Sailing FARTHEST From Land I’ve Ever Been!- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 86

[MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] Previously on Delos Brady
gets rushed to the hospital after getting bitten
by Barry the Barracuda. Come up. And we prepare for our
1,500 nautical mile sale out into the middle
of the Indian Ocean. So we are preparing to set sail. And we’re here now. And we’re sailing to here. Chagos is 1,519 nautical
miles on a course of 283. The winds should be southeast. So we’re going to have a
real sweet down wind sail. And I think it will
take us about 10 days. Ah! We’re moving. It’s weird. After almost two months. You want to ease it a bit more? [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC PLAYING] [CRANKING] Hey. I’m chopping up some ginger. Because Frida is a bit seasick. So some hot water and
ginger is the best cure. It’s really bizarre
going deep down wind because normally up
here in the [INAUDIBLE] we get a lot of breeze
if we open the hatch. But now it’s just we don’t
get anything because it’s all going that way. But it’s a nice view. Hello, ocean. See you later, Cocos. So now we’re heading that way. Cruising. Feels good to be moving? Yeah. Feels real good. When we started we had
a really weird angle. So were just going like that. And from being this
still for six weeks I was just starting like,
I’m going to throw up. It normally takes for me like
three days to get used to. And then it feels better. So we just have
to power through. Oh, look at that one. How’s it going, Babs? Four hours into our trip. Day one! Woohoo! Yeah. It was like the first
hour into the passage I was feeling completely fine
and then I just went all quiet and suddenly I just
felt real fucking dizzy. [COUGHING] Really fucking gross. And yeah, I don’t
really feel so good. [INAUDIBLE] It’s the first night out. And it’s maybe midnight. I’m fucking exhausted. Everybody’s feeling quite sick. Babs is supposed
to be on a watch but she was puking out here. So it’s about time to
switch it over to Brian. And I’ll try to get some sleep. Well, it’s our first night
out and we are just cruising. We’ve got like 25 knots
of breeze behind us. Some pretty big swells
pushing us along and I’ve never seen this high
a sustained speed for so long. It’s like, check this out. Eight knots. Nine knots. Delos is flying. Good night watch. So we are on our second day. It’s been a rolly night. Everybody’s feeling
a bit [GULP]. Good solid hours of
just power vomiting. It’s not nice. But I’m feeling a lot
better now, which is good. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s pretty crazy
with seven people because we only have two hours
on and then 12 hours off. So it’s chill ass. Most of the time we just sleep. It’s like our passengers are
our downtime, which is cool. Josje, they had their
hatch open and– –water came out our hatch
twice so far this passage because we were dumb enough
to leave it open twice. I reckon it was probably like
that grey bucket that we have in the back, [INAUDIBLE],
that full of water. Just someone psssh
in the fucking hatch. [LAUGHTER] [GROAN] It was the worst night. A fucking wave came
through the hatch. Did you turn the
boat or something? Yeah, slightly. A breeze started coming
out of the northeast. So it was the fucking worst
thing that could’ve happened [GROAN] just as we’re getting
in the passage. So we’re doing really good
in less than two days. I’ve gone 351 miles. And our average speed has been
almost eight knots, 7.78 knots. So we’re just cruising along. [MUSIC PLAYING] I feel a little squishy today. I think I spent too much
time reading downstairs. [GIGGLE] And I’m like ugh. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] Swells today are just under
three meters, 2.7 or something. This is not the easiest task. Pretty special thing
cooking crossing an ocean. So I just went and chopped all
the veggies and sauces quickly and chucked it in the pan. And then I went here
in my little bunk and I’m laying down. Because I’m feeling
a bit nauseous. I’m going to go and
check on the food. It’s a really beautiful
sunset outside. And this is day three, I think. So it’s about 10:00. Just in the end
of my night watch. It’s been pretty good. I’m just really tired
though all of the sudden. And the rain has died down. So as it dies down the
swell tosses us around. So it’s a little bit rollier. But hopefully it will
pick up a little bit more. [MUSIC PLAYING] So we have sailed
530 miles so far. So we are a third of the way. It’s quite nice though actually. Swell has stopped. Hasn’t rolled anymore. That’s nice. Oh, hello. Freddy hasn’t changed his undies
or his top for like six days. He stinks so bad. I can’t do it until
the stitches come out. That’s the rule. Because I can’t shower
until they come out. Yeah. Yeah, but you can at
least brush your teeth. [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] I brushed my teeth
the other day. But you know how
hard it is to brush your teeth with the opposite
hand, the left hand. Ask Josje to help you. They’ll help you. What about you over there? Me and Karin were just
talking about before how is it that you can just stare
at the ocean for hours and hours everyday without feeling bad. But back home you wouldn’t just
sit and stare at the grass. You know? [LAUGHTER] That’s what we’ve been doing. It’s awesome. Yeah. You’ve been looking. You’ve been sitting
there for a while. [LAUGHTER] Every time I come out
here Karin is just like, [SINGING] do, do, do. It’s kind of like
looking [INAUDIBLE]. Yes. You’re mesmerized. It’s mesmerizing. Yeah. I know exactly what you mean. And you stare at the waves. And then you realize that
three hours has passed and all you then
all you have done is staring at the
frigging waves. We’re just being
super cruisy, way cruisier than we
ever have in passage. We haven’t adjusted
the sail even once– [LAUGHTER] –since we left. And this is day three. I probably have never
experienced this before. [MUSIC PLAYING] Some trade winds, Bro. It’s going to be
a sweet sail, Bro. Surfing it up, dudes. It’s the first day
that everybody’s been up at the same time. So it’s a very good sign. The passage is going as planned. [LAUGHTER] It’s usually about day
three or four, right? When everybody starts to pop
out of their little caves and [GURGLE] finally wake up. For lunch we have a leftover
scramble with added milk. [LAUGHTER] Scramble. What’s in there? Mush? Yum. It’s hard cooking with one hand. Yeah it sucks doing sh– It’s a bit rolly. [MUSIC PLAYING] So it was four days ago
since Brady got bitten by Barry the barracuda. [CHOMP] I called for the
28-year-old American who has been bitten on the
right hand by a barracuda about an hour ago. And he sustained seven
puncture wounds, one of them possible involvement of a joint,
his first metacarpal joint on the third finger. And it was time to
take the stitches out. [GROANING] Fuck that shit! That sucks! Going to take the stitches out. And I’m very– Now? Oh, yeah. Do this together. [INAUDIBLE] Surgery at sea. This is the stitch
remover blade. Seems dangerous to mess
with in the swells. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] But pretty much we just have
to grab one end of the stitch, lift it up and then use this
and just cut underneath the knot and then just pull it out. It should come out nicely. So– Probably going to be a wave now. Can I– No, you don’t gotta
get in between there. There, right? Yeah. Just don’t cut my skin. That thing is fucking sharp. Yep. That’s good. Good line. Good line. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Just take it easy. Brady calm down. Does it hurt when I’m
pulling it like that? Nope. Wave. Wave. There’s always been a wave. [LAUGHTER] OK. Hold on. Something– Something doesn’t feel right? No. Don’t pull so hard. It’s all right. What do you think? Just go with the rolls. That’s the concentration face. This one’s hard. That’s seven. Ready for this. Yep. [GASPS] Good job, baby. Now I look faithful. OK, next. And then I have
to take a shower. Wave. Let’s move. Big wave. Just get in the
zone with the waves. Who’s driving this boat? I don’t know, man. I’m watching the stitches. He’s got ho– Last one. Don’t cut me on the last one. I’m not going to cut you. This one’s a bit funky. Oh, there it goes. I felt a pop. OK. OK, ready? Yep. Coming out. [GROANS] Yep. That was the one. Good one. It’s really satisfying when
it comes out, isn’t it? It’s like a deep ingrown hair. Ooh, get it out. Get it. Whoa, that looks really weird. Yeah, that one is not– Yeah. But it’s healed deep
down in there you know. It’s just the surface that’s– We’ll put a
steri-strip over that. Mmhmm. [CREAKING] Good morning, everybody. We’ve sailed a total
of 650 miles so far. So we’re a little
less than half way. So that means we are
heading onto our fifth day. So it’s just going on 8:00. It’s time for the next watch. And Brady’s up next. So let’s go wake him up. Brady. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MOANING] Watch time? Mmhmm. OK. How’d you sleep? I slept pretty good. How’s it going out here? Yeah, pretty good. It’s been consistent 20
knots out of the southeast, cruising along. It’s such a beautiful day today. Flying fish landing on the boat. There’s a lot of them. So we are pretty much in
the middle of nowhere. [LAUGHTER] This is my we’re in the
middle of nowhere dance. Brady, bring it in for us. [SINGING] That way Africa. No, you’ve got to do
the, “Where are we now?”. [SINGING] Where are we now? [MUMBLING] [SINGING] That way is Africa. That way is Antarctica. That way is Australia. And that way is India. Where are we now? We’re in the middle of nowhere. [LAUGHTER] I’m out. This was the furthest
away from land I had ever been, 750 nautical
miles, the same length of Sweden north to south. It turns out that the
Indian Ocean is huge, covering about 20% of
the earth’s surface. It has a whopping
volume of about 291 million cubic kilometers with an
average depth of 3,400 meters. So far we had not
seen one single boat. And it hit me how
small and isolated we are in this vast
open ocean having Delos as our trusty oasis. [MUSIC PLAYING] We have 672 miles to go. The autopilot started
making a terrible noise like grinding gears. [GRINDING] OK. Turn it off. Yeah. You’re going to have
to drive by hand. OK. So the autopilot is making
a terrible grinding noise but we have a backup one. It’s just this
little motor here. And this is the backup switch. So it’s not as big as
the unit in the back but it should be
enough to at least– Especially downwind, right? –we don’t have to hand steer. So at least that’s working. And then we can pull the other
one apart and see what’s up. No. Oh, that’s where all
plastic shavings came from. Fuck. Well, this is kind of
bull shit, isn’t it? [LAUGHTER] So if you look in
there you can see the bottom is how it
should be and then the top is where it’s worn down. Oh, yeah. So over years of use it’s just
shaved off those plastic gears. So it’s just all been worn down. Which normally
wouldn’t be a problem. We’d just pop on down to the
local Raymarine dealer and– [LAUGHTER] –an authorized service
agent grabs us a party. Maybe there will
be one at Chagos. [LAUGHTER] Or not. Or not. Duh, duh, duh. I have an idea already. We could maybe try flipping
this piece around, right? Yeah. That’s a good idea. So we’ve got this
thing that was like. We just flipped it over so that
the good gear is on the outside now. We are going to try
the autopilot again. I checked the
connections and I think we just need to turn it on
and let it do its thing. So we’re just
going to go for it. We’re in the middle of the
ocean, can’t hit anything. You ready? OK, we’re on auto. We’re going full starboard. Something is not right. It turns out that
Brian accidentally put the wires backwards, which
freaked out the autopilot and made Delos always
want to go to starboard. Unfortunately, we didn’t find
this out until another month. So R2D2 was now
our trusted backup. Up next we lose our wind as
we get closer to the equator. And our eta went from– Four or five days to
ten, eleven days, so– Oh no. The crew suffers from
the ocean hunger. I miss food so much right now. And we see land for the first
time in a little over ten days. It’s so cool, land right there. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING] Look at
us sitting here waiting for the
sun to disappear. There’s nothing like the
summer breeze to take a– [LAUGHTER] No. It stinks. I could eat sausage
everyday, Boss. What do you think that is? [SINGING] [INAUDIBLE] That’s all that is.

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68 thoughts on “Sailing FARTHEST From Land I’ve Ever Been!- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 86

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