Short Film – 5 Wings (2019)

Bruv, man just finished work, it’s a cold
day, come across Makkah Grill and I’m like yes! This is the place to go, they always
have the best chicken. I walk in, looking at the menu seeing if I want anything
different but nah I’m always getting the wings. Bossman always hooks you up with
the wings gives me a free one every time. Anyway, walk over to my table that I usually sit at, get on the chair I usually sit at and I pull out my phone looking through the IlmFeed Instagram, see what’s going on. This random dude just suddenly decides to sit opposite me I’m like bruv this guy is clearly homeless but why you sitting opposite me? The place is half empty, you can sit anywhere. Anyway I open my box of wings and oh my days these wings are delicious! This guy just picked up a wing bruv, didn’t even ask me if he could have a wing. Just starts yamming it down to the bone
I am so confused right now. But I thought all right he’s homeless he’s hungry, I’ll let him have that one. If he asked me I woulda bought him a box but he didn’t. Anyway I thought bruv you got that wing you’re not getting anymore. I’m keeping my eyes on you. I reach in now for another wing making sure he doesn’t come in for another wing. Taking a bite now, delicious but I swear the craziest just happened bruv. This guy gave me some weird eye contact, weird smirk REACHES IN FOR ANOTHER WING! ARE YOU MAD!? ARE YOU DIZZY!? THESE ARE NOT YOUR WINGS BRO! MAN IS HUNGRY, I’M A FAT GUY, I NEED THEM CALORIES! HOW ARE YOU GONNA TAKE MY WING GONNA TAKE MY WING AND YAM IT DOWN TO A BONE?! that’s some crazy talent but still man I’m crying inside I
was looking forward to that. One wing left now, I want that wing I’m getting
that with no way he’s having this wing. My guy picks up the box and gives it like
his wing okay I am so confused right now how is this guy picking up my box of
wings, handing me the last wing, saluting me like Ertugrul, picking up his bag,
walking out of here like he just gave me this wing? Bruv I paid for this wing, this
is my wing, I’m eating my wing, what are you on about? I’m so confused I swear. Anyway finishing off my wing now gonna go home
I need to play some FIFA I need to relax I’ve got my PlayStation in my bag, I walk
around with it don’t ask me why.

/Wait what, who does that? – Editor/ My bags bear heavy. Pick up my bag and then…Oh my days! I put that
box of wings on the chair earlier and I had completely forgot about them
this was the box of wings that I bought for myself and all this time I was
eating the homeless guy’s wings and he was happy for me to have them, he even
gave me the last one and as I was eating his wings, as I was cursing him in my head, I was judging him and accusing him of essentially stealing from me and I
just thought to myself you know what sometimes we think that we’re the ones
who have been wronged and people are against us but when we look at the
bigger picture and reflect on ourselves we can realize that maybe it’s us who
are in the wrong maybe it’s us who are making the mistakes and maybe it’s us
who are taking the rights of others

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100 thoughts on “Short Film – 5 Wings (2019)

  1. Good message but in this case you were not in the wrong cuz you did not do it on purpose…its all in the heart…but maybe we do so much wrong we do not realise good and bad…

  2. Hahahahaha 😂 thanks for uploading.
    Jazakallah khairan Brother for giving us great message also.😇
    Keep making more video like this one ✌️

  3. This same concept exists with a box of cookies. Nice to see another, slightly comedic take on the same concept and with such beautiful visual art illustration. Overall, excellent adaptation of this film. Barakallah Feekum!

  4. Subhanallah so true.👌🏽😭 But really the carrying his PlayStation with him everywhere is my lil bro and his fortnite

  5. I would ran 💃🏼 after that person after I knew it was their food, then give huuuuge apology🙌🏻 then give them the food I bought 🍦 ( which I didn't realise ) and again say sorry 🙌🏻 and also compliment about their kindness👏🏻

  6. i love this, ilm feed has the best content. may Allah reward you all for your wonderful messages and for delivering them in fun ways

  7. @ilmfeed, ‘we were the most humiliated people on earth and God gave us honour through Islam. If we ever seek honour through anything else, God will humiliate us again’ – Umar Bin-khattab r.a. This ‘joke’ dawah isn’t how it was conveyed by the prophet pbuh or the righteous before us. For an action to be accepted it must fit the criteria of being in accordance with the sunnah, not from an adaption of a book or play. Prophet pbuh gave us the best examples, we will surely be dishonoured if we seek examples of dawah and portray them based on non Islamic sources. Barakallahu feekum.


    this is Exactly the Same as this Video!!!!!!! its EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!


    in Muslim countries because of some arrogant people minorities suffer

    pint to be note :This is not to hurt any ones sentiment

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