On our way out, Moroccin’ about (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 130

We’ve just picked up a hitch-hiker. Como se llama? Nice to meet you, mucho gusto Last time you were here with us in northern Morocco We left Saidia for Melilla with our pal okie, who was helping us on board for a week or so. Along the way we’d stopped for a swim at a tiny island off the coast which attracted the attention of the Spanish military You cant be here, this is a military zone Lo siento We had no idea it was a restricted zone. They watched and waited until we pulled up anchor and continued on our way They were the nicest people with machine guns I’ve ever met There wasn’t a breath of wind so the sail stayed in its bag for most of the way Until later that afternoon it was on, we got the sail right up into Melilla port You got the stern bow line? yes you do? yes is it all ready? si yeah? Stern bow line? One meter. Yeah, go forwards now I’ve jumped the gun Elayna we’re rolling Oh dear, alright We’re dressed like this because we just got in we have to go to the marina to check into the country in fact I think the man is coming over here to remind us But we’re gonna try and quickly run you through what’s happening over the next few days so we sailed from Cartagena down to Saidia yeah Which was not the most fantastic place no got our mail and then today there wasn’t much wind so we half sailed, half motored To Malilla.. and we could have kept going overnight but there wasn’t much wind and we would have had to motor and there’s all these buoys in the water and guaranteed we would have ran over like Heaps, like they’re everywhere. Yeah, so that’s the plan we’re going from here to here to here to here And this is the Gibraltar Strait which is It blows 30 or 40 knots 300 days of the year It’s a wild piece of country it really is the last time we were here three years ago It was the worst three days of my life Is that a fact yeah to this day well the Gibraltar Strait certainly hasn’t let us down Just almost immediately. It’s just blown up to 35 40 knots Have a look at this If someone could tell me how to fix this, that’d be really handy But anyway, so we’re kind of well, I’m kind of nervous to go through the Gib strait again But like Riley said um I don’t know if you actually said but we’ve been talking. We really need to pick our weather Yeah, to exit the Gib strait were very very cautious and behaving ourselves and also in the meantime um it’s great having oke on board because like Riley and I can focus on the sailing and navigation and here’s like kind of Iike our tour guy cuz he’s super keen to See Morocco, so when we get to Al Maghreb or Ceuta. We’re going to a blue City which apparently is really cool and some other places, so we’re excited to see Morocco as well. It’s been on my list That’s what we’re doing after we check in yes Stepping off the boat in a new place every few days It never gets old Malilla is a self-governing Spanish city, surrounded by Moroccan borders it felt quite traditional After a little look around we hit the sack for our next leg of the journey early in the morning Weather report We’re traveling at 11 to 12 knots Speed over ground. We’ve got 20 knots of wind behind us with a very calm Flat sea for the conditions, so we’ve got the code D up Keeping an eye on the apparent wind to make making sure that doesn’t go over 15 in which case we would be furling that code D and putting it away and I’ve just been figuring out exactly When would be the best time to jibe, the further we go out the more wind there is The closer we go in the less wind there is it’s gonna die at four So there’s a lot of things to consider there is Tell me about the dolphins I woke up from another nap, and there were just three beautiful dolphins jumping out of the water next to my window Just as I said earlier. There’s nothing in the med. I know that’s what we said when we saw the dolphins at the front we were like Oaky said there’s no life in the med or the med is dead Meds alive yeah the med is alive whats the story with the jumper? Come on still going Well you guys kept it from me for years. I got paid out about that much when I bought it, its alpaca bought it in Bolivia not wearing it, now I’ve got it back and ive got more confidence to wear it Yea we’re in Morroco im going to wear it forever perfect place. Alright enjoy your food ill stop annoying you I haven’t seen you this happy in a very long time this has been incredible I just gotta pay attention a moment cuz its gusting up to 22 so we’ve got we had a three knot current behind us and We’ve been in you know 18 knots of wind all day and we’re going at 12 13 knots now and we’ve just been it’s just been the most incredible sail yeah, no waves to which is like awesome And I’ve been steering I’ve picked it really well because we’re going to hit this point because of the way the winds going I Thought it would curve around the coast So I didn’t jibe and I just was just heading for the point and as the wind changed direction We just went a little bit more a little bit more a little bit more and we just snuck around it so I saved us a jibe Now we’re headed directly on course, and I’ve been steering for the last few hours. Just having the best fun good Honestly Yeah reverse up now pants Forwards on the right thats it, beautiful How many boats come here per year it depends not much its still new hey oaky If you’re looking for a job you can take the code D down You like coiling ropes and, ive been watching you think thats funny huh? I thought that was quite funny No, thank you very much we checked into El Maghreb, and we had a routine sniffer dog come aboard One of the guys from the marina just came and picked up riley and oaky and took them to go and grab a hire car cuz tomorrow We’re gonna go see the blue city Good morning Riley wake up Good I’m just doing some food prepping before we leave so we have some nice food for the trip and Yes, we’re going to the blue town Apparently, it’s just one highway to get there, which would be great if that’s the case, but yeah, I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get lost how did you sleep good good oh did you sleep on your hand? you have marks on your head hey cutie No, you have to wait to eat it in the car oaky tried to do the same thing I made some toasted sandwiches and he was like I want to eat them now.. don’t you dare. Give me one What are these? peanut butter celery sticks I told him no well if he’s having some So oakys leaving us today, you’re gonna stay in what’s the name of the town again, Jeshua (?) Yep, I’m going to Fes a couple days later, and then flying back to the boat in Valencia. Uh-huh okay si Just doing some last-minute packing up, and it’s just started raining So I think we’re gonna be going quite slowly on the highway, but that’s certainly not a bad thing Don’t forget my kitchen hatch roger this is the beast So we’ve just picked up a hitch-hiker. Como se llama? nice to you, mucho gusto I live in Wushda where we going to? where are you going? I go to which is one hour away cuz i made friends, and they leave right away nice bloke he had a tattoo saying I love my family down his arm So we’ve just been stopped by some kind of authority and they have taken our passports into Yondarmari(?) Royale so the police But I couldn’t film because I was caught yesterday filming one of the authority members, and they don’t like it Thanks for watching. Please like and comment as always and join us next week in the blue city that doesn’t disappoint

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  1. I fear my dreams to set off on a voyage quite similar to this shall but never come to fruition. Your videos are a bloody good alternative though 🤙

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