Removing Algae From a Swimming Pool : How to Vacuum a Swimming Pool

Now you’re ready to go. Extend your pole,
wherever you would like, so that you’ll get a good reach with the vacuum and not have
to make a bunch of extra trips. You just roll the vacuum across the bottom of the pool and
it picks up all the debris and carries it to your filter. You have to go slow or it
won’t pick up all the debris good. It’s kind of like vacuuming your floor. It works in
the same manner, other than the debris is going to your filter and not to a bag. In
some sense it’s in a bag because not all filters have sand in them, some filters are called
DE filters. DE means diatomaceous earth. It’s pretty much just dead earth that you put in
your bag, in your filter, and it collects all the debris, pretty much the same. I, myself,
like a sand filter because the sand filter is more user friendly. When you vacuum you may not get everything
the first thing, it may take another brushing and another vacuuming, to collect everything.

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