Power-Pole Drift Paddles and Mark Zona | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource.com
and look who I found, Mark Zona, the personality of Bassmaster. Mark good to see you. Mark: Great to see you friend, and hi everybody
at BassResource.com Glenn: Mark tell me a little bit about this… Mark: Now real quick, before we get in this,
I actually, I occassionally get on some of your forums and stuff and I’d like to say
“thanks” to everybody that watchs Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show. And, well, “hi” to the people
that slam me every other day! That’s a joke! Glenn: Not so much. A little bit. Mark. One of the people that slams me on there,
is me. Glenn: You?! Ok. Mark: You know one of the things that in all
honesty that that I worked with, I eally worked with Power-Pole and I don’t want to go on
and on about this, but I grew up up North you know I grew up on St. Clair, Erie, Lake
Ontario. And one of things I did my whole life is to throw out a drift sock. This is
not a this is not an exaggeration. Since Power-Pole came out with their drift paddles, I have
not thrown a drift sock out one time. And I’m not gonna lie Glenn, you know this.
You’re outside of Buffalo or Detroit on one of those really windy lakes, or Kentucky Lake,
you throw a drift sock out all day, and by the end of the day, it sucks. It really does.
But here’s where I also found a big big use for this, okay, when you’re on a Guntersville,
if you’re in Florida on Lake George on the St. John’s, and you’re a grass flipper, one
of the things that we run into a lot when were pitching grass is we get pushed a lot
in the wind. The beauty of these drift paddles, not only are they good on the Great Lakes
or big big water, they’re also good when it’s windy and were actually fishing shallow and
just want to slow the boat down a hair. So very very …what what I learned is there
are very few times they’re not on my boat in all honesty. Glenn: I actually like how you can control
them. You can change the angle of them. You can control your drift really well with them. Mark: And the other side is, if you got somebody
in the back of the boat, what I also learned is, look if I’m alone I will keep them at
this angle. If I got somebody fishing on the back of my boat, I will turn to that angle
right there, I’m gonna put them right at that angle, and then I’m just going to adjust the
bow of my boat with the wind and let the wind push the entire boat.
I’m not gonna lie. It makes an incredibly lazy person like myself, more lazy, if that
makes any sense. I don’t know. Glenn: The work great. They are great. Well
thanks, thanks Mark, I appreciate that. As you know we’re in the wind all the time, Mark’s
in it all the time with all the big lakes you fish. You know this better than us, so
thank you for taking the time… Mark: I would like to tell you something,
as you and I have been very close friends for the last, gosh, 10 years, you have done
a heckuva job with your website. I’m very proud of you. You’re awesome. Glenn: You’re the fan. Thank you, I appreciate
that. Mark: I am the fan. I’m on there all the time…quietly,
I’m quiet on there. Glenn: Thanks!

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