Racing Dive Pulls

This exercise I’m going to show you is called a racing dive pull, and it’s a a back exercise. It’s gonna really thicken up
and widen up your lats. What you need to get is a low pulley station, a lat bar and
then a bench and position the lat bar just about where your belly button is Grab this lat bar from this low pulley
position and then lean forward like this as if you’re on a motorcycle racing, and then you’ll pull to your belly hold it there, release, pull, release, so on and if you notice that each time I do it I’m always
lean forward I don’t move from this position what you’ll see a lot in the
gym is when people do cable rows they will pull, and as they pull, they’ll raise
up into the upright position, and that’s okay, but what happens is that the
emphasis will shift from your lats to a different portion of your back,
and the stretch that you get from being in this position, it’s going to be lost. Always maintain this bent over position

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