Sun Oct 13th: Thoughts from Jax’s Swimming Adventures

Jax has never been much of a swimmer. He never showed a love for water the way my
old dog Gracie did. I’ve tried coaxing him into my pool, and
even putting him in it a few times. He was not happy about that at all. No, he prefers looking at a body of water,
contemplating what to do with them, and then sitting down near it, looking cute. He’s pretty good at that, too. He’s okay with puddles, and wadding around
in lakes if he can touch the bottom of them with his paws. But not more than that. Then today, during our morning walk, he did
something different. More than his average water wadding. He swam. He ignored my pleas for him to return to shore
and kept swimming. Naturally, I had my camera because I was trying
to figure out what to talk about for my video this week. So I filmed it. And it reminded me of my old dog, but it also
reminded me of how we can grow to love things we once would never dare to consider. We can grow to love things about ourselves,
to love things about others, and to just simply love things. If there’s one thing this dog’s personal
swimming lessons has taught me, it is that sometimes the things that scare us are things
we come to embrace. With time, with cautious wadding, and curiosity
to become more. Basically, we just gotta keep swimming. Thanks for watching. Buddy! Don’t drink it, ew–
No, don’t lay in it! Oh (laughs) no. No… No…buddy, that’s not what we wanted.

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