Tips In Pool That Will Improve Your Game Fast

Today I want to show you how to improve your
game immediately! Well – in this video I am going to show you
four tipps that will raise your game very fast. But before we jump into it I wanna show you
something. As you may noticed I recently didn’t upload
new videos. And that’s because I was working on something for you! I developed a small playing ability test. This test will check your game in: Straight Shooting
Shotmaking Positional Play
Kicking & Banking Defensive Game
and Breaking The whole test is available as an eBook. After you finished the test you will get a
score between zero and a thousand points. From this score your rank between D- to a
maximum A+ wil be calculated. And that’s not everything. You will also get access to your personal
space on my website. This is the result of my current attempt,
which means I am a B ranked player. With this diagram you immediately see what
the strong and weak parts of your game are. This graph shows you your previous attempt
to compare if you improved. And another nice feature: You can actually
compare with all the other players that already did that test. Here wee see that we are 20% above the average
player. So with access to this personal page you can
track and compare the weak and strong parts of our game. You can get access to that on my Patreon “Check
my Game” tier. And if you want to, for three extra dollars
I will give you personalized drills and advice to remove those weeks parts. But now lets finally jump into todays lesson. Before I give you the first tip on the way
– I want you to watch me playing this shot very carefully. What did we notice? Well: I got nowhere near to a nice shot on
the 9 Ball. But why? Let’s watch it again: I am doing my prestrokes and here is the mistake. My backswing was way to fast. And because of that very fast backswing, I
lost a lot of accuarcy and didn’t hit the cue ball where I intended to. So the first huge tip is: Slow down your backswing. There is no need to move your arm backwards
that fast. The whole shot, all the energy just comes
from the final forward stroke. So slow down your backswing and you won’t
choke on balls that often, you will have a lot more accuracy, and to be honest: Everything
just looks way more controlled. I will also provide a link of Snooker players
playing extreme draw shots in the description. There you can see that principle very clear. Again: Watch what I am doing here: I just had to play a stop shot. But I am hitting the ball way too hard. So the second tip is. Play balls only as hard as required. This will have two advantgaes. First: less power means more accuracy in your
stroke. And second: If you hit softer, the ball has
a higher change to drop, even when you’re not hitting the pocket dead center. But don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean that you have to slow roll
the balls. For example the nine ball here is much safer,
if you hit it with a form stroke instead of rolling it in. But: dont’ pound the balls if you don’t have
to. Again: Watch carefully. This is a mistake especially beginners do
a lot, but even advanced players do this from time to time. And even I catch myself from time to time
doing this. So this tip is called: stand up! Make your plan while your standing and don’t
adjust your aim or spin while you’re down at the shoot. Adjusting spin will change the behaviour of
the cueball, for example deflection. So your aim is off. And if you now also adjust your aiming while
down, your whole body moves and twists and you won’t be able to play a straight shot. So if you don’t feel comfortable, if you need
to change the amount spin, if you need to change your aiming, or if you just don’t feel
well and a hundred percent convinced of the shot – stand up! It’s a small thing, but will definetly raise
your game. And the last tip for you is the right eye
pattern. That means: Looking at the object ball before
shooting. When shooting a ball, you want to bring your
cue exactly towards the point you’re aiming to. And if you look at the object ball or the point
on the rail where you want to hit, it will be much easier for you to bring your cue exactly
towards that point. Of course, double check, switch from object
ball to cueball, but the last few seconds before you’re pulling the trigger, you have
to look at your target. Well. This where four small tips that are really
easy to integrate into your game. The only thing required for that is discipline. And if you do those things, I promise your
game will improve very fast. That’s it for today. If you’re interested in the playing ability
test, bonus videos, or drills or if you even want to become one of my students, check out
my Patreon. And if you liked this video, leave me a thumbs
up and comment. Thanks for watching guys. And as always: See you at the next lesson. Take care!

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