Recap: Men’s Water Polo vs. Bucknell – NCAA Opening Round

[Music] A whistle as Soninsi passed it away and a
long-distance shot for Alex Tsotadze. Low scoring earlier this season when these
two teams met. It was a 9-8 Harvard victory and that one
slips in. This time it’s Bennie Seybold. Slow things done a little bit here. Back to the top, cycled around the outside,
buried from the left. Bucur again. Now to the middle, spin shot score. Harvard on top 6-5. That’s the most wins to start a season with
no losses for any east coast team in the modern era. Skipped in. Joksimovic to Vlasceanu to Stanley as they
swim tighter. Hodge with the stop. That’s real good instinct by Hodge just staying
on his line, never creeped too far out of the net. He was always sitting back so as to take away
that late pass and that’s exactly how he made that save. Top left corner. Joksimovic stopped by Hodge. Flips it to Blyashov. Six-on-six, only for a second. Blyashov buries it. [Music]

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