Swimming next to 50 m precipice at Gibraltar Falls near Canberra in the ACT, Australia

Welcome to Swimming Hole Heaven, I’m Brad Neal and today it’s time for a dip in the pool above Gibraltar Falls It’s just outside of Canberra in the ACT in Australia At the car park you’ll find a couple of picnic tables and barbecues To have a quick look at the falls before your swim It’s just a short walk down this path But that’s not why we’re here So to reach the pool you either have to duck under this rail and wander out onto the cliff top or from this steel footbridge, follow the creek downstream There are plenty of warning signs about the dangerous cliff edges and the rocks in parts are quite smooth and slippery Let’s have a peek over the edge Whoa! I think I’m going to step back from there After checking out the sturdiness of the outlet that is saving me from a 50 m plunge to certain death I worked up the courage to get back in the water Relax and enjoy the views

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