Swim Safely with Thousands of Jellyfish

(percussion music and vocalizing) – [Narrator] On Eil Malk Island in Palau, there is a lake like no other. The saltwater lake was once
connected to the ocean; but as the island changed,
it was closed off. Now in isolation, it is filled
with a jellyfish species found nowhere else: the golden jellyfish. These cryptic creatures spend their days migrating across the lake,
from one side to the other, following the path of the sun, which feeds the fast-growing algae that this jellyfish species feeds on. And with no predators
to keep them in check, the jellyfish swarm and fill the lake like a cloudy dream. It’s safe for humans to swim in, because though these
jellyfish do have stingers, they are too small to be felt by humans. Gliding through this place feels otherworldly. (electronic ping)

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