The World’s Only Floating National Park

(delicate piano music) – [Narrator] In the
Indian state of Manipur you will find Keibul Lamjao National Park- the world’s only floating
wildlife sanctuary. (moving piano music) Keibul Lamjao comprises
over 15 square miles of rich, biodiverse wetlands,
and includes Loktak Lake, the largest freshwater
lake in northern India. The park is known for
patches and rings of biomass that float on the surface of the wetlands. The floating vegetation, called phumdis, thrives in the park, creating a home for humans and animals alike. (moving orchestral music) The endangered sangai, a
subspecies of brow-antlered deer, are only found in the park. They have been called the binding soul between humans and nature. The sangai was believed
to be nearing extinction in the 1950s, but thanks to
aggressive conservation efforts their numbers have steadily
increased to more than 200. Still relatively unknown
outside the region, Keibul Lamjao National Park is truly one of India’s hidden gems. (delicate piano music)

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100 thoughts on “The World’s Only Floating National Park

  1. Wow!!! So amazingly beautiful. I would love to visit and see the wildlife there. Definitely a magical place.

  2. I'm from Manipur and thanks for making the video it's not a very well known palace outside of Manipur. Do visit.

  3. That's my state. Thank you for this. Can't believe to see it here. Thanks . Now the world know how beautiful Manipur really is.❤️

    Love from Manipur, India 🇮🇳

  4. I am from the state of Manipur and it made me so happy to see my state being represented in an international media. Makes me proud of being a Manipuri.

  5. I think you all uploaded the version without V.O.

    Yep, clicked the subtitles. There was supposed to be voiceover on this…

  6. This park and especially that house in the ending shot really looks like the scenery in the train scene from spirited away! All those small villages and houses on small islands in a large almost endless body of water. The first thing I thought about watching this video is spirited away!

  7. Soon to be trampled by trash wielding, earth trampling, must get to all hidden gems, tourists. Thanks to your video. Thumbs down.

  8. I just came back from this place , my dad being in army we had a army guest house on hill top and trust me the misty morning and the beautiful lake with its Floating Islands , such a wonderful place , also if u jump on the floating island the island literally moves , Loktak Lake truly a natural wonder of our planet !! Also we went to see a old couple living on a Floating Island and got their wishes and donated some amout for visitng their property !!!
    Easter INDIA is soo underrated , everybody visiting India just wants to see the Palaces and eat ChickenTikka 😂😂

    15 years ago these islands were used by Naksal Terrorist as a Hideout in Manipur and no one could visit this place but now its thriving and protrcted by Indian Army

  9. Aggressive conservation efforts:

    throws water bottle at u FUCKING!!! throws recycling bin at u CONSERVE!! kills u cause too much methane GODDAMNIT

  10. Loktak is in the Bishenpur (Bishnupur) district.

    If you ever plan to visit Manipur, I would suggest Sangai Festival around November.

    If you visit during summer, you may get to see the rare Shirui Lily in the Ukrul district.

  11. It's Northeast India, not Northern India. Why can't you guys just google for 'Manipur'?? Don't be too lazy to get the facts right…

  12. 0:22 Loktak lake isn't the largest freshwater lake in Northern India. It's largest in Northeastern India.
    The largest lake in whole of India is Wular lake in the Northern state of Jammu and Kashmir state.

  13. How are these floating islands in any way different from those grown by the Uros people of Lake Titicaca in Peru? The differences between these places seem academic at best, leading me to question why the video's creators chose such a strongly worded title.

  14. Human start settling here before 4000. B.C. And we are proud to say that our forefather first settled here when civilisation start flourishing in other part of the world.

  15. Prophecy about this lake is ,When this lake is about to dried due to human ,Nature will terminate majority of human ,in the form of War , Calamity , Lighthning to save Earth. It was written by our forefather in ancient book , someday we will published the book of prophecy written by our forefather in around 3000 B.C …..

  16. I was there in October'18. Its a beautiful place, but more importantly it holds an important part in our Bio-Diversity. I Request everyone visiting India's North East to come and Experience this wonderful Natural Marvel.

  17. Happy to knw tht my Seven sisters nd 1 brother got noticed by internationl media. . .next try to cover about Majuli😄😄😄

  18. Dammit. Was in India for work for half the year last year and didn’t realize this was there when traveling around 😭

  19. India sits on a tourism gold mine just does literally nothing 🤦
    What the heck are these politicians even doing ?
    And people should also smartly create opportunities for Tourism.
    Sikkim is now quite popular thanks to promotion. I wish other North East states also get the attention they deserve

  20. Loktak Lake (287 sqkm) is the largest natural freshwater lake in India followed by Wular Lake (260 sqkm) both of which are designated Ramsar wetlands of International Importance. Even though it's the largest freshwater lake in India, most people/tourists won't be aware of it as it keeps a low profile partly due to conservation of lake ecosystem. There were only around 14 Sangai deers left in 1975 in Keibul Lamjao Floating National Park. Now it has increased to around 260 deers. Tourism has also increased.

  21. YOOOO the way I'm shocked right now. THAT'S MY STATE!!! i didnt recognize it on the thumbnail at all. I hope you guys will explore more of northeast India. Also wish this video was longer

  22. Now keep tourist out of there at all extends, those idiots destroy every land they flock to for pictures and selfies

  23. Guys Im from Manipur and i love our loktak Lake show some love visit here you can enzoy the aquamarine fLoating homestay 💕💕💕

  24. It is the only floating national Park in the world found in Manipur (India),in this park,we can see a special animal call Sangai
    Sangai is only found in this national Park

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