Scripps Pediatrician Brian Scull, MD

Pediatrics has a lot
of different challenges and I definitely enjoy being able to see
the very young and all the way through
young adulthood and to maintain a very good
continuity of care throughout that time. The areas of interest
that I think I’ve been drawn to are neonatal medicine,
or care of the newborn. It can be very challenging
and rewarding at the same time. Also adolescent medicine — as a transition into
adulthood — can also have similar challenges and it can be very interesting
to do that as well. And to work with parents,
throughout all those stages. One of the challenges
in medicine is the changing evidence
that we have out there and how fast it changes. So one of the solutions
to that, I feel, is just to have
an open line of communication and mutual respect between the physician
and the patients, in order to really
come to a consensus with providing
the best decision of care based on what
the latest medical evidence is. I really do enjoy spending time with my family
and traveling. I enjoy any water sport
as well as photography. In addition to my
areas of interest, I do have some experience
in the military and, therefore,
I feel like I can relate to the specific challenges
that military life can put on families. So I do see
a lot of military families in regards to that, and I feel that
I’m able to help them in a very special way. I would say the most satisfying
part of my job is when I truly form
a great relationship with my patients. I think nowadays, one of the most important
things you can do to maximize the
health of your child is to stay very current
with the recent medical evidence. There’s so many
different places, again, information nowadays, and it can be really lopsided,
one side or the other. So, really trying to
get out there and find the best resources
available and to really weigh
the risks and the benefits of any medical decision
you make for your child will really optimize how healthy you can be
in the long term.

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