Sci-Fi Short Film “CC” | Starring Jewel Staite | DUST Exclusive

(intense electronic music) (siren wailing) (helicopter blades whirring) (rustling) – [Woman] This can be
disastrous for our plan. Head office is coming any minute. Let me see her. – [Man] This the best programmer we have. She’s doing a scan right now. I don’t know. This has never happened
before, so we’re just– – Is this it? If this isn’t sorted out
by the time my phone rings, we are pulling our investments. – Scan’s done. No anomalies in the aid code. It wasn’t a program misfire. – See? Now can I please see Addy? – Hang in there CC. This is just so … Our nanny’s aren’t violent. It couldn’t have been her fault. – You mean your fault? – I was protecting Addy! – These things record footage, yeah? – Yeah. (computer beeping) – Earlier, I need to see the lead up. Stop! Start there. ♪ Darkness cannot get here fast enough ♪ ♪ La luna ♪ ♪ My moon-a ♪ ♪ Come down come down ♪ ♪ My moon ♪ (emotional electronic music) – I love you, CC. – I love you too, my little one. Night night. (thumping) (electronic whirring) (door opening and closing) (foot steps) (glasses clinking) (sighs) – Lena, please keep the noise down. – [Lena] Shit! – Addy’s sleeping. – Sorry, I … She’s asleep already? I wanted to give her a kiss goodnight. – Her bedtime’s 7:30. – Well, it’s just passed. I’ll pop in quick. – Lena … Addy needs her sleep. And you’ve been drinking. It’s best if you don’t go in. – I’ve had a rough … Okay, just show me the
highlights then, please. – Of course. (electronic chirping) (soft electronic music) – [CC] Good morning. (laughing) You can’t sleep. – Are you okay? What happened today? – I got fired. Replaced by an aid. – Oh. I’m sorry, Lena. I know how hard you were working. – Fuck them. I was keeping up. – [CC] Your favorite, isn’t it? – [Addy] Thank you. (speaking foreign language) – [CC] Good. (laughing) Who’s that in the picture? – [Addy] Me and you. – [CC] That’s me and you? Wow! Good job! – There’s nothing more
you could have done. Aide workers are better
suited to some jobs, and when they are … it’s just best to let them take over. ♪ My moon-a ♪ ♪ Come down come down my moon ♪ – I love you, CC. – [CC] I love you too, my little one. Night night. (emotional electronic music) (chopping) – Is that Adelaide’s snack for tomorrow? I’ll do that. – No need. I know how she likes them. – It’s carrots, I can do it. – I’m quicker too. You get some sleep. You need your rest. – It’s fine, just let me do it. They’re already done. – You bought Prosper juice? That’s way too expensive. – Prosper’s the best. Addy deserves the best. – Well she’ll survive
on something cheaper. – Lena, is this about you losing your job? There’s no need to
sacrifice Addy’s wellbeing. – I am not! Just no more Prosper juice. Okay? – Lena, please put down the knife. You’re not in a stable frame– – I’m fine! (uneasy electronic music) – [CC] Yes, why? – What? Well I have more free time, so I can look after Adelaide myself. – No. You can’t. – Excuse me? – Addy needs me. – I may not be the best mom, but I’m okay. She’ll be fine without you. – Are you sure? Do you know what she’s most afraid of? – The dark. – Jellyfish. But it’s not the sting
she’s most afraid of. It’s the slime. I remember everything she’s every said. I have knowledge that would
take you lifetimes to learn. I can identify a sickness
and stop it in its tracks. If she runs out in front of a car, are you quick enough
to get to her in time? Strong enough to keep
it from crushing her? Okay is not good enough. Not when Addy can have the best. I know how to keep Addy
happy, healthy, and safe. You don’t even know the best juice to buy. – I’m her mom. She’s my child! And I know what’s best for my child. – Where are you going? – To kiss my daughter goodnight. – I can’t let you do that. (thumps) Lena. Lena, please try to calm down. (groaning) (shouts) – Call Clover Hill Nanny Agency! – I can’t let you do this to Addy. – This is Lena Howard. I would like to shut down my aid. Yes, I’m sure. Her registration number? It’s um … AID … (grunts) AIDCC280– (gasps) – Addy will be better off with me. (breathing heavily) – [Addy] CC? – Addy, honey. We have to go now. (somber electronic music) (phone ringing) – What did I just see? – She’s programmed to make
the best choice for the child. She thought she was the best choice. – We all know that the best can be programmed and reprogrammed. A shortsighted mistake in programming doesn’t have to cost us. Does it? You can fix this, right? – Yeah. – No, it … It wasn’t a mistake! – The mother? Well, if she survives, we can offer her compensation
to keep her quiet. And we can always turn this
thing on her if we have to. – You found what you needed! I get to see Addy now! Please! You promised! Let me see Addy. – Oliver. Showing emotion is just a tool for her. She’ll be fine. (clicks) (gentle piano music) – Where’s CC? – Hey, Adelaide! Don’t worry, I’m gonna be okay. We’re gonna be okay. (gentle guitar music) ♪ Darkness cannot get here fast enough ♪ ♪ La luna ♪ ♪ My moon-a ♪ ♪ I’ll stay asleep til dawn ♪ ♪ La luna ♪ ♪ La luna ♪ ♪ My moon-a ♪ ♪ Come down from there my moon ♪ ♪ La luna ♪ ♪ My moon-a ♪ ♪ I’ll stay asleep til dawn ♪ ♪ La luna ♪ ♪ My moon-a ♪ ♪ Darkness cannot get her fast enough ♪ ♪ La luna ♪ ♪ My moon-a ♪ ♪ I’ll stay asleep til dawn ♪

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60 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “CC” | Starring Jewel Staite | DUST Exclusive

  1. I clicked on and immediately paused it. I haven't watched the weekly posts. I would rather wait
    for the Sunday live show to watch with everyone. It takes me back to Sci-fi Flicks and Buck Rodgers on Friday nights with family and popcorn. From an older fan of Asimov……Thank you Dust!

  2. This is a level two android and some thirty years in the future, if they stay on the right robotic track to produce very advanced robots. Androids come from robots, but there must be advanced robots enough to get that development base.

  3. Pretty good, but it's hard to believe an android as advanced as CC wouldn't have an emergency shutoff switch. Even Data had a shutoff button.

  4. I freakin knew it was Jewel Staite, missed her since Firefly!! Great AI representation, the program exceeds it's boundaries.

  5. And this is why AI Can Not be allowed to be a replacement for or where human contact MUST be!
    Manual labor? Sure.
    Nurses or home caregivers? No
    If they are ever put into a forum where they are capable of making choices as to “care” or “protection “?
    They’re will be these types of results.
    ❤️, A Dorothy In Red Mary Janes
    Ps Great short film!

  6. Anyone else knew bitch had to go the moment she said doesn't matter if it's expensive it's the best juice.

    Bitch you don't pay the fucking bills in fact your one of the bills that I pay, your opinion don't matter bot. That would be my thought process in the mothers shoes lol.

  7. Great – but needs a part 2! 🙂 Wonderfully made and performed. Great characters . . . Thank you very much, more like this please!

  8. What is this all about? Beware of technologies? Drunk abusive mom is better for kids just because she's biological? So, acting is perfect but the story is like from 1950s

  9. Omfg, this came up on my feed and I saw Jewel Staite and I freaked out. She is one of my favorite actresses.. this is amazing

  10. Why is it that whenever they want to show us an android it always has problem with moving its arms while walking.
    For humans, moving the arms while walking is not an affectation, it is our way to spend minimum energy, keep our balance and still be able to carry out the task at hand. Are you telling me that the android manufacturer can mimic the behavior of a human in every detail, the appearance of a human in every detail, but the movements of its arms, oh no, that's too difficult!

  11. What are your thoughts about artificial intelligence inhabiting our daily lives? For our Canadian viewers, CC will be premiering on CBC this month.

  12. So if an AI passes the Turing test, is it then (by default) imbued with a soul?
    How do you measure an AI’s emotional IQ? How can one be sure that apparent clear indications of a complex economy of emotion is not just very, very clever programming? (If not, in fact, a construct of pure genius)
    Does true sentience encompass emotional instability?
    Is a serendipitous personality impossible to attain in an AI?
    Can an AI decide to be evil? Or altruistic?
    Will there be robots in hell?

  13. This is a pretty good commentary on what we trade in order to work for money. We think money makes our lives better and… If it was given freely it certainly would. But it takes our lives – our time, to make that money. It’s a circular trap

  14. Nicely done! Puzzling as to what the AID was trying to do though. It obviously wasn't trying to kill the mother, or it would have. A child-care AI would have quite a bit of medical information for first aid and etc purposes, so it would have known where and how to cut to cause fatal damage. A low impact stab in the abdomen, well away from major organs, doesn't look like lethal intent. I wonder how many people actually saw the part that came after the end credits? LOL

  15. WoW what a great piece. Really relatable. The part of the mother could be any parent in today's world that goes to work daily while the other partner stays at home with the child. You will know less than the child's primary caregiver and will probably need help catching up on many things, so until your relationship with your partner is good enough it isn't really an issue, as you get the stories from them and can still connect with the child on your spare time. Ofc if your partner is gatekeeping access to the child like the robot, that's a whole different sadder story.

  16. What about the ghost in the machine (residual memories)? Is CC prone to repeat this behavior again as a self protection mode imbedded in its conscience? A learned response triggered by a pre-experienced sequence of events?.

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