Swimming in the Winter

Hi, I’m Kristen Leibfritz, general manager here at Goldfish Swim School, Mundelein
It’s cold outside and if you plan to take swim lessons in winter here are a few tips
for you Here we have 90 degree waters which helps
the kids stay nice and warm in the cold winter months
In the cold winter months, after the swim lessons, no kid wants to go outside with cold
wet hair We have hair drying stations here for you
to use so when you go out to the cold winter air, your hair is nice and dry
Make sure when you are on your way in you bundle up
Keep your winter jacket on and put on a hat, we have tons of coat racks for you to use
here and cubbies Don’t have your swimsuit on just yet, we
have a bunch of changing stations for you to use
And then you can feel free to change out of your swimsuit on the way out so you stay nice
and warm And you aren’t in that wet icky suit
If your worried about your child being sick throughout the winter
Don’t worry we have a make-up plan that fits right for you
We offer 12 makeups per year All you need is to give us a call in advance
and we will schedule you a makeup class You might be worried about your kids getting
sick throughout the winter months and not want to have them in swim lessons
Most of our students here at Goldfish go through the winter months without getting sick
Thank you for stopping by! Aloha!

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