The Pros and Cons of Getting a Pool

(Intro Music Playing) Why Get a Swimming Pool? There Are Some Very Good Reasons To Have a
Pool Installed Privacy If You Love the Water But Don’t
Want To Share It With Strangers You Can Create Your Own Space Exercise Water is Wonderful For No Impact
Aerobics If Exercise is Your Main Goal, You Might Want
To Consider Getting an Endless Pool Which is Less Expensive And Requires Less Space Kids If You Have a Pool, You’ll Always Know
Where Your Children Are Entertaining Having A Pool Can Make Summer
Time and Holiday Parties A Blast! Relaxation Floating in The Water is A Great
Stress Reliever Not Having To Travel to That Water Reduces
Stress Even More Why Not Get A Swimming Pool? Some Other Things You Should Consider…. Investment Unlike a Kitchen or Bathroom
Remodel You Are Unlikely To Get A $1 For $1 Return on Your Pool Investment Resale A Pool Can Be An Appealing Feature
For A Perspective Buyer or A Deal Breaker It is A Very Polarizing Feature Upkeep A Pool Cannot Be Ignored It Takes Time and Money to Keep It Nice Consider Both Sides Before Spending The Money Weigh the Upside
Against the Downside A Home Equity Loan is A Great Way to Pay For
A Pool Installation Go To To See What Your Payments Might Be

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