Swimming pool in South Korea l Korea Vlog

so we’re going someone dropped that towel Great, cause I didn’t bring one We’re going to the swimming pool By the way, it’s cheap First of all, it’s cheap Second, it’s large Third, it’s a great swimming pool for the swimmers that come to practice here I am not sure we’re allowed to film here but let’s give it a try I’ve got my pass card We’re do we put the keys? On your hair and then you put on your swim cap We go inside now so I can’t film They are all naked Omg, what did I see? Come on!! Leave your shoes here Take of your clothes and put them here Then go to the shower room Then we go to the shower room Just take your swimming suit We have to take a shower Korean women wash themselves so much We put on the swimming suit And we can enter the pool Hey, you’re not the only one in the pool Swim on your line It was fun but it was kind of difficult to film cause the life guard was keeping the eyes on us One of them whistled to me and when I heard I started to swim between the lines like at the Olympic Games And I just left the camera and we enjoyed the moment. And now we’re going back home. It’s such a nice weather

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