Sci-Fi Short Film “Faulty Father” presented by DUST

*baby crying* It’s your turn, buddy. What? No way, it’s your turn. Maybe it’s good for the baby, you know? Let it learn a sleep schedule. *strange buzzing* Are you OK? Yeah, I’ll be fine. OK, just take some advil, it’ll help. Maybe I can sleep in a little longer? *shoulder slap* *cranking of screwdriver* *baby starts crying* *cranks by hand* Stove on. Stove on! *Cheap engine and fire turning on* *eggs cooking* *opens drawer* *flicks lighter* *Strange sounds of something banging* *inhale* *flicks the lighter* *strange sounds of banging intensify* Mel! *closing cupboard* I think we got rats again. *sounds of banging intensify* *banging sounds of machinery* *cranking of springs* *gasp* *ringing* fire alarm going off eggs burning Melissa? Stove off! Melissa, what was that? Huh? Back up! You didn’t take the advil. What? You didn’t clean the dishes, you couldn’t even cook the goddamn eggs! Well I was a little distracted! *slams dishes* There, now can you please tell me what’s going on? *computer turning on, footsteps* Leon, this is the backup version of you. Okay, why is there a backup version of me? Just in case you get sick of this and try and take off, or you just somehow lose your temper, or you just don’t step up a little bit. I’ve been stepping up. Right. *scrubbing of dishes* Mel, I’m sorry, I- I’m not great at this. but I’m not going anywhere, so can we please get rid of this thing, and get back to our day? Huh? Come on, baby. *gags* *spits violently* *chatter of small sparks* Melissa! *big loud sparks and screaming* *sparks stop, thump* *baby crying* *clicking from remote* *powering up of computer* Honey, I just had the craziest dream. I was fighting myself- -can you get the baby? Okay, and then you are going to tell me what’s going on. Where you going, huh? Hush little baby, don’t say a word daddy’s going to buy you a mockingbird. And if that mockingbird don’t sing Daddy’s going to buy you a diamond ring. Daddy’s going to buy you a diamond ring. *random machine sounds from workshop* That was a fucking nightmare! That’s why they are supposed to take the pills before the next version wakes up. Look, it was for the best, that last version was insecure, lazy and selfish, he was smoking in the kitchen, behind your back. Sounds familiar. *laughter* *coughing* I’m sorry, we just got to get this right. I know, I’m scared. Hey, I’ll be here.

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72 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “Faulty Father” presented by DUST

  1. What a creative “insurance policy”. XD Most people would probably just have a threesome though if this reality ever comes in the future. Didn’t expect that ending though.

  2. The story was OK but I am tired of so many films made with poor or dark lighting, presumably to set a mood, it would be nice to see what's going on.

  3. Hmmm….in a future where wifey is no longer interested in sex.. no more need for side chicks? Just start the backup? I can see the possibilities.

  4. The whole time I was thinking "come on now, there's gotta be more Sci-Fi than … "stove turn on"". Ya just gotta be PATIENT sometimes.

  5. I think this would be more dope if he really had left ..then the woman would make an exact copy of him then the system failure would happen …and then they would show us the secret lair or lab just without the guy

  6. 6:33 Eu consigo me lembrar até do cheirinho de bebê na cabecinha da minha filha. Ela acordava chorando, então eu me levantava, pegava ela no colo e cantava a musiquinha que eu tinha inventado no tempo em que a minha afilhadinha era bebê. Ela se acalmava e às vezes me contava o sonho que tinha acordado ela e eu comentava: "É mesmo, filha? Puxa vida!", mesmo não entendendo uma palavra. Tão pequeninha, tão frágil, tão linda e tão inocente.

  7. Awe, that's heartbreaking. I like the concept, if only we could build our own us for our loved ones when we know it's our time.

  8. There are times when a film pretty much just lays it all out at once for the viewer to experience, and those can be nice.

    Then there are times when a film invites you into its world–bit by bit–until all is revealed. I think I like these better.

    "Faulty Father" is such a film. As I watched it, there were multiple times I thought I had the measure of the film, but I was mistaken. I would say to myself, "Ah, this is a simple film about a family in the near future," but I would be wrong. I then said to myself, "I see; there is a different kind of father, waiting in the wings," but again I was wrong. At last, I murmured, "Oh, I get it–he truly was a faulty father, and now his replacement is taking over," but still I was wrong.

    It was only when the wife literally (and figuratively) pulled back the curtain that I realized my errors, and understood that this, truly, was the faulty father, and what initially seemed to be a trite story about "mechanical men" transformed into something much more satisfying–a story of a family trying to make the best of a bad situation.

    Well done. Well done, indeed…

  9. The second title suggestion I think should have been" stored in the closet", a high-tech tip of the Hat to R Kelly's Trapped in the Closet. Everybody needs a backup especially when it's 3 a.m. and the kid cut loose because he or she wants attention or a diaper change for that matter. I wonder what would have happened if both duplicates and up sleeping together and don't realize that they are or even worse one is the original and the other is a duplicate

  10. Starting unrealistic… a black man only sleeps with a white woman only if she's blonde (or fat, or a Kardashian)… ;-P
    "Stove on"? No temp setting or burner selection? Siri would tell you to be clearer, or to get f*cked…

    Captions say "opens drawer" as he opens a cabinet… CinemaSins should start doing these shorts on DUST… ;-P
    Hittin' da' pipe… flawed parental character established…
    *closes cupboard*… oh, NOW the captioner gets it right…
    What triggered the back-up? Obviously it's not a smart house…
    White bitch berates her Mandingo slave…
    AHA! VERSIONS! Nice switch…
    So, the ORIGINAL Leon made "replacements", but couldn't get the stove to work?
    "I'll be there", after original Leon croaks from his lung disease, but it's a crap shoot as to what "defects" his final replacement will have (since Mel can only seem to press remotes and be white slavemaster)…
    Why does a machine need to toke up, anyway?

    Actually, not bad, with an interesting reveal of the real "twist" (versions) in the kitchen…
    Could've been fleshed out better (no pun intended), but such are the limits of the short format…

  11. I'm sorry, but when a "movie" starts out with a Black Man and a White Woman in bed, I'm done. I know this is a sick ass world, but that don't mean I got to like it and be part of it!

  12. Hey great film loved it

    I also made a short film it was my first one "NIGHTMARE IN A DAY" and I would love to see responses on it I would be grateful if you could spare some time to let me know of what you think I should improve on. I really want to be a director and I am studying film at college so i really want to make short films and with your opinions I can improve on them thanks guys.

  13. As someone who is dying of a chronic illness, I understand what these parents are going through.. His was a great short film.

  14. Well done! Nice and dark. And the home-made details really fit with the trial and error approach. Quite refreshing compared to the ubiquitous "High-tech corporation android facility" -based stories! (Which I DO enjoy!) Thank you for this -very creative.

  15. Not bad, but this would have been much more progressive, controversial and thought provoking if the premise was kept exactly the same with the gender roles reversed.

  16. There is alit more to this first the lack of response from the first robot to the wife to the child and response from the wife and child and cooker. what robot would want to take crack, that maybe hubbys way of letting her her know what she could have.

  17. Don't like the PC aspect of the whole film (black man with white woman). It's now "woke" to be racist to white people. Vile film.

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