Our Sailing Trip in Florida Ep. 164

– I just can’t get over how
beautiful the sunset is. Riley’s just running the guys through a bit of free dive theory. (groovy music) – That’s hard to do! – [Elayna] Yeah, I know,
he makes it look very. What are you up to, Riley? – [Riley] I’m gonna clean the boat. (thunder rumbling) – [Elayna] Oh! ♪ Amongst the sea of heads ♪ ♪ I see yours ♪ ♪ Through all the noise ♪ ♪ You hear my calls ♪ ♪ With no one else in the room ♪ – [Elayna] The water’s so clear! Hello again, you tuned in last time, as we finally made it to Miami. I thought I was guilty of stereotyping a place before I’d even been there, but I was surprised to see, yes, girls dancing in bikinis
on the front of boats. It actually happens. Well, we’re here to meet
a group of our patrons and get a few boat jobs done. It’s been a while since
we were in civilization and I was pretty pumped to find simple pleasures at the markets, that I hadn’t been able
to find for months now. Once everyone was rounded
up, we headed out for a sail in convoy with our other
friend and patron John, who’s sailed here to meet us. (upbeat guitar music) – [Elayna] There!
– [Riley] Right there. – [Elayna] Right in front of the boat! – [Man] Right in front of us.
– [Elayna] See? Yeah, there’s one riding with us! – [Woman] Hey baby!
– [Elayna] Oh, they’re beautiful! Good job team! Nights were spent out getting to know one another on a deeper level. Nothing will do that like a
little bit of trivia and bingo. ♪ Go, Johnny, go, go ♪ ♪ Why don’t you move my eye ♪ ♪ Oh, 62! ♪ (mechanical whirring) – [Sailor] But they’re all wild here. – [Riley] What are we up to, Mark? – We are trying to remove the broken blade so that we can put the new blades in but the broken blades are inside so we’re gonna try to extract them. – And what do you do for a living? Just, just so happens
to be a tool and die– – Tool and die maker as a trade. – [Elayna] Very nice, we trust you! (whirring) – [Mark] There you go. – [Woman In Hat] Nice!
– Well, we just got the new ones in because we snapped the old ones on the Atlantic crossing ’cause I– – On the hydro generator.
– ‘Cause we surfed so fast that I over pitched ’em. – [Elayna] Nine knots,
what are your thoughts? – That’s awesome! Now we’re cooking!
– [Elayna] Yeah? – Yes! What do you think? – This feels so good to me. – [Elayna] Yeah? – She keeps wanting me to grow
my hair as long as Riley’s – Do it! Another one of those hectic squalls that just formed out of nowhere like we’ve learned that they do and we’ve got full sails up and we’re cruising at
10 knots with no waves, so everyone’s really excited. Very nice sailing conditions. What on earth is going
on out here, you guys? – These guys wanted to
learn how to free dive. – We’re doing yoga!
(laughing) – All I had to do was bid beers, I had to take them off it. (all laughing) First of all, I would just say that all of this is just to relax your body so you don’t want to be
concentrating so hard and just like in an aeroplane you wanna grab hold of your nose and, – Riley’s just running the guys through a bit of free dive theory and we’re all gonna jump in the water. Not all of us, I’m gonna man the ship while a few of the other
guys go floating around And we’re in deep water
now, nice clear water. We had to come a fair way away from Miami to find the channel
when its like super deep here in the deliciousness and
there’s heaps of sea life. We’ve already seen a bunch of dolphins and I just checked the weather and there’s like this huge squall. Which apparently, they’re
just normal all the time here. So, so the winds came from
here so we might not get hit but it looks like it’s growing. They grow. Very weird! (“Down Down” by LAIKPIA) ♪ Down, down ♪ ♪ Deeper and down ♪ ♪ The rumour burnt ♪ ♪ Straight through the town ♪ ♪ And when it landed everybody thought ♪ ♪ That the truth had been caught ♪ ♪ Down down deeper and down ♪ ♪ Her reputation began to drown ♪ ♪ And as the rumour grew so did her vow ♪ ♪ That she wouldn’t let this down ♪ – [Riley] We dropped the
weight line off La Vagabonde to a depth of 10m which is 32ft This is what we use as a point
of reference and it’s funny, but it actually helps
people know up and down – That’s hard to do! That was fun, though. – [Elayna] Where is he? – [Woman In Hat] He’s still down there. – [Swimming Man] That was fun! (group cheering and clapping) – [Elayna] How did everyone do? – Good! Excellent! I was
pretty surprised, actually. To be honest, I was
surprised they jumped in to this deep blue water. (laughing) – [Elayna] Alright, who’s
next out of you two? – Is that vegan butter? – Oh, this is a vegan, so that’s for you. – That’s vegan you’d better get that. I’ll take the Kerry Gold. – [Elayna] Good luck! Give it a chance! Do you like it? – Yes, I’m not putting it
down, let’s put it that way. – [Elayna] Okay, do you want another one? – Yes. – [Elayna] Yay, That’s when you know. – I like it!
– [Rhys] Maybe I’m Australian. – So we’ve got some crazy weather coming. And we’re on our way home,
but we’ve had to take shelter behind some kind of rock wall. – [Riley] I’ve got a song
for that, Gimme Shelter. – Christian’s been on weather duty, can you tell us what’s going on? – Well, the normal afternoon in Florida. (all laughing) – [Elayna] I can’t believe this! – Oh yeah, afternoon squalls are great. That one’s pretty massive. It takes up about half the state! But we’re just gonna ride it out for a bit – [Elayna] Is it headed our way? – It is headed our way, it’s
headed east to northeast. – [Elayna] Well, here’s
some rain now, whoa! – [Riley] It’s all pretty waterproof – Aaaah, It’s huricane-ing out here! – [Elayna] What are you up to, Riley? – I’m gonna clean the boat a while. (thunder clapping) (laughing) – [Female Passenger] We actually
saw you duck there, Riley. – [Christian] That was a good one! – The hairs on my neck stood
up and I thought it was crumb. We bunk it down with a couple of beers and waiting for the weather to clear before we could head back
home to the Tidal Club. – [Rhys] I think we’re winning. – [Elayna] You think we’re gonna win? – Oh, we’re putting them to shame. – We think that catamaran got nervous because it peeled off and
went the opposite direction so, we’ll never know, we’ll never know. Patty, stop! – I can’t look at that, y’all! I am driving the boat, I’m driving! (acoustic guitar music) – Shut up, y’all, I’ve never
driven a boat in my life! – Just me, everyone! Thought I’d say hello cuz I don’t think I’m going to be in this episode very much. Mostly because I’ve just
been filming everyone else having a good time and I’ve just been yeah, we’ve just been running the boat. It’s a lot different
having guests on board than to when it’s just Riley and I. There’s a lot more to do. Anyway, an end to another fabulous day. We may have stayed at our
anchorage a bit too long. We’re just heading back now to our mooring and the sun’s setting so we might, we might rock up in the
dark but it’s pretty, it’s well marked and it’s a mooring so you know that’s really easy. And it might be fun to rock up in the dark but there’s also a
chance that we’ll make it before the sun sets cuz
Dee’s driving right now and we’re flying and she’s
just having the best time. So yeah, Dee is hilarious, she just, I’ve just been cracking
up this entire time – Oh my God, my, my son, oh! (both laughing) – I just can’t get over how
beautiful the sunset is! – [Rhys] Look away from it. – Yeah? I keep looking at it – It’s one of those things
you’re not supposed to do but you just can’t help yourself, right? – I know, its so big! (gentle guitar music) – Again, you just have to
look at what’s happening. Where is it, mate, just over there? – We’re having a serious movie night here onboard La Vagabonde. We’re just waiting for the sun to set which it nearly is, it’s just going between two buildings now. And, yeah, we’re gonna watch it outside where it’s not so hot! (“Fire Song” by Bay Station) Alright, you guys, we’ve
got one, two, three, four movies to pick from. – [Christian] Nacho Libre. – It’s so calm that whenever I’m swinging around different way in the mooring balls and we just hit that boat there. Well, they hit us or we hit them very softly but enough
to, enough to wake you up. – [Elayna] The boys are up to something. May I see what’s going on? – Just having a diesel fight kind of like what they had in Zoolander. (“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham) – [Elayna] I can smell it. – There’s been a leak in the fuel line which I haven’t been able to trace and then John has figured out that it’s from the fuel filter. Probably from when I changed it when we were in Antigua. – [Elayna] Okay.
– I would say! So we need to, we’re gonna
replace the fuel filter or we’ll have to order some online or hopefully they’ve got
it at Just Catamarans where we’ll be very soon. – [Elyana] When you’re done, we’re going to the fresh food market. – Yeah, John’s coming. – Hello! How are you? – Good! Had enough of the boys working, I’m taking them to the
organic, vegan market which is just down the street here, so that’s gonna be fun! Is it possible to see humidity? I swear I can see it, it’s everywhere! – This isn’t even close
to how bad it’s gonna get. – [Elayna] No I’m gonna die. Oh fancy seeing you guys here! (cheering) – This place is just heaven
– [Elayna] Guilty! – I’m gonna come out of here, I’m gonna gain ten pounds in this place. – [Elyana] Proud of it! – Oh yeah, for sure, it’s delicious! Absolutely delicious. – I tasted it. It was delicious! – This is what Danielle
recommended we eat. – [Riley] Do it again Do it again, I didn’t get it. (all laughing) – It’s good. – They’re real easy to grow. – Great, I’ll get this one as well – [Riley] After eating
like a greedy Westerner at the market, we headed over to Rhys and Maia’s boat for a boat tour. – My older daughter,
Sophia, painted that for me years ago before she
realised I was into sailing. And so, she painted it and gave it to me and I knew that one day, I’d
be hanging it in my boat. – [Elyana] And there you go! – This is a 2003 Beneteau 393 I consider it a 40 foot
boat, it’s got two cabins. There’s a three cabin version,
but we were specifically looking for the two cabin version which has an L shaped or U shaped kitchen and the extra cabin is
gone and therefore we have an extra large cockpit locker. But then the kitchen
would have been over here where this little desk is, so I have a nice little work area too. – [Elyana] So spacious. – When we were looking for
boats, Rhys did a lot of the online searches, he knew
you wanted a Beneteau so he spent a lot of time– – Because of you guys! Well, no, I think that you
had shown me that a Beneteau Sometimes people say
things about Beneteaus, that they can’t be world class
cruisers and stuff like that. But you had shown me that it wasn’t. I liked the style. We’d sailed several of them
when we’d charter boats I’m one of those procrastinators
by over-researching things – [Elyana] Well, we need
one of those onboard (laughing) – I had researched boats for years. – I research a lot, excuse me!
(all laughing) – [Elyana] You do, babe. – I just gave myself a deadline I said “you gotta stop researching” And so my deadline was
January 1st of this year. And so I found the boat
and I worked real hard and bought it in December. Otherwise, I might still be researching and not own a boat right now. – You guys sailed down here to meet us, how far did you have to sail? – It was about 120,
about 130 nautical miles. We split it up into three days. We got to do our first major sail to come meet you guys. And then so this trip is what got us outside of our comfort zone. – Hola! Heard you guys had haircuts! (laughing loudly) – This is the 2008
Fountaine Pajot Salina 48 – [Elayna] She’s beautiful! – Thank you! The owner’s cabin with all my mess – [Elayna] Oh my Gosh! This is
like a bloody house in here. You could dance in here.
(laughing) – So if you want to sell a boat to a girl, this is how you do it here
– [Elayna] Yeah look out! – We have the built in
sun deck over the dinghy it makes the dinghy a
nightmare to come upright But I thought it would
be cooler than it is but it’s nice. – [Elayna] Alright! – Big helm station, three
can sit here comfortably This is a great place
to just sit and relax. – [Elayna] Yeah, it’s beautiful up here! – In about a year and a half, my girlfriend Tina and I are planning on pulling the dock lines
and not looking back. – [Elayna] Alright, and what
kind of destinations do you have in mind? – Well, I mean, we’re in Florida so the Bahamas is first.
– [Elayna] Yup of course. – And then we’ll start
moving our way south and then wing it! – [Elayna] Nice, I like your style! Alright John, well thanks. We love ya, thanks for the support dude! – Thank you.
(laughing together) – [Elayna] What have we got? – Stephan Starnes sent me lures that he cast and hand turned them I did not know that. – [Elayna] Oh my Gosh, There’s a logo! – [Riley] What!
– [Elayna] What! Whoa, I hope the fish
doesn’t steal that one that’s special! – Stephan, that’s above and beyond oh, I wish he’d put wire
trace on there, mate. I really don’t want to lose this! Thank you so much! – [Elayna] And he’s from North Carolina? No, If you make it towards
North Carolina or Virginia, I’d like to buy you a beer. Hopefully one day. – That’s amazing. – [Elayna] And we’re about to get wet! Next time, join us as we wrap up our week with our patrons and prepare to pull La Vaga out of the water, d the doc gets out the depth sounder so we can all have a look
at our new crew member on the way. (calm, rhythmic music)

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