Rowing Workout of the Day: IMPROVE Your Rowing Machine Technique

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6 thoughts on “Rowing Workout of the Day: IMPROVE Your Rowing Machine Technique

  1. Awesome!!! Great workout for “piece focusing”. Each one challenging differently. Thanks Shane!!!!!

  2. I just finished this workout. I struggle to keep my pace with you but generally do the best I can. I did ok with the first two drill types, the 3rd one though… I had a hard time SEEING what you were doing differently from just rowing aside from moving your back a bit further on the drills. After that, it pretty much looked like a regular row. Was that right or did I miss something critical? What surprised me is how hard and long 5 seconds of stopping at the catch can seem – that took effort I wasn't anticipating. As always, my heartfelt thanks!

  3. haven't tried this workout yet, just came here to say something.
    i really love your channel, your content, your way of interpretating things and the knowledge they all are top notch. i was using the rower a kinda below average way but now i can say that i'm not that bad anymore, thanks to you guys. cheers from turkey!

  4. Hi Shane!

    I have bought an old 2nd hand rowing machine.
    A transit XT800 (2002) which has air combined with magnets for added resistance and build in programs and a heart rate monitor (band)

    I wanted to know if I would enjoy rowing and I do.
    Therefore I looked at an possible upgrade.
    I looked at a Concept 2 rowing machine.

    Isn't it more beneficial to have both air and magnetic resistance like I have now?
    Or will air alone on the C2 suffice?

    My use will be for cardio/fitness/strength only.
    I have no interest thusfar in real rowing and a more real rowing experience.

    Would love you opinion!

  5. Whew! Easy? Simple workout I thought! It got me sweating! I doubled the mechanic part. It made it feel more synchronized. Great “easy” workout!

  6. Made it to 4031m, nice and tough workout. All good, except for the last stroke where I pushed myself off the seat on the rail. 🙈

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