Rower bez łańcucha

– The bike is as easy as that. But could you imagine the bike, which you can stow by one move of hand? Which has no chain and no front-wheel drive? Mister Marek Jurek, physicist from Warsaw had no problem with that. And he even decided to produce such a machine. Meet an Izzybike. – The most important thing is, that this bike should be always close to me. Even the best bike is useless, if it would be out of reach. For me the most important thing was the easy way to keep it close to me. In car’s trunk, or in the hall. The saddle is forced and this is very important. If I push up from the pedals I can use no saddle at all. I am supported at this place. So all the shakes from the downside, along the spine, are neutralised. I’m supported on saddle, am I? You can see that the saddle is lower. It was done very spontaneously. Someone took it for an exhibition. It won gold medal in Germany. Later media got interested. There was a lot of fuzz about that. I thought, that things would go in natural way. That someone who has manufacturing base, with experience in production and distribution of such things will call me, because you cannot do it on your own. For the time being no one even comes to take a look. This string, these two rotation pivots, this circlet and this shield make all together, that much less power is on the steering and thanks to that the wheel is blocked. When I hold the steering straight, the bike starts to become rigid. This bike is very efficient for me. For example because it has such a diameter of wheels and no extra elements like chain. We have international patent, but on others markets the payments are much higher. Without production, without someone who has the money, unfortunately the patent will belong to humanity. For me the prize is, that that bike has changed my life. I don’t use the car, I don’t use public transport, I just bike.

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