Promotiefilm kanopolo Nederlandse herenselectie U21 (WK 2020)

We are the Dutch men’s team canoe polo under 21 Canoe polo is a team sport with a playing time of 2×10 minutes Each team consists of five players and has a maximum of three substitutions. The player in possession can be pushed and tackled. Once in possession, players have five seconds to dribble, to pass or to shoot. Goals are being scored in a goal two meters above the water, which is being defended by the goalie, using his paddle. All players must play in offense as well as in defence, which often leads to fast breaks. Canoe polo is a very international sport and is currently played in around 50 countries, in all continents. Our team is currently preparing for the world championships in 2020. The goal is to win a medal here, and we’re training hard on a daily basis to achieve this. Help us reach the world championships of 2020 in Rome.

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