SUPer Schwarzwald – Stand up Paddling Schluchsee

Hi Raphael. It’s very nice to be here with you here right on or in the lake Schluchsee. Your offer the so-called Stand up Paddling which is quite trendy for a while but maybe not everyone knows it. Please tell us: what is Stand up Paddling? If you translate Stand up Paddling directly from English into German, it means paddling by standing. That hits the point as you really stand on the water. You got something in between and that is a board which is called Stand Up Board, and you also use a long-bladed paddle. Maybe some of you know it from canoeing, and see, that’s Stand up Paddling. As a stand up paddler, why should I go to lake Schluchsee for Stand Up Paddling and not to Lake Constance. What is so special about lake Schluchsee? The very special is the landscape around it, actually no city except of the village also called Schluchsee. The rest of the Schluchsee shore is unbuilt, the southern side is completely unbuilt except for one single house. So there is a very special atmosphere at 1,000 meters above zero. Finally, my classic final question: What is your favorite place here at Schluchsee and why? Well, when I’m private here on the lake just paddling for myself , then I usually go to the other side, the so-called Kaiserbucht which means Emperor’s bay. It is a small cove on the southern side, and there is a place with a nice sandy beach with gravel sand. I am very often over there having a good time and enjoying the evening. Ok, great, thank you very much!

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