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We’re in China for a look at precision
in swimming, with freestyle World Champion Ning Zetao. Although swimmers train intensely
all year round, the upcoming Olympics mark a big shift as medal hopefuls look to target
the marginal gains which could make the difference between gold and silver. From now on, I’m planning on making
a bigger effort on body work, nutrition, and exercising, especially strength workouts
on land. I also want to focus on small details in starting, turning and finishing. I need
to put all my effort into all these different factors My target for the Rio Olympics is
to reach the top 8, and to make some progress. When it gets nearer to the Olympics, my training
will become more intensive. But I also need to make sure I have time to relax every day,
and that I’m careful when it comes to my nutritional needs. I know the pressure will
be mounting. I mainly want to focus on my self-confidence,
allowing my body time to recover after intensive training, and revitalising my performance
by making sure I’m prepared for competition and in peak condition. Winning an Olympic medal would fulfil
one of my dreams, and I’d reach one of my targets by standing on the podium. In my life,
hopefully I’ll win more medals, but it’s not just about that. I just want to enjoy
every single step of this process.

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40 thoughts on “Preparing for Rio 2016 with Ning Zetao | Gillette World Sport

  1. He has talent + Handsome face +Popularity + Great body. Did he saved the whole country in his past life? lol

  2. OMG, wonder what happened to him. What a big flop in Rio. He did not get into any of the finals for all his swimming events.

  3. unfortunately he didn't get to the finals……he looks a lot better than Sun Yang, and looks like he is more down to earth….with the appearance of kyle chalmers. ben proud and caeleb dressel his chance is fading….

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