Swan Dive Variations : Executing the Front Dive Pike Demo

Alright Bobby Larew here getting ready to
do my front dive pike. I’m a little wet from the previous dive. I want to make sure that
I dry off pretty good, especially when I get into harder dives like doing dives with flips
and spins; and twists. It’s tough to grab my legs; I don’t want something wet and slip
off. When I do my front dive pike remember I want to imagine that’s there’s a string
attached to my hips and somebody’s pulling it up; so I get into that jack knife of pike
position. When I’m coming out I’m going to keep my legs up above my head in the air and
I’m just going to really stretch for that entrance. So I’m going to do the dive see
how it goes, I’ll tell you about it when I get done. Always try and start at the same
spot. Alright front dive pike. These are the easy ones so, well there all pretty good.
Well maybe my head was out a little bit. Remember when I told you in the pike you want to try
to get your head into that pike and then get nice and tight in a good line. Otherwise a
pretty decent dive.

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5 thoughts on “Swan Dive Variations : Executing the Front Dive Pike Demo

  1. @FireHawk1251 Fulcrum*, um i use mine at 2 but he uses his at 5, if you can ride the board use 5-9 if you cant then use 2-4 i can ride i just like a tighter board but sience u asked the question use, 2 or 3

  2. wow expert village is getting worse, that dive would have got maybe a 5 or 6 at nationals… definatly NOT expert….

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