I think Lucerne is really exciting
because it is the first race of our season and we’ve put a lot of work into
being selected to get into the boat. So we’re now just really excited, after
a long winter, to go out and see what our speed is. We know there’ll be some
crews that we will be racing against that have raced at World Cup I but also a lot of people that weren’t there so it will be good to test the waters a bit and see what we can put together. The aim for the women’s squad is to get every seat qualified for the Olympics. That’s the campaign and we’ll just work in making sure those boats go as fast as possible. We have a good 23 seat mentality which is about what
can we do as an entire unit to get as many boats qualified for the Olympics as possible. Rowing is a weird one because it’s a
team sport. We are here to make sure we qualify every seat we can for the team
and then we hope to be part of the team next year to enjoy the success
of this year but as much it is a team sport, we’re working
together as one big women’s squad but individually we all want to be in those
seats, so it’s a tough trade off but doing it as a big team makes the
journey and the whole process a lot more enjoyable , rather than it just being an
individual mentality. We learn so much from each other,
particularly when you’re in a boat. Even where you are sat in the boat, you
feel different things, so it’s really important you are honest with each
other and you’re constantly feeding back and be like ‘I think we can do this bit
of the stroke better’ or when we’re lifting in the gym just being like ‘actually, I
think you can put another two kilograms on that’ because you can be stronger and
you being stronger will also help me go faster so it is important to keep on encouraging each other and keeping the pressure on, but in a
good way. It’s fun then, because then you’re
lifting bigger weights! You’re working in a group with your
friends, so you don’t want to be holding anything back. You don’t want
them to be holding anything back so the whole mentality is just about everyone getting
the best out of each other and themselves. Then, when you get on the
start line, that is going to be where everything comes together and you get your
success and achievements. You are always going to train harder when you train in a team as it is so much harder to push
yourself on your own. It really is about teamwork. I think, in rowing, it’s quite easy to think that it is individual but it really is about pushing each other to get the best out of each other.

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