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Denver Colorado Our typical pool season is anywhere from April to maybe October so at the beginning of the season and at the end of the season, you know, our nights still are are still cold fifties and sixties, so a
pool cover, I mean, a pool cover can save you over, at
about 70 percent of your energy consumption. Instead of
having water features that were going away from the house, we wanted
something that we could have coming towards the house because of the elevations. We kinda let the elevations dictate the designs so to speak. We do design-build swimming pools, water features, spas anything to do with the movement of water.
A signature look would be two textures CrystalStones and Hydrazzo especially if there’s sun shelf. It
delineates the two and it’s just a really nice
custom look. That’s kinda how this started was the
the Caribbean look, people on vacation see something
they like and then they wanna kinda have that vacation in their backyard. With our customers the most popular
finish is the Hydrazzo, by far. We use CL
Industries for one reason, and it’s the service we get from them. Period, without a doubt. Their product is
superior. Their dyes are superior. They back us up
100 percent.

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