Rowing club occupies building illegally

A rowing club is illegally occupying
a building at Lake Horowhenua and a local advocate wants them out. The Lake Horowhenua Domain board who managed the buildings
on the site have allowed the club to continue storing their boats
and equipment in the shed despite the Maori Land Court
ruling the club has no legal right
to be there. This building has been occupied
by the Horowhenua Rowing Club since 2005 illegally, and these Muaupoko members
are calling for the buildings to be cleared out. The Courts ruled Lake Horowhenua
and its waterside buildings are the property
of the local Muaupoko iwi, and the Board are responsible
for the management of the buildings and has the power to grant leases,
but not without consulting the iwi. Activities including insurance
matters and compliance rules remain the responsibility
of the Lake Horowhenua Trust. Last year, the rowing club
came out publicly, complaining of Mr Taueki’s antics
and abuse towards them, only for a Maori Land Court ruling
in December to rule that no one has a legal right to occupy the land or buildings until relevant
legal authority gives permission. That permission
has not yet been granted. The Lake Horowhenua Domain board
has decided that the rowing gear can be kept where they are until the day the board and
Muaupoko leaders discuss the matter. And the occupants, Taueki says,
are responding with defiance. The Board and Trust are scheduled
to meet in two weeks’ time in the hopes of resolving
this issue. Peata Melbourne, Te Karere.

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