Rowing Machine Exercises : Setting the Rowing Monitor on a Rowing Machine for Exercise

Hi! I’m Anna-Marie; I’m a Canadian Olympic
Rower. I’m here on behalf of I’m going to show you a little bit about
how to setup the monitor on your erg. If there’s batteries on the back and they’re working,
your monitor should work just fine. If there is a blank screen, even just rowing a little
bit will turn the screen on. If there is already some information on the screen, pressing the
on/off button will clear all the information. We talked a little bit about drag before and
setting the damper between 3 and 5. You can check to see what your drag is by pressing
the rest and ready button at the same time. In the bottom right corner, it will say drag.
As soon as you start pulling, it’ll tell you what your drag is. Depending on how heavy
you want your drag to be, it should be between 100 and 130 drag factor. As I sit on this
machine, my drag is 118. It’ll stay the same as long as you leave the damper there.
When you look at the other numbers on the screen, the top left will show the total amount
of time that you’ve been rowing for. The top right will show the number of strokes
per minute or your cadence. The center number is your pace, or also known as your split.
It would take, at this pace, 2 minutes and 14 seconds to row 500 meters. This bottom
left number, you can change by pressing this long button here. Right now, it shows me my
average split for those few strokes that I just took. If I press this button, it can
change to meters. Number of watts. You’ll notice that the center number also changed
to number of watts, so that indication of your power and the number of calories that
you’ve burned. Again, the center number has changed. It would 801 calories if I was
to do that for one hour at that pace. You can change it back to get back to your splits.
In the next clip, we’ll talk about recalling information from your workout.

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