Rower Vs CrossFit Athlete: Rowing Machine Race with a Twist

– Guys, welcome back! It’s Jacob, and… – Shane! – And today, you know, there’s
always those cool workouts where you do like – what the workout where you row 100 meters? Is it rolling? – Yeah, rolling. – Rolling’s cool. – Right. – No, rolling’s lame. – It’s boring. – We said at the same
time, rolling’s lame. Today instead, I’m taking
in a rowing extraordinaire and myself at 6000 feet, and we’re gonna be terrible. And instead, we’re gonna
row to 100 meter increments. – Yeah. – Row to 100, the first person to 100, I beat you to 100 meters,
I’m gonna ask you a question. I have like 15 seconds to
come up with a question, any question I want. Awkward, math question, – Oh geez, please not math. – What’s your favorite color of ice cream? – Right. – Okay? – Yup. – And then you have 15 seconds
to answer the question. – Okay. – And then we’re gonna row to 200 meters, and whoever wins that gets to ask questions to the other person. – Right. I think that’s fair. Yeah, so we’ll simply
bounce back and forth. As I slowly begin to
dominate the competition, he will have to be talking
more and more, therefore… – And that’s the sucky part. – It’s gonna play to my advantage. – Yes. – So I feel like it’s
worth putting in the effort to make him have to talk
during his rest period. I think that’s good. – So his first – Shane’s first question
is probably gonna be, what’s the meaning of life, Jacob? (laughs) – I would like you to dissect
quantum physics for me. – Yeah, yeah. All right, I think we got it. This requires no intro, man. We’re just gonna (claps) – Yeah, there’s not much. It’s just like, go. Well, I do have a question. – Yeah. – Because some people will wanna know, at least on our channel, what’s your damper setting gonna be? – Well, considering this is not, this workout, or this video is not about rowing etiquette and rowing well, – At all. – I would probably row at a
10. (machine lever clicks) No, I won’t row at a 10. I’ll probably row at a
six and a half to a seven. – Okay, all right. I’m gonna be at my
standard, like, four range. Right in the middle of
four, ’cause I’m not big. I’m not like bursting out
of my shirt like you are. – My lungs are gonna
burst out of my shirt. – Oh my God. (dance beat) – [Man Off Camera] Go! (dance beat and machines whirring) – Son of a biscuit! – Ahhh! – Holy crud! – That sucks, okay. – All right, hit me with it. – So, you once said that one
of your favorite things is getting a hug from Sam Dancer. – Yes. – Something we have in common. Tell me a little bit about
your relationship with Sam. – Sam Dancer is one of the most
beautiful men on the planet. And I think there are two men in the sport who I really like getting hugs from. One is Sam Dancer and one is Cole Seger. And I think, if you
look at them and you ask what’s the similarities between them? They’re both bigger individual men. They look like teddy bears,
not in a fat sort of sense, they look like teddy bears. – They’re like a fit teddy bear. – And you just want to be
engulfed by their love. And you can tell that they
really care about people. – Yeah. – Yeah. – I think a hug from Sam
Dancer may be one of the most life-changing things
anybody can experience. – Oh, every time I go to the games, I always make sure to find Sam
and Jenny to get a big hug. – Yeah. – All right. – That was… – That was sucky. – That felt like the
longest hundred of my life. – I was like, you just kept rowing to 115! (upbeat dance music) – Oh no, it’s you. – Yeah. – Oh, dude this is, I’m gonna fall apart. – Single worst on stage
competition performance ever. – Oh, single worst on stage competition. Okay, okay. – Getting the questions out sucks. – All right, well, considering
he didn’t actually say what type of competition. – Ohhh! – He’s leaving it open. It’s his fault, he needs to
be very clear and concise. When I was in eighth grade (laughs) a part of my debate team,
when I was homeschooled, obviously our –
– Were you a team of one? – Team of two. Okay, we were acting as the negative, so they had to bring up their debate, and we had to defend it. And the question for the whole year was, should the United States, should the Unired States turn
one or more of its protectors into the 51st state? – Did you just say the Unired States? – Dude, I can’t breathe. Anyways, they came up and they argued. Their argument, their like,
argument in the debate was that we should include
Indian reservations as a 51st state. And we had no supporting
evidence against it. And so I sat there and
talked to myself for like, five minutes, in front
of a group of people and it was really embarrassing. – So you did not win? – No. We did not win. But I could probably care less. (both laugh) (both breathing hard) All right! – 300. – 300! – Oh, this is only the beginning. (dance music) – [Camera Man] I think that was Jacob. – No, no. We’re getting closer. (both breathing heavy) But no, it’s 54 and three. – 53.6. (both breathing heavy) – Okay. – Tell us a joke. – Okay, I made this joke up
when I was in sixth grade. You might think to yourself, man does he already know these questions? The answer is no. I’m just really good at ad libbing stuff. – You seem to draw back a lot to like, elementary school era. – Oh, ’cause my stories
are great when I was a kid. So I was home schooled from
like first to eighth grade. You know, your typical
super nerdy home school kid who reads a dictionary and doesn’t know how to talk to people. Anyways, I made a joke
when I was in sixth grade because I was bored. Ready for this? What kind of bra does math? – Algebra. – Noooo! You knew it?! – Yeah! (screams) – It wasn’t great, it
wasn’t a great joke, okay? It’s the best I had. (both laughing) (coughing) Have you heard that before? – No. – Did you, man you’re too good. – I mean, it was a sixth
grader who came up with it, so. – Yeah, yeah, it had to
be very, very simple. (laughing and breathing heavy) Oh gosh. – I think your fitness is beginning to overtake my technique. – Guys, I might be
answering nine questions. This video is actually gonna be called “Nine Questions You
Didn’t Know About Jacob” (both talking while laughing) He just rowed hard and answered questions. – 400, huh? – 400. (upbeat guitar music) (breathing heavy) – Oh, holy crap! – This is so bad. – 114 and? – 113.9. Huzzah! Okay. If you had (breathing heavy) If you had to trade body
and life, for one week, with anyone, alive or
dead, who would it be? No, alive. – Alive? – Alive. – Alive. Right now, I’d trade it for you so I wouldn’t have to answer questions. – This is so bad. – Alive or dead, for a day? – For a week. – For a week? – Life and body. – It’s gotta be a solid week then, man. It’s gotta be a solid week. Well, do I transfer consciousness? Like, can I do what they do? – Yeah. – Like if they were a concert pianist? – You have skill level and everything. – Okay. I don’t know, dude, going up to like, Hubble Space Station would be pretty sick. Pretty sick. – Okay. – To go up there. That or maybe who’s the guy
who owns Tesla and Space X? – Elon Musk. – Elon Musk. I think I’d trade that. I think I’d take that. – Cool. – Yeah, that’d be sick. – ‘Cause you could possibly
get to the Space Station. – Yeah. And guys like that could just
change things in the world and that’s cool. – All right. This is… – This is awful. – Really terrible. – Oh my gosh. – I’m inclined to say 500 is like, good. – We’re not going to 900. – I don’t think so. – I’m not going to make it to 900. As long as I get one question
from Shane, I’m done. – Is this like, best out of? Right now, you’ve got a
lot of ground to make up. – Let’s keep it on time. Right now, I’m gonna
set my distance at 450, and not tell Shane. Hope he doesn’t check my monitor. – Sometimes I have a problem with my inner monologue coming out. (dance music) (groaning and heavy breathing) – [Camera Man] That looks awful. – It is. Truly awful. (groaning and heavy breathing) I have nothing left. – If Shane is facing north and turns 90 degrees to his right, what direction is he facing? – East. – This is too easy. – East. – Hold on guys. – That’s not even… – These are fifth grade questions. – It’s a random question generator. – Okay, hold on, we’ll find a couple more. – Yeah. I like the odds. – These are terrible. Tell me about the worst date
you ever had in your life. – Ooh, worst date. I’m a terrible dater. Really shy, not good at asking girls out. – You should have probably
very few to choose from then. – There are very few to choose from. Man, I had one, this was a date but it
was with a girlfriend. And I did something wrong before the date. I don’t remember what. – She asked you if she
looked too big in the jeans or something? And you were like… – Yeah, I don’t know. Something stupid. And I pissed her off. But we were going to
dinner with my parents, and so we’re all sitting
in this tight little booth. My parents on one side, me and
my girlfriend on the other. And she did not speak to me the entire dinner with my parents. – She talked to your parents? – She talked to my parents.
– But never looked at you? – Never looked or talked to me for an entire dinner. It was the most uncomfortable
thing for everyone. – Who wrote the check when the check came? – My parents.
– Your parents paid for it? – My parents paid for that, yeah. I was in college at the time. It was so miserable. That was a terrible date. A terrible, terrible date. – Oh, well so, here’s the real question. Do you want to stop? – Yeah. – Okay. – I do.
– I do want to stop. I got him to answer one
question, that was it. – That was so bad. I don’t know if that – it couldn’t have been the workout. It had to be the altitude
combo with the work. I – everything gave up
on me on that last one. – Does your butt hurt when you row? – It’s my quads more than anything. – ‘Cause you’re a rower. – Yeah it does. I row – when I row long distances, my butt hurts. – Yeah, well, 500 meters
for me is a long distance. – That was question and answering from Jake Heppner while rowing. – I had four. Four for Jacob, one for Shane. – Dude that was fun. – It was awesome. – Appreciate that. – What else do you have to say, Shane? – Where do we go from here? – I don’t think it needs a close out. – Yeah, just subscribe. – Yeah, Dark Horse Rowing, great channel for watching rowing stuff. I watch it all the time. My channel is just my name, I don’t teach you anything
except for having fun. – How to manipulate corgis. – How to manipulate dogs and
people’s minds using your dog. Thanks for watching, guys! – Thanks guys!

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5 thoughts on “Rower Vs CrossFit Athlete: Rowing Machine Race with a Twist

  1. Awesome video guys! I like the… 1.algebra 2.Huzzah! 3.Does your butt hurt when your row? – Jacob πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ 4. Worst date

  2. @darkhorserowing – love the videos!. You always have a such a good mix of instructional, workouts, and other topics to keep me watching each day πŸ™‚ I am a 50+ @ that just started rowing in March. @darkhorserowing has been an awesome channel to not only teach me proper rowing but also motivate me. I just completed my first 1 million meters milestone and my first 21K row this week.

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