Sensory Deprivation Tanks: Part 3/3 (Documentary)

HAMILTON MORRIS: All right. So, it’s breakfast time. We’re going to get some sprouted
Quinao oatmeal and hemp seed vegan pizza with
squeezed Goji berry juice, and a bowl of persimmons. And so what is your involvement
in the tanks? JASMINE POTTS: I work here,
I intern here for free floatations, basically. HAMILTON MORRIS: Any horrific,
traumatic experiences? JASMINE POTTS: Not completely
traumatic. I’ve definitely come in touch
with my total inner creepy weirdo a couple of times. I’ve had a couple experiences in
there where I’ve had like a demon or something emerge, that
I realized was just in there and I never thought it was
really like a part of me. One time he said– it was like in this weird Gollum
voice, I hear this like, kill it, you know
just kill it. And I was like, where the
hell did that come from. I had no idea where
it came from. HAMILTON MORRIS: Jasmine’s
account of demonic possession made me think twice about
sealing myself inside what could easily become a
tank of nightmares. Really accentuates the alien
abduction sensation that comes with being in a floatation
tank. Like just talking to you I feel
like it’s a big furry probe that’s about to extract
semen from my testes. End of review. BRANDON: It’s a pretty
cool looking tank. HAMILTON MORRIS: It is. I’m almost skeptical
for that reason. Cause I’m like, you’re
a cool looking tank but how do you float? I have a feeling that
[INAUDIBLE] is going to have some strong words about the
chlorination of these tanks. He’s going to be against it,
I’m just going to bet you a Kombucha that he is going
to be against that. I’m going to bet
you a GT, Dave. spirulina enriched trilogy of
flavors that that is going to be against the chlorination of
the sensory deprivation tank. Time to treat this Excruciating
eye pain with a therapeutic none salt water
shower, that will be cold as a [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, that’s cold. There was definitely a
difference in the ventilation of the tanks, that’s for sure. Like it was muggier,
more humid. BRANDON: In this one? HAMILTON MORRIS: In
the other one. This one had a much
dryer air zone. But now I’m a tank connoisseur,
so I can just knit pick all the
live long day. All I know is that every tank
I’ve used, they need to turn up the air temperature
a little bit. And I’m not afraid to say it. I understand you don’t want to
feel hot, at the same time it’s not suppose to
be a hot tub. But almost every tank I’ve ever
used, I’ve always felt we could still be– BRANDON: Warmer? HAMILTON MORRIS: A
little warmer. Especially in the air. BRANDON: My experience was when
I went to the new spirit wellness center that the float
tanks were to hot. And when I mentioned that to
them they said, well that’s the way people like them. The whole reason you’re
floating is to not feel the water. If you can feel it at all,
then it’s not floating. HAMILTON MORRIS: Right. BRANDON: The most powerful drug
I’ve ever taken was that first float. It was such a pure unadulterated
high. And such a deep perfect high. HAMILTON MORRIS: Yeah. BRANDON: It’s sort of like a
peak experience that I just keeping looking for over
and over again. There’s a lot of mental space
to explore, I call it the innerverse. And when you have the right
environment of the tank and the environment outside the
tank, it gives you the freedom to explore that space. And you shouldn’t even have a
single drip in your float, not a single one. Because a single drip could pull
you out of the best float you’ve ever had in your life. HAMILTON MORRIS: Fully convinced
by the tank guru’s expertise, I decided that a
transformative experience could be achieved by no less
than eight hours of uninterrupted flotation. I don’t want to see any
of these trees, the spectacular view. I want to see nothing but
blackness and a feel of complete loss of sensation
in my skin and my body. That’s what I’m looking for. I feel like we’re all damaged by
technology to some degree, even though of course technology
has all these extremely beneficial
qualities. I think just this entire culture
of like having a phone in your hand and being able to
compulsively check to see if anyone has tweeted at you, or
sent you a Facebook message, or liked an Instagram photo,
and I feel like it actually changes the way you think, and
destroys your ability to concentrate or do things like
read a book that require sustained commitment to
concentrating on something that isn’t immediately
stimulating you personally. And I wonder if sensory
deprivation or something can work towards deconditioning or
mitigating the damage caused by all this technology. BEN: Yeah and not just
the technology. I think that it can kind of
mitigate the damage of living in our society in general. HAMILTON MORRIS: And then I was
wondering if I should try and smoke weed before
doing it this time. BEN: Do you want to? I’ve got a bunch of good weed. HAMILTON MORRIS: I’m tempted. BEN: Got some NYC Deisel,
from the dispensary. It’s high-high quality. HAMILTON MORRIS: Oh man. BEN: And it’s delicious. HAMILTON MORRIS: I– much like Joe Rogan, Ben was
eager to teach me about the effect medical marijuana
has on flotation. BEN: Smoking wax. This is Hamilton’s first time
ever smoking earwax or butter. HAMILTON MORRIS: As the cannabis
released negativity from my crown chakra, I was
suddenly struck with inspiration. If I could implement by normal
meta programming positive affirmation technologies to free
myself from the negative thought templates of ADHD, then
I could streamline the optimization of myself
projection. It was worth a shot. What do you think would
be a good positive affirmation, Nick? NICK MANDRYK: What are the
things that you’d like to change in your life? HAMILTON MORRIS: I would like
to be able to not allow anxiety to interfere with
completing necessary tasks. BEN: The thought of future
task, brings only the potential for growth
and development. HAMILTON MORRIS: Yes,
that’s good. Wow, yes. I will regard tasks
I must complete with cheerful readiness. BRANDON: When you’re in the tank
you’re sort of cleansing the doors of perception,
all of your sensory input is being cleaned. And when you come out, you’re
sort of like a baby coming out of the womb. And you’re seeing things with
fresh eyes, and fresh skin, and with fresh nose, and
with fresh ears. HAMILTON MORRIS: I float in
complete tranquility cleansed by the tears of the
mind’s eye. [LAUGHING] BEN: Sorry. BRANDON: I know now not to eat,
or drink anything like right before. Two cranial sacral alignments
and 10 kombuchas later, I was ready for what would be the
longest float of my life. BRANDON: When you feel like it’s
time to get out, either get out, and go to the bathroom,
and get back in. Or just move your body a little
bit and then go back in to the float. HAMILTON MORRIS:
I will do that. I realized that no advice any
floatationist offered could prepare me for the
task at hand. For the first time in my life
I had to take responsibility for my own flotation. BEN: When you want me to
play your programming? HAMILTON MORRIS: I
guess just like– BEN: In the beginning? HAMILTON MORRIS: I’m already– I’m so zoned right now, I’m so
in the zone that it’s going to take 40 seconds in the tank
before [INAUDIBLE]. BEN: Well you already
floated today. So, yeah, you’re ready to go. So you want to play HAMILTON MORRIS: Ever
in my entire life– BEN: Good. Great. HAMILTON MORRIS: I am
the master of my own concentration. I am the master of my
own concentration. I will approach necessary tasks
with cheerful readiness. In a world overrun by electronic
distractions, it’s appropriate that a tool as
simple as a darkened box of salt water could create an
environment of total and complete focus. After dozens of hours of
floating, deconstructing my thoughts, and meta thoughts,
I began to understand distraction, and how I allow
it to invade my mind. A powerful understanding
that remained after I left the tank. I owe all to Joe, Crash,
Ben, Jasmine, Brandon, and the rest. Tanks for the memories.

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100 thoughts on “Sensory Deprivation Tanks: Part 3/3 (Documentary)

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  11. Breakfast time and we’re going to get a bowl of quinoa oatmeal cereal with some hemp seed vegan pizza and squeezed Goji berries juice and a bowl of persimmons

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  13. As the cannabis release negativity from my crown chakra I suddenly had a feeling. If I could implement bi-nueral meta programming positive affirmation technologies then I could streamline negativity from my ADHD

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