Subnautica How to find The Floating Island : Multiroom Blueprints

hello its Ricardo and I’m back with
another subnautica video yes subnautica the undersea survival
game but today what I’m gonna be doing is is using a small personal mobile
device as you can see here the see glide which I created by farming materials and
creating other items to go and find an island upon which I’ve been reliably
informed by the YouTube community there are parts to make a habitat now this is
quite exciting because we get a to go onto dry land and not go into the sea
all the time and B you get to make a base it’s about base building and
survival so that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna head on over to this island and
you can find this via the geological data that is in your escape pod
so you gonna goes through all the notes and you can see on this little seed
glide that I’ve got here it’s got a topographical map that you can generally
follow to scan the forward terrain now it’s quite easy to go and find this
islet effectively what you have to do is get to your escape pod once on your
escape pod look around and find the big honking great big ship then turn
directly behind you so we want 180 degrees and you’ll see this lump of
cloud right on the horizon that’s where the islands gonna be so visually if you
keep that directly ahead of you get off into that water
get your little skidoo on the go and travel towards that you’ll be fine and
you’re eventually came across the island and it’s not too far away you know it’s
there anyway do me a favor if you already done so like what you’re seeing
hit that subscribe and like button and also the notification icon and I’ll let
you know what I’m putting more videos of subnautica and other games on YouTube
with all that out the way now make sure you’ve got a little bit of food and a
little bit of water on your journey right you may run out yes no one wants
to run out of food normos to run out of water my advice is get yourself in there
and get some of that distilled water do you get more for your for your event
inventory slots now the reason why I say that you’re gonna get to that island
you’re gonna find loads of things and I say loads of things you’re gonna flying
plants you’re gonna find items to pick up and you don’t be lacking right in
inventory space if you’re carrying an awful lot of stuff with you that you’ve
picked up along the way and you’re gonna miss out on that opportunity
so you see I’ve stocked up on water I’ve got a first-aid kit in case of any
nasties don’t get caught short and very shortly as you’ll see that Island will
pop up on the horizon now it’s not big it’s not huge but it is gonna give you
the opportunity of keeping your feet dry even temporarily and you can see there
it is it’s it’s for some reason floating on on the surface and as we get near you
can see these massive buoyancy organisms that are underneath it keeping the
entire thing afloat now I haven’t tried destroying these
with any type of tool cuz I haven’t got any type of a tool that will do that but
it’s quite a nice it’s quite a nice sort of like thing to see within the game a
nice transition you how did that island get there is it a big pile of rock no
because it goes down quite deep but yes there’s floaty things keeping it afloat
now as soon as you get on yet be very careful because there’s going to be some
critters that are wandering around and these critters Ron doing around thing a
try and cause you a bit of harm hence I’ve got my first aid kit
so make sure before you’ve left your life pat your life pod you’ve stocked up
on some food you’ve got loads of water you don’t get dehydrated don’t get
caught short be hungry get on there and get scanning all these
plants are gonna be very important because when you go back and you pick up
additional titanium at this stage you can be able to sort of like get a
habitat where’d you get a habitat he’ll start to grow stuff in grow beds now all
these items are here to find on this island you can have to find
observatories habitation pods tubes PDAs and obviously all these shrubs that will
glow go grow grow even either an internal bed or an external flowerbed
now there are three structures to go and find there’s one in the center of the
two mountain peaks and one structure on both of the mountain peaks when you get
there scan all those items okay you’re gonna
find more items than you thought actually existed which i think is
actually quite good be perfectly honest with you you’re gonna want to have to do
a real thorough search and especially that flower that you can see in the
picture of picture you’ve got melons you’ve got potato plants things you can
eat straight away or things you can take back and then use in any flowerbeds that
you’ve made now look at this you gotta start scanning these habitation modules
getting those blueprints so when you get back to your life pod you can start
building these things with all the stored up titanium that you have and
you’re gonna need titanium unique what you’re gonna need spines to make
enameled glass all this sort of stuff so be prepared you’re gonna come back on
four to this island this islands gonna be I think in my opinion your home away
from home and a good sort of of items okay make sure you explore it all make
sure you pick up all the the pads as well now at the end of this video the
pads that I’ve collected I’ve included the audio logs for which if you don’t
any spoilers be fair I’ll put a warning up before we get to the logs so that if
you want to hear them for yourself in-game you want to go ahead and see
them for yourself in-game then you can listen to the story that these logs tell
we’ll put up a spoiler warning so don’t worry about that
so yes the observatory is very important make sure you scan all that and be aware
that you are gonna get attacked by these sort of like alien facehugger ii sort of
things the big big mouth on it you’re also gonna find storage test chests
where chests can’t speak today what it is so you’re gonna find these stories
chest and as you can see there you’re also gonna find PDA littered around
explore everywhere collect everything but don’t hang about because as soon as
you collect these food items they’re gonna start to decompose and they only
have a finite life lifespan so you need to get back to a habitat that you’ve
built and start planting these seeds so you have a bit of a renewable food
source other than just fish fish is fine I’m not against fish but you may want
something a bit else probably in the melon or potato variety so be very aware
of this scan the lock stock the lot so there you go for those of you who don’t
want any spoilers and don’t want it listen to the logs I’m gonna put a
spoiler warning up very shortly for those of you who’ve got so far with a
video and have enjoyed it thanks very much for watching and check back for
more videos in the series I’ve been Ricardo this has been seven or
takur and thanks for watching so this is the spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler
alert here’s the log said look out of the window no predators
fresh food no building materials nothing left of the ship and your kid says we’re
gonna starve without more grow beds speak up kid it’s true father the
natural growth rates are too slow to keep supporting us I’m saying is oceans
got us surrounded no you side sooner or later we’ll get
our feet wet the rest of your life may have been a fight mater but I’ve made my
decision you want to forfeit your emergency paid
to take a swim go ahead believe me I’m thinking on it your life’s more valuable to me than a
flat bench you still being in charge when ship your captaining sunk I’ll stop
being in charge when you take charge of yourself say chief chief what you know
how to drain those grow beds or forty tons of storm water or how to conjugate
I know how to prioritize I’m just saying if that’s so what’s your boys like with
tea today if tomorrow you’re gonna be so hungry
you start wondering what it tastes like so go deal with a punch interfere again
I went rescue arrives I will be yeah do you understand me
hello rescue coming chief not in time I’m staying here and either this rain
keeps falling sooner or later this place will be buried the only choice we got is
whether to get buried with it what is that thing I don’t know I found it
outside in the sand part of another ship I’ve ever seen it’s not even scratched
ah don’t fool around with it it might be worth something
stand down chief if they were gonna crumble to dust it would have done so
when I picked it up it’s glowing we’re not the first people to come to this
planet people maybe could be aliens could be the damn sea monsters for all
we know one thing for sure we ain’t gonna find out my staying here but only problem is maida
she says the weather’s going to turn I say she’s finding excuses to risk our
lives imagine she’s not gonna weaken our life now a physical altercation and
she’s itching for a fight in every judgment she makes things go from bad to
worse if she had my experience she’d have more faith humans have spent
millennia specializing and how to shackle nature to our will this planet
won’t cause us any new problems our one task now is to keep us alive as
comfortably as possible until the insurance company arranges rescue and
this part of space that could be months or even years so if you slept with it through the logs
thanks very much for watching on watching this extended part of the video
check out for more in the series see you soon

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