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– Hey guys, welcome back to
Kids Cooking and Crafts, I’m Ava and today I’ll be doing a Q and
A with your guys’ questions. Question number one. – [Interviewer] What is
your favorite video game? – My favorite video game
is probably Minecraft because that’s the only
video game that I play. One time I made a mushroom house and a Slip ‘N Slide, it was so funny. – [Interviewer] What is
your favorite craft to do? – Anything related to
like a mermaid of course. I also like to do a lot of, I’m floating away. I also like to do a lot of paintings and like just coloring. Yeah I like a lot of that stuff. – [Interviewer] What are
the names of your brothers? – My youngest brother is Axel, and then there’s Korbin, and then there’s Crew. – [Interviewer] How is
it having three brothers? – Well… (blowing raspberries) – [Interviewer] What
is your favorite food? – My favorite food is probably lasagna or as I call it, las-agan-a. It’s just so good, like with the noodles and the sauce, and all that yummy goodness. – [Interviewer] Would you rather hiccup the rest of your life or hop on one leg for
the rest of your life? – That was like the
funniest question ever, thanks for asking. I would rather hiccup
for the rest of my life because hopping on one
leg would be exhausting. And I’m used to getting the
hiccups all the time anyway. (hiccups) (laughs) – [Interviewer] What grade are you in? – I was in 4th grade last year, but now I’m in 5th grade. I’m on the big kids’ side. And I get a locker this year, I’m so excited. – [Interviewer] Do you want to be a baker when you get older? – Of course I wanna be a baker, I mean I love baking. Mostly because I get to sample everything before I share it. (laughs) – [Interviewer] How old
are you and your siblings? – I am 10 years old. My youngest brother is seven years old, and my older two brothers are teenagers. – [Interviewer] What is your
favorite video you’ve made? – Ooh, this is a hard one. Probably the Rice Krispy
treat dress cake with Belle, and the rose cupcakes, yeah that one was really fun. – [Interviewer] What
is your favorite bird? – My favorite bird, my favorite bird is probably
the California Condor, mostly because I had
to write an essay on it and I found these really
really cool facts. Did you know that the California Condor is the biggest bird? The wingspan, it’s 10 feet long, that’s bigger than my dad! The California Condor is endangered, once there was only 32 left in the world. So, yeah we really saved it this time. – [Interviewer] What are
your favorite funny movies? – My favorite funny movie is probably The Last Airbender, Avatar. Yeah that, it’s a cartoon movie, it’s super funny and it’s so cool. (laughs) This kid who’s an airbender,
he can like control the winds I guess, and he’s
trying to defeat the fire lord. Because the fire lord is trying
to like destroy everything and then there’s this girl
who can control the water, like me. (laughs) It’s just scary and funny, it’s so funny. (laughs) – [Interviewer] Who is
your favorite YouTuber? – My favorite YouTuber, well I have a couple of them. Guava Juice is just hilarious. And then I also like Rosanna Pansino because she does a lot of cakes, and cupcakes and cookies,
and all that stuff. I also like Carl and Jinger because they do lots of
vlogs and challenges. So basically, yeah I have a
lot of favorite YouTubers. – [Interviewer] What is
your favorite animal? – My favorite animal is probably dogs, or bunnies, or horses. I actually got to go horseback
riding a couple of days ago, here’s a clip. (light upbeat music) I was like this the whole time, (groaning) like it was so bumpy, I loved it! It was so much fun! – [Interviewer] What made
you want to start YouTube? – My aunt and uncle kind
of introduced me to it, because they have their
own YouTube channel called Carl and Jinger. So I like to do a lot
of baking and decorating and crafts and all that jazzy stuff, so I knew exactly what I wanted to do. – [Interviewer] What
is your favorite color? – My favorite color is, actually you know what? I’m gonna tell you underwater, and you guys try and guess what it is. And if you know what it
is, comment down below. Ready? One, two, three. Green! (laughs) Did you get it? (laughs) Comment down below if you got it. (laughs) I got water up my nose. (laughs) Thank you guys so much
for joining me today, I hope I answered all
of your guys’ questions. And don’t forget to like,
subscribe, and comment down below if we have a lot in common. Bye! – Cannonball! (screams) (light upbeat music)

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