Sci-Fi Short Film “HUM” | A DUST Exclusive Premiere

How many times has it happened? What is this… exactly? Making sure you’re not another time waster. The website said you were an expert. We’re in a pub. A good one. Universities are not what they cracked up to be, trust me. Is it why they expelled you? You could go back to your doctor. Good. Now. Once more. How many times? Twice . . . No no no, wait, twice today. Lost count of the other times. In different places? Yes. The sound has this way of . . . This is a sound. This is a sound. This is a sound. Vibrations that propagate through the air and are perceived by our ears. Listen pal, I know what a sound is, I deal with vibrations all the time. Good. The Hum is not a sound. You perceive it in here. I’m out of here.
Good. The Hum is not a sound. You perceive it in here. I’m out of here. Have you had a traumatic experience recently? No, everything’s fine. You sure? You don’t look too good. Professor McAven, I don’t care if it’s a sound or whatever. I just want to get rid of it. Can you help me out or not? Only two percent of the population can hear it. Usually people coming out of trauma. It’s been experienced in random locations across the world. So? These ripples are like the Hum you have been perceiving. Each one contains information that I need to find the source. What’s the source? That’s what I need to find out. Your reports are interesting, Sam. Sam? It’s Chris. Chris Page. Sure. I’ve never seen anyone so sensitive. I can make it disappear. But first I need to know where you hear it. Coordinates. Coordinates I’m around here every week or so. You could always try earplugs! Thought the whole bloody tap would need changing. Given the right tools and sufficient time, there is nothing in life that can’t be fixed. That’s Page & Page philosophy. Your brother should have been here at 9. Instead, I get you at 10. Is that Page & Page philosophy as well? I’m sorry. My brother… he couldn’t make it today. But we do offer a 25% discount. Did you hear that? Hear what? Everything alright? Yeah, everything’s fine. A 25% discount is the least we can do. What are you doing? Earning my drinks. How many reports do you have? Twenty three. Are these coordinates accurate? Don’t know. I used my phone GPS. Is that alright? Very. So what do we do now? I don’t recall mentioning a we. You said you’d help me get rid of this. I will. I need to understand the source. It might not be stable. Or worse. You have no idea about how to stop this. You’ve been lying to me, making me go out there getting your bloody data. For fuck’s sake. What did you think, that I would have let you come and ruin the greatest discovery in the history of mankind? I need the source. Sorry. Fuck you. Liz! You promised me. I thought I’d lost you. Make this stop! You have to leave. Now. I don’t think two can get through. Through what? This world we inhabit… it’s a surface. No, listen. There’s more. An unobservable plane of reality, a deeper level. The source of the Hum. You’re . . . We have to leave. I was right. How come you can you hear that? How the hell should I know? Liz, Liz! Mike? You alright? I thought you’d gone. You had no pulse for minutes. What did you see? What did you see? Not what, who. My brother, Michael. Or something that once was him. What was he doing there? You tell me. He’s dead. It works. What works? Quantum physics affirms there’s not just one dimension Ancient religions believed that passages to the Underworld were physical locations on Earth, calling out to be found. We did! The source of the Hum. The passage to the After Life. You’re crazy. I lost my daughter ten years ago. Time to go. No wait, you’ll die! I know. I don’t care. I always thought that the sound was a stress-related condition. Yeah, the past few weeks have been… intense. I was really sorry to hear about your brother. Thank you. When did the sound disappear? I didn’t say it had. I just learned how to control it. Hello Michael.

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100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “HUM” | A DUST Exclusive Premiere

  1. So as I understand this – I have to actually listen to my hum, not try to mute it… Hmm, never thought about that, but will try…

  2. I enjoyed the actors performances… the quality of the images, the effects, the sound, the music all great work… however I'm a bit numb to these sort of stories as much as it pains me to say it, as I do see the good work in it… it's not the producers/writers/DOP's fault, but I expect to see effects now & feel they are relied on as too pivotal in film stories like this. It leaves little to the imagination, no room to move we either accept the story or reject it… but that's film I suppose, portrayed we accept or reject. Maybe I'm just too jaded regarding modern film as I do eagerly await sci-fi movies… jaded, now there's a movie title. Nothings good enough is it…

  3. "Hum" is film a that has a lot going on. It's clear that a great deal of intention lies behind each scene, and I love how the special effects (both sonic and visual) help ground the story in a reality that feels authentic and consistent. The two main characters have depth to them, and the way the film shares that depth with the viewer is "just right" — not so little detail that the story becomes incomprehensible, and not so much detail so as to bog down the pace.

    The film's underlying concept ties so well into aspects of modern life and science, and at the same time is driven by one of humanity's most fundamental mysteries. This, I think, is what sets "Hum" apart from other such films in the genre, and makes the time spent watching it a good investment, with the time pondering its thought-provoking themes afterwards just icing on a very tasty cake…

  4. So in the end… SPOILERS

    Is he able to "control" the hum by accepting his loss and dealing with his grief? Or can he kind of see into the other dimension? I'd love some opinions!!

  5. So I'm the lead character? My actual name is Chris Page. I have no hum, only tinnitus – and I'm not a plumber.

    I'd be interested to find out how the writer picked my name, of all they could have chosen. There's also a BBC news correspondent with the same name. 🤔

  6. A captivating story told through a very unique supernatural reoccurring phenomena that questions ones own perception of the reality that surrounds them. What a interestingly thought provoking concept. I rather enjoy a good mind melter of a tale such as this one, not just because it's a well made short film, but because this is a well made short film with a clever and complete story. What I mean is, there's a begining, a middle, and a end. A actual proper story. No cliffhangers or vague stabs at a explanations. Just a pure genuine comprehensible story done right. And to that I say, thank you.

  7. Very true to the teaser/trailer… Totally weird… in a good way…
    I assume that Liz was his daughter… could've said, "I lost my daughter Elizabeth ten years ago"… small nit, but has to be picked… 😉
    So, the afterlife is a gravel pit? 😉

    Actually… damned fine job…

  8. Amazingly beautiful story ! Not sure what happened to disgraced Quantum science doctor , but hey …
    Well done Dust !!!

  9. I like this film! Stories of the physical manifestation of theoretical principles are almost always at least, interesting. This one manages, via fine filmmaking and performances, to be meaningful and compelling. Who doesn't want to visit lost love? Well done!

  10. I don't know where you find these films. But bravo, Dust. They just get better and better when I don't think it's possible. This was poigniant and raw and beautiful.. I felt his pain so much. Imagine if such a thing existed… These amazing films bring such ideas to life. I loved it.

  11. The "power" was out here for a while and then to come back to such an excellent piece of work from DUST, thank you for making my morning, I don't always mention acting as I don't really know enough to have an informed opinion on the subject but I thought these two were so good, and not to compare but the one that went into the "hum" at the end, especially, what a performance, bravo DUST.

  12. Wow! What a fantastic short. I’ve never seen anything by Stefano Nurra before – this must be his first on here – what an ingenious Vision.

  13. This is actually happening in a town in the United States! Only 2% of the population can hear the sound and nobody knows what it is!!

  14. Looks like the Dock scene was on Sussex Warf in Shoreham-by-Sea not far from where I live, and, coincidentally, I also hear the him (although, to me, it sounds like a diesel engine idling).

  15. Wow, this was incredible. The scene at the pub instantly drew me in, it was so well-acted. The visual effects were convincing and not over-the-top, and I can still hear that creepy "hum" in my head, minutes after the short was over. Well done to all involved!

  16. Stupid mystical woowoo pseudo-science, check
    If would really be forgiveable if only it served as a medium for some intersting analogy, or even simply for beautiful scenes. But it doesn't.
    So why does this exist ?

  17. Who knows what lurks in the shadows and goes bump in the night? Well made but I felt the older guy was hamming it up a bit too much; the other guy had more substance. Still, I enjoyed this little inter dimensional yarn and was glad to watch it.

  18. Oh dear. Just slap the word quantum in anything and even crazy supernatural mystical nonsense is supposed to be science. Quantum physics isn’t magic. And not a catch all for every mystical notion we wish to believe. But throw in grief for a dead relative you get to see again and everyone will oooo and aaahh at how “amazing” it is. Uggg

  19. This is, by far, one of the best stories from DUST in a while. It actually had a full story line with solid acting and production as opposed to some of the "stream of unending consciousness" stuff that's been coming out. Well done.

  20. If any members of the Dust Community have experienced the loss of a loved one or a friend this is a tough one to watch, but at the same time it brings a certain amount of peace I think there may be something to the quantum physics theory behind this just my opinion I know which one of many well done dust a story with a beginning a middle and an end that makes you think, you may not agree with it but you will think about it and isn't that the point.!!

  21. What a great film! At first I thought it was sucking the life out of him to give to his brother to return. When he woke up was expecting it to be his brother, none the less great story! Always impressed how you guys can manage to fit in a touching story and all the major key points for movies into videos under 20 mins. Some “mAjOr HolLyWoOdL film directors haven’t figured that out yet, and their movies are an hour and a half long each plus lol

  22. fine, good camera work & the cgi(??) was ok. but, no, ..just.. no.. i want answers to the mysteries.. too many plot holes & details left out.. and, as we have seen plenty of evidence supporting the fact: even film shorts on the lowest of shoestring budgets can be full, having a beginning, middle and end.. because it's the storytelling that makes all the difference.

    so, what was that?? and after all that buildup to the premiere by the DUST channel admins.. they're not trustworthy. 😐

  23. If you want to understand how the Universe Works in all the infinite possibilities try to imagine how the universe looks outside of your imagination. It's then you will understand everything about the universe LOL

    You can't imagine your way out of the universe.

  24. I think the main actor appeared on Graham Norton as part of the red chair, a story that had Tom Hanks on the couch remember him as part of his first job as an actor on Saving Private Ryan….

  25. The Hum is Real ! Not Science Fiction ! Source of the World wide Hum is ALCOA Massena 24/7/365
    Everyone has a Microwave oven in their homes and that is as far as they can think about Microwaves ! Much bigger Microwaves outside the Microwave Oven so Think Outside the Microwave oven Box in your Kitchen ! the clinical stages of vibroacoustic disease.

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