.
The best one of each of the dives
that they did
was really world-class.
Yeah. Nice.
I haven’t been getting
any like that. No?
It must be you.
Bringing the best out of me.
Yeah, it was good, considering
we haven’t trained together for ages.
Yeah, it’s looking really good,
It looks really good.
Can’t wait to get them up
on the ten metre.
184 days,
three hours, 36 minutes
and 19, 18, 17 seconds,
until the Olympics.
Now, that’s scary.
Well, most nights I think about
diving in 2012.
It’s that kind of thing where
you get yourself all hyped up,
and your heart’s going all the time.
But I try not to think about it
too much,
because you let yourself
get carried away.
You just have to focus
on the now rather than the future.
And from now on,
the pressure will keep mounting.
The Diving World Cup is
Tom and Pete’s next chance
to pit themselves
against the Chinese
with the home crowd behind them.
And as the qualifying competition
for the ten metre synchro event
at the London Olympics,
the pressure is on all divers
to secure a place.
Who have you come to see tonight?
Guess who!?
I love him so much.
You love him so much, do you? Why?
Because he’s beautiful.
Excuse me,
who have you come to see tonight?
We’ve come to see Tom Daley
Tom Daley, yay!
Who have you come to see tonight?
My son. Who’s that?
Peter Waterfield.
Are you Pete’s dad? Yeah.
Don’t I look like him?!
I wanted to make him a millionaire
and I just gave him my looks.
It’s a bit sad, really.
But, rock on for tonight, I’m sure
they’re going to do well. Good luck.
So, what are you predicting
for tonight?
Gold medal would be quite nice,
The Chinese win the gold
in the ten metre synchro.
Tom and Pete score the lowest marks
of all the competitors
for the front four-and-a-half.
How are you feeling?
Well, it was
a fantastic competition.
And one dive, that’s all it takes.
At this level,
it’s always just one dive.
Unfortunately, Tom Daley and his
partner Pete didn’t get a medal.
Do you know where they came?
They came seventh, I think.
And what about the Chinese,
when you look at them,
do you dread them
going up on the board?
Well, no, because, at the end
of the day, they are the best.
You’ve got to say
the best is the best.
To us, a silver medal is the world’s
gold, if you know what I mean.
How does that make you feel
about the Olympics?
Because there’s so many of them,
they just bring them out
like a conveyor belt.
That is, unfortunately,
what we’re up against.
But one dive, as I say,
one dive England, one dive China,
one dive America.
However drops that dive,
someone’s in with a good shot.
I know they can do it.
With the Olympics
looming on the horizon,
Tom is carrying a huge weight
on his young shoulders.
You kind of just feel quite lonely
on the end of the diving board.
Because, you’re there, it’s you,
there’s no-one else that
can help you now.
You know everyone’s looking at you,
everyone’s judging you.
You feel quite vulnerable.
And how has the last year
been for you?
It’s been a terrible year
in many ways. Yeah.
Well, this past year has been hard.
And then it’s been good
at the same time.
Because obviously it was
really hard losing my dad,
he was a massive part of
my diving career.
He was a massive part of my life.
But then, qualifying
for the Olympics was just amazing.
And that’s the kind of thing that
I know he would be proud of me,
and going into this competition,
I know he’ll be here,
he’ll be there watching.
I’m Tom’s dad.
Tom, come and give me a cuddle.
Please, come on, please.
Dad, you’ll make me cry.
My dad always taught me
to not care what anyone else thinks
of what you’re doing,
because I know that I’m training
as hard as I possibly can,
nd my dad, if he was here, he would
definitely have been encouraging me,
the fact you’re training hard,
you’re putting all the hours in,
you’re doing really well.
Whatever happens, you’ve just got to
be happy with your own performance
and try your best, and not worry
what everyone else thinks.
Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd

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