One: Becoming (Swim by Titilope Sonuga)

[woman humming] [Titilope speaking] One day you will come to me Gasping through the questions leaking from your nose and mouth Drowning Your shattered heart’s a sinking life raft You will ask me about Love The kind that holds you weightless Sweeps you dizzy with a current that drags you into its center You will come With your blowfish mouth and ask me Why Sometimes we hurt everything that wants to hold us close You will ask About the new skin we grow just to protect what is soft and pulsing within us You will search your mother’s face for answers In your eyes: A flare A distress signal A desperate SOS Baby, I cannot be your lifejacket Your panic will sink us both But if you are still enough to listen to me I will teach you how To swim [acoustic music plays] [woman humming] [Titilope speaking] When the world unravels before you And even your dreams are crumbling stones When everything you dare to touch is set on fire And all around you is ash And smoke Remember this: Rock bottom is a perfect place for rebuilding Remember that you are your mother’s daughter Your grandmother’s answered prayers A whole bloodline of women who bend in response, the raging winds, There is nothing Broken here Nothing damaged or discarded Each scar is a badge of honour Every misstep A victory dance waiting to happen You are a woman, becoming Learning the complicated language of Forgiveness The intricate lessons of the universe, and your heart Is just a muscle It needs exercise And you were born for this sort of heavy lifting You were born: One part saint One part warrior woman Loving yourself without shame Is the most important thing You will ever Have to fight for [humming in harmony] [song fades out] [woman humming] Healing is a constant rocking back and forth Forgive yourself the backward motion Give thanks for the courage to inch forward anyway [humming fades out]

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